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jaegerI've got a huge mix of CPUs in various devices, heh00:00
jaegeri3, i5, i7, xeon, celeron, arm00:00
joacimmy server has a pentium. getting an xeon e3 for it once they drop in price00:01
jaegeroh, I forgot atom, have a couple of those, too00:03
jaegerand sparc, though that hasn't been turned on in years00:04
jaegerI should compare the size of the sparc LX and the new ncase M1 :D00:12
joacimstill thinking about that crt :(00:28
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joacimat this desk i have a Geode LX800, i5 4690, couple of LGA1366 CPUs i dont know the model of, i5-2415M, i5-2540M, and a Pentium G345000:32
joacimwhatever is in my RPI3 too00:32
joacimand my coppermine Pentium III 80000:32
jaegerpretty good spread. :)00:36
joacimordered a CF card for my Alix3d2. think i'll try hosting something on it00:37
jaegerheh, nice. I've got a 2d2 still, haven't used it in years00:39
jaegerIt was my router/firewall with pfsense for some time, though00:39
joacimbeen looking around for an old ppc mac mini for morphos00:41
brian|lfsthere you go lol00:47
joacimthe prices for crts on ebay is pretty good00:48
joacimstuff like that is a lot more expensive here00:49
joacimbought a 3.5" screen two days ago01:04
joacimfor my rpi01:05
brian|lfsHopefully you didn't pay $4500 for a screen that appeared at first to be 70 inch01:05
joacimno was just 10 dollars01:08
joacimwould like an oled display for it tho01:08
joacimnot sure if i've linked this already01:09
brian|lfsdon't buy that 70 inch it says its 17 in the specs no joke01:14
joacimi'm spending my savings on it01:20
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brian|lfshello all06:52
penguinfanbrian|lfs: Hi back to you06:54
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brian|lfsanyone use a usb switch to toggle devices between comptuers07:28
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abenzbrian|lfs: not directly answering your question, but I use one of those universal receivers (logitech in my case)09:04
abenzyou can pair a few devices to each receiver, and each device can have a few receivers09:04
abenzso in my case, my mouse is paired to two receivers, and the mouse itself has a button to switch (PC1/PC2/etc)09:04
abenzfrom switch, cables to each port, to completely cableless!09:04
penguinfanbrian|lfs: I have the same setup as abenz, my logitech mouse can pair to three different Bluetooth or Logitech receivers and I have a button on the mouse to cycle between the them09:24
dbrookefor keyboard and mouse sharing if you're using X there's also
dbrookeI sometimes use that for laptop adjacent to my main desktop setup09:35
dbrookeapparently also works for Windows and mac09:36
dbrookethe shared clipboard is a useful benefit09:37
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: cmocka: add missing dependency11:52
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: [notify] samba: 4.6.3 -> 4.6.411:52
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: cppcheck: update to 1.7912:34
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: fossil: update to 2.212:34
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: mksh: update to R5512:34
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: mpv: update to 0.25.012:34
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: pkgconf: update to 1.3.712:34
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onoderacontrib/go fails to build on my VPS, saying12:47
onodera`go tool dist: FAILED: /usr/src/pkg/wrk/go/src/go1.4/bin/go install -gcflags=-l -tags=math_big_pure_go -v bootstrap/cmd/...: exit status 112:47
onoderadoes anyone know why this happens? Doesn't happen on my pc12:47
onoderabuoding with a bootstrapped 1.8.4 instead of 1.4 fixed it @ jaeger12:49
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jaegerfunky, haven't run into that one13:30
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joacimapparenty rsync --exclude .* --delete-after isn't very smart when your target contains dotfiles that you want to keep14:14
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jaegeroops :)15:03
tilmanlike this great philosopher once said:15:09
tilman"with great power comes great responsibility"15:09
pedjaI think that was Chuck D15:16
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pedjaor Donald Duck. it's been a while since my philosophy class in high school15:18
joacimresponsibility requires effort tho15:19
joacimrestoring from backups took no efforts tho =)15:19
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pedjait's easy to be reckless when you have (working) backups :)15:23
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joacimyou gotta test your backups once in a while15:35
joacimmake sure they work15:35
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q6AA4FDpedja: no, donald duck said "with a great accumulation of capital, comes man's self-alienation"18:52
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frinnstso.. hot..23:56

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