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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: libtorrent-rasterbar: 1.1.0 -> 1.1.303:57
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: deluge: 1.3.12 -> 1.3.1503:57
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.3]: sqlite3-32: 3.19.2 -> 3.19.312:02
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: wine: 2.9 -> 2.1013:08
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jaegerJust out of curiosity, going to run a test today and build firefox with -jX where X is 1-16, and see what the times look like13:41
joacimi imagine it will be closer to 6-7 minutes13:47
joacimmy i5 could do it in about 20-25 minutes13:47
jaegerIt was ~12m with -j16 on that particular system13:47
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jaeger3.4GHz base clock, boosts to 3.8GHz13:48
joacimhmm. been a few years since i last built firefox on my i513:53
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jaeger79 minutes for -j1, off to a good start :D15:09
Stealthhi jaeger, jue15:13
Stealthwhom may I talk to about providing a mirror?15:15
jaegeryou can list the info here, will check it and add it15:15
Stealthawesome. are there any restrictions based on IP and what's the master server I can rsync from?15:16
jaegermasters are listed at - no particular restrictions on IP, though ipv6 isn't supported on at least one of the masters ( currently15:17
Stealthmine is going to be full IPv6-supported, btw, but yeah, understood. thank you, I'll let you know soon.15:17
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Stealthjaeger: it's ready. HTTP: ; HTTPS: ; FTP: ; rsync: ; both IPv4 & IPv6 accessible, synced from every 6 hours; location: NJ (USA); maintainer contact info is available at http[s] root path as well as at FTP welcome banner15:41
jaegerLooks alright, I'll get it added to the list soon15:45
jaegerAdded, let me know if you see anything incorrect15:53
Stealthno, everything's fine, unless there's a need to mention HTTPS too.15:59
jaegerwill keep that in mind, might be a good idea to do that across the whole list. We need to go back and audit which ones have ipv6 support, too, I think16:01
Stealthindeed. having an IPv6 column might be good, too.16:02
jaegerfrinnst: these are why I couldn't find an RX580 :)
jaegeryeah, not a bad idea to split it out16:02
jaegerGoing from -j1 to -j2 alone shaves ~26 minutes off the firefox compile time16:06
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joacimI'm too lazy to ask my isp to enable ipv6 :(16:17
joacimi guess adding cores to firefox isn't linear16:17
joacimlike my experience is with linux16:17
jaegerI don't expect it to be, really16:18
jaegercurious what the end curve will look like, that's all16:18
joacimmy dual core server takes exactly twice as long to compile linux as my quad core desktop16:18
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jaegerPerhaps it's linear to a point16:21
joacimi would expect so =)16:29
pedjaqt5 builds faster on my dual core than FF, for some reason :)16:37
pedjait's still slow, ~2h, though16:38
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pedjathat's one of the reasons I switched to upstream binary FF.16:42
pedjathe other reason is the lack of PA in opt/firefox :)16:42
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john_cephalopodaOh, great...19:52
john_cephalopodaWanted to watch a video in TOR browser, but apparently it needs pulse now.19:52
jaegerpulse by itself doesn't seem like much trouble (my opinion)20:00
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SitriOther than being nigh impossible to invoke20:25
SitriAnd having a history of other idiocy20:25
jaegerNo comment on the history, but I haven't had any trouble invoking it20:26
jaegerat least not recently20:26
Sitri*Shrugs* could also be Fedora doing something stupid.20:28
SitriBasically I had switched from Gnome to running just a WM alone, sound no longer worked.  Found out it was pulse, tried to get it started up.  Gave up after a few weeks of trying, switched to ALSA (which was a pain on its own) but finally got sound working again.20:29
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jaegermileage varies, undoubtedly. Personally I use pulse and configure alsa to send through it so that alsa things just work (tm)20:33
runaphoxSorry for changing the subject here, but i was wondering how do you people deal with some stuff. Specifically, installing packages written in, say, go or rust. Do you just let yourselves delve into the hell of having multiple package managers (like go get, cargo, dub, and so on...)?, or do you prefer to do some workarounds to be able to install the thing with pkgutils?20:46
SitriWhen there's a package manager for a language, I let that handle things instead of trying to use the system's package management for it.20:47
SitriBecause honestly, the system's package manager isn't going to have the full set of packages, and mix and matching is just going to cause you headaches.20:48
SitriOf course, when a system package has a dependancy of a language package, then things go to shit, but that's fairly rare.20:48
jaegerI tend to prefer to work it into the distro's packaging tools... with that said, I'm not using any software right now that's like that, really20:49
runaphoxWell. I guess that trying to install things with the distro's package manager can be indeed a headache. But in not doing so one looses the sense of unity that it provides. Besides, one has to keep note of both package managers in use and packages installed with them.20:53
jaegerIt can be, yeah. Sounds like firefox with rust/cargo is a pain in the ass, for example20:54
jaegerjoacim, frinnst: oops, I failed with the GPU, the 1060 I bought won't fit in the M1 despite some info I found online indicating it would :P20:54
jaegerSo I'll have to try again20:55
frinnstfirefox works fine with it20:56
frinnstbut the package management of rust/cargo is just broken20:56
jaegerAh, ok20:56
runaphoxfrinnst: Why is that?20:57
frinnstit has that github curl <url>.sh | sudo -20:57
frinnstgithub syndrome*20:57
joacimcase makers never consider full length expansion cards anymore?20:57
joacimfull length is about 315mm i think20:57
jaegerlength isn't the issue here, actually, it's the size of the backplate and board itself20:57
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frinnstDate:   Sat Jun 10 22:55:02 2017 +020020:57
frinnst    cargo & rust: initial commit20:57
frinnstin my own testing repo :)20:58
joacimthe card is taller than standard?20:58
jaegerThe upper left of this image shows the part that blocks getting it into the case20:58
jaegerThe frame of the case itself gets in the way20:58
frinnstnovim-mode: Use Vim like a 'conventional' editor (
jaegerWeird... is that for people who like vim plugins but not vim controls or something? :P21:00
frinnst looks useful21:02
jaegeryeah, I'm planning to pick that up21:03
jaegerI have a few of them already but not all21:03
joacimif i didnt like ivm controls, i would just use something else =)21:03
joacimthere are so many to choose from21:03
joacimm1 does support full length cards21:05
joacimodd that larger cases often dont21:05
joacimi find it even stranger that cases dropped the support brackets for full length cards21:06
joacimhavent seen those in consumer cases in 15 years maybe21:06
jaegerThis card doesn't seem to need one, the backplate is solid as hell (and heavy)21:07
joacimfrinnst: i think the games bundle is more interesting21:07
jaegerThough I've had some other cards in the past that are so heavy they need to be propped up (my 1080 Ti for one)21:08
jaegertried to make that propping up look like part of the design, a little21:08
joacimdont think i've ever seen a straight AWE3221:08
frinnstwoah odd. bind just freaked out21:20
joacimwhat kind of plans do you have for that computer?21:20
frinnststopped resolving, didnt want to be killed21:21
frinnstkill -9 ftw21:22
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joacimtempted by this21:54
pedjaACTION bought humble bundle books as a debit card test21:55
pedjabooks are a nice bonus :)21:55
joacimone of the low voltage xeons is pretty cheap too21:56
joacimbut a brand new microserver would be cheaper in total tho21:56
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pedjait is nice when upstream still ships old school init scripts so I have something to start with22:02
pedjausing full blown virtual network stack might be overkill22:08
pedjaI am not in the KISS mood these days, anyway :)22:09
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frinnstim starting to question your taste & sanity22:34
frinnstshould i be worried?22:34
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pedjacomplexity will bite me in the ass soon enough, and then I'll be back to simple & elegant :)22:48
pedjaI am curious if I can pull this off without major breakage22:51
pedjaOVN/OVS are pretty interesting tech22:52
pedjaafter using Crux almost exclusively for this long, diving into the innards of another distro is a small cultural shock22:56
pedja'where the fuck are the logs' was my first impression :)22:57
pedja(journalctl is ...interesting)22:58
jaegerso the firefox results look like you'd probably expect:
jaegerIt finished quite a while ago but my UPS died so I had to get another one :P22:58
pedjareal cores vs. HT23:00
jaegerSMT (AMD) rather than HT, but not real cores past 823:01
pedjasorry, I am Intel fanboy, don't know AMD's terminology23:02
jaegerall good23:03
pedjaI wonder if build system makes any difference (autotools vs cmake vs $flavor_of_the_month)23:04
pedjaone of the meson's selling points is that is more core-aware, so to speak, iirc23:06
frinnstyou get extra overclock when just loading one or two cores with ryzen23:09
pedjaclock boost?23:09
frinnstwhatever its called, turbo boost or something like that23:09
pedjathat's interesting23:10
pedjaTurboCore is 'vanilla', XFR if you have kick-ass cooling23:17
pedjaThreadRipper 1998x is 3.5Ghz base23:19
pedjaspeaking of cooling. jaeger, you have a water loop thingie on your {17|18}00X?23:21
jaegerNah, didn't want to do liquid cooling in that tiny case23:23
jaegerI've already done a mini-ITX custom loop thing, one was enough :D23:23
jaegeryou can see the setup here: - I used a Noctua NH-L12 as well as 1x 120mm intake fan (side) and 1x 92mm exhaust fan (rear)23:24
pedjanice job23:28
pedjabuilding in that case must've been fun23:29
jaegerDefinitely a challenge but fun23:31
pedjaone of these days, I'll have to clean up my case and re-apply the CPU paste, it's been a while.23:34
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pedjafor the record, playing with tech *is* how I keep my sanity23:36
pedjawhat's left of it, anyway23:37
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