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frinnstcisco 5506 rackmount kit - what a fucking scam09:52
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pedjasomeone on the ML is having UEFI issues installing Crux on MBA. is EFI that fiddly to set up, or is it some Apple thing?16:10
pedjaI know jaeger has an iLaptop, but I don't remember if he is dual booting it or not.16:12
pedjaonly variant of UEFI I played with is OVMF/edk2 one.16:14
jaegerapple's UEFI is slightly more fiddly than regular UEFI16:14
pedjasurprise, surprise :)16:15
jaegerwith that said, usually using apple's UEFI partition rather than creating a new one is fine, and installing grub2 via 'grub-install /path/to/efi/partition'16:15
jaegerSometimes for reasons I cannot explain, it takes more than one attempt to get the mac to see the grub boot entry16:15
pedjajaeger, check the ML post for details, if you can be bothered16:16
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jaegerI'll check it when I can, sorta busy with work currently16:17
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pedjaAh, yes, I keep forgetting you are across the pond16:18
jaegerIndeed. :) Easy to respond to quick things on IRC but less time to look at deeper stuff16:18
joacimwhat if you use refit16:18
joacimis it still fiddly?16:18
jaegerno idea16:19
pedjaisn't rEFInd the recommended fork of reFIT?16:20
jaegerI believe so16:20
joacimthink i used that when i installed gentoo on my macbook16:26
joacimthat was back in 2006-2007 tho16:26
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joacimwhats up with the shitposting on the mailinglist18:58
joacimcompletely derails the topic18:59
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john_cephalopodaI get a monthly reminder that I am in the mailing list but I never get any mails :D19:18
dbrookeI get the mails but no monthly reminder (-819:24
dbrookemaybe you're not in the correct list?19:25
john_cephalopodaHmm, would it make sense to make prt-get a shell script?19:36
pedja'Lot's of reasons to buy Mac, like technical superiority' what19:39
john_cephalopodapedja: Nobody has a glowing logo of a bitten apple, thus it must be superior.19:39
joacimlet's assume you bought a mac19:40
joacimthe seasons change, and you feel like trying out a distribution of gnu plus linux, and your computer is a mac19:40
joacimwhat do you do19:40
joacimdo you run out and buy thinkpad with a bunch of stickers?19:40
joacimor do you use the mac that you already own19:41
joacimderailing the list with bullshit like "lol mac" is pretty lame. Has nothing to do with the topic19:41
pedjatrying to impress the girl with 'edgy' attitude?19:42
pedjayeah, that works19:42
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joacimit is ok to derail the topic because of her gender?19:44
pedjaof course not19:44
joacimand when you're annoyed about it being derailed, you get accused of trying to impress her?19:44
joacimi dont know why certain people have to leave shitty comments every time someone mentions a mac19:45
john_cephalopodajoacim: My line about the glowing logo was referencing to pedja's line, not to the mailing list thread, which I have finished reading now.19:45
joacimi wasnt commenting about your comment tho.19:46
john_cephalopodaAlthough it is probably right that Apple products are overpriced and not really good, this doesn't really have a place in a mailing list thread about UEFI problems.19:46
joacimannoyed because when i get a new email notification, i kinda expect something other than fanboy comments19:47
joacimusually, people have issues when they're forced to prove how they're overpriced19:48
joacimthe only part of the mac market that is really overpriced is the used market. there is no reason for a 5 year old laptop to still be 4-600 dollars19:48
pedjajoacim, my comment about 'edgy' was directed to their lame comments.19:48
joacimah ok19:49
joacimthought it was at me19:49
joacimas in my frustration was edgy =)19:49
john_cephalopodaOh, iPhone vs. pretty much any phone, their netbook vs that thinner, lighter, faster, cheaper ASUS netbook, their crappy watch vs. Pebble Time etc.19:49
john_cephalopodaI don't really want to continue discussing that topic though, since it has been discussed a million times already and leads to nothing.19:49
joacimasus netbooks have funky core m3 processors19:50
joacimnot the low voltage i5s19:50
joacimthe closest comparision would be something like the x1 or xps, which are all in the same price range as the macbooks19:50
joacim+ the returns on those are crazy. i never get returns on macbooks, but i get loads of ux305s. the ux330 line hasn't been bad tho19:51
john_cephalopoda :D19:51
john_cephalopodaWait, netbook was the wrong name. It was an "ultrabook".19:52
pedjai have a netbook19:52
john_cephalopodaI would never buy an ultrabook tbh, they look like they will just break into two when you sit on them :D19:52
pedjaHP Mini 10019:52
pedjaso don't sit on them, then :)19:53
joacimmy thinkpad x300 feels pretty solid19:53
joacimnever seen a bent macbook air either =)19:53
joacimand we sell a lot of them19:53
john_cephalopodaOh, nice. I had a T-61 once but the nvidia chip died :(19:53
joacim200 macbook airs last month19:53
joacimit seems like people mostly recommend older thinkpads that only have a basic intel graphics chip19:54
john_cephalopodaNow I got a 15" Dell Latitude. Nice and stable. Yet I somehow got barely visible dents in the screen.19:55
pedjaI saw a lot of excitement on Twitter few days ago about new Apple iGadgets19:55
john_cephalopodaDon't they offer an Alexa/Google Home clone now?19:55
john_cephalopodaThat looks like a marshmallow.19:55
joacimthought about getting a latitude, but i didn't care enough about having a laptop to spend 1000 dollars on a new one19:55
joacima used one would be nice tho =)19:55
john_cephalopodaThe quality is quite good. I used an Inspiron before, which was quite okay, too. But the screen broke and other stuff broke (after 5 years or so).19:57
teK___rmull: done20:04
john_cephalopodacompat-32/mesa3d-32 doesn't compile for me, it throws some error.20:05
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pedjam/b pr0n
teK___huch RAM does it swallow at max?20:11
john_cephalopodaNo LEDs?20:12
pedjateK___, no word about max yet20:16
rmullteK___: Much obliged20:17
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jaegerjohn_cephalopoda: what error, specifically?20:45
jaegerjoacim: my AM4 cooler bracket arrived today, can finally start putting my ryzen build together in the M120:45
joacimnice =)20:45
john_cephalopodajaeger: Let me see...20:46
joacimhow long hve you had the other parts?20:46
joacimmust suck having to wait to put it all together20:46
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jaegera week or so20:53
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john_cephalopodaHere is the mesa3d-32 build error >
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