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joacimcups have never been installed on this system00:19
j_vya, no difference... i have to tend some stuff but will give it another look in an hour or two00:25
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j_vjoacim: while i'm doing all this building, would it be it helpful to try a version bump? 4.6.5 is out.03:09
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joacimmight as well03:26
j_vusr/lib/security/ requires pam, so no surprise it isn't built, unless install pam (contrib)03:29
j_vnot sure how it got in the footprint (well, i can guess)03:29
j_vwith cups and dbus added, building 4.6.5 only leaves out and some manpages03:31
j_vi'm adding dockbook-xsl on this build, just because the build log shows complains about it03:32
j_vabout it being missing03:32
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joacimdont know if pam is required for a reasonably functional samba04:00
joacimbut i have it installed now. hope that gets rid of the error04:01
joacimif not, i'll just ignore and pretend nothing happened =)04:01
j_vok, after i bumped samba version to 4.6.5, added cups dbus and docbook-xsl to depends, the only file missing from original footprint is usr/lib/security/pam_winbind.so04:13
j_vcould get built with pam installed04:14
j_vjoacim, do you need the pkg tarball? i could upload it to my vps04:17
joacimwaiting for the build results now04:18
joacimMISSING   -rwxr-xr-x      root/root       usr/libexec/samba/smbspool_krb5_wrapper04:18
joacimjust this is missing now04:18
joacimand i have no idea what causes it04:18
j_vis cups and dbus installed?04:18
j_vor at least dbus04:19
joacimi have dbus04:19
joacimdont really want to install cubs04:19
j_vok, not sure... i try to avoid cups too04:20
j_vwas your build 4.6.4 or 4.6.5?04:20
joacim4.6.5 now04:21
joaciminstalled all listed deps, + linux-pam04:21
j_vok, on last build without cups but with linux-pam04:24
j_vlucky i don't have to install all that stuff just to build... nice part about building via container with wrapper script04:24
j_vlucky for me04:25
joacimsmbspool. sounds likely that the last missing file is due to cups04:25
joacimi'm guessing the footprint was generated on a system with too many ports installed04:25
j_vthat was my thought... google got some hits mentioning it was for print spool04:26
j_vprobably... is what my wrapper is for... should have it ready from prime time this week... been testing it HARD04:26
j_vi will announce it on ml before end of week i think04:28
joacimhmm. btrfs has this seed drive concept04:29
joacimdont know how flexible that could be for testing ports04:30
joacimit makes the drive read only, with changes written to a different drive04:30
j_voh, now that would be like having union or overlay04:31
j_vthat would make btrfs worth trying04:31
j_vi've been messing around with overlay mounts, but trouble is, it is root only, so unpriv containers can't use it04:33
j_vbut that seed device, that would eleviate need to keep cloning containers for new build... would be nice04:34
Romsteri got bored and updated rust and made cargo for crux and now i have firefox compiling with rust04:36
j_vof hand, do you know if the seed device is in stable kernel yet?04:36
jaegerjoacim: perhaps krb5 support for cups, if that's even a thing04:37
joacimjust snapshots could do that too I think04:38
joacimj_v: I don't know. haven't looked into it yet04:40
joacimjust found it mentioned in the man pages for one of the btrfs tools04:40
joacimi'll test with cups tomorrow. too late/early now =)04:41
j_vi'm on the btrfs wiki now, looks like it's in, just trying to see when it hit or will hit stable branches04:41
j_vok, been in since before 3.1504:42
j_vor close04:42
joacimthe man pages tend to mention when the listed features got added04:43
j_vlatest samba build 4.6.5, added dbus, linux-pam, and docbook-xsl to depends, only file missing is smbspool_krb5_wrapper04:47
j_vso looks like cups was the dep for that then04:48
j_vwithout dbus, i was missing a different module: snapper.so04:50
j_vwithout docbook-xsl, a bunch of manpages missing04:50
j_vwithout man, missing the module04:51
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Romster;O=D cargo rust and firefox-rust if you want to try it. working for me. i'll have Pkgfiles in my romster repo soon05:15
Romstersaw that a few weeks ago06:03
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nwehow could they have the production login information in the documentation....06:06
nweI also wondering if they have backups.. doesnt look like that..06:07
Romsterthey have backups but never tested if they can restore from them06:08
nweequal too they dont have backups, because they dont know if they are working..06:12
Romsterpretty much06:50
Romsterbut as everyone says why have production credentials in a development document... And lack of tested backups06:51
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pedjathis is an interesting tool
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SitriThat's old, but yeah.  Thinking isn't a virtue, and never was apparently.17:51
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frinnstsweet, beta version for my bios19:09
frinnstwhat could go wrong? Beta BIOS with AGESA
frinnstThis new update also enables IOMMU groups, which will be very useful for those that want to create virtual machines with dedicated graphics.19:29
joacimyes that's what i've been looking for19:35
joacimare each slot in theor own group?19:35
joacimI'm guessing there will never be a 8 core threadripper19:35
frinnsttime to loop mesa3d rebuilds19:49
frinnst=======> ERROR: Building '/usr/ports/pkg/mesa3d#17.1.2-1.pkg.tar.gz' failed.19:50
frinnstthat didnt take long19:50
joacimwhat i'm looking at right now.19:59
jaegerThat PSU is way overkill but if you already have it, no big deal20:00
joacimi already have it =)20:00
jaegerYou might need to do some research on the RAM, it's possible you won't be able to run it at full speed without some manual work or a bios update, etc.20:00
joacimbought it since i wanted headroom for two graphics cards20:00
jaegerMy ryzen box reboots endlessly if I set my RAM to run at its 3200 speed20:01
joacimin case i'd have to get a more powerful one just so i could have more than one DP output20:01
jaegerHaven't taken the time to dig into setting manual timings or voltage yet20:01
joacimyeah the ram is just placeholders right now20:01
joacimwill look around for known good combinations tho20:01
joacimi'm guessing i should  get 16GB*2 instead of 8GB*420:02
jaegerThe only one I know of that's actually "designed/tested/certified" or whatever for ryzen is g.skill flareX but that may have changed since I looked last20:02
jaegerI'm using corsair vengeance LPX because of cooler clearance20:03
joacimI probably don't need more than 24GB, but a 32GB kit is about as cheap as 4GB*2 + 8GB*220:03
joacimthe power supply is also 100% silent in its current system. The fan never have to turn on20:05
joacimeven when the Fury is stressed20:05
joacimRAM prices have gone up by a lot during the past year20:09
abenzjoacim: if your PSU has one of those 'hybrid" modes where there's a fan that will only turn on after you reach certain load/temp, then my advice keep it on normal (ie always running)20:35
abenzsome airflow is better than nothing20:35
abenzI've seen some PSUs like that fail20:35
joacimi trust my power supplys ability to protect itself20:36
joacimtypically, the fan will kick in both during higher load and higher temperatures20:36
abenzyou've been warned (tm)20:37
joacimso it could kick in even during low load situations, depending on the temperature20:37
joacimi believe seasonic knew what they were doing when they designed this psu20:37
abenzhah, my failed PSU was none other than seasonic built (corsair AX gold)20:38
jaegerthat's a pretty common config now and some manufacturers warranty them for up to 10 years20:38
joacimany psu can fail, regardless of settings and warranty20:39
abenzyup, got mine covered, and it only failed after I think 3 or 4 years. Point is there's a heat buildup and heat always shortens life20:39
jaegerabenz: I think flextronics is the OEM for Corsair's AX line20:39
joacimas long as it's running within specs, it should be ok20:39
joacimif not, there is an obvious defect of the psu20:39
joacimor i spilt water into the top of my case =)20:39
abenzif the design is so superb then they wounldn't even put the switch to set it to Normal20:39
abenzwhy do you think they did that?20:39
abenzjaeger: nope, seasonic. Maybe current ones, but mine was seasonic buiilt for sure, I checked20:40
jaegerACTION shrugs20:40
joacimsame reason why they have this giant sticker over the motherboard contact i suppose20:40
joacimpeople tend to freak out about temperatures20:40
joacimso why not cover all their bases and let people know that their psu isn't defective just because the fan doesn't turn20:41
abenzhey, calm down buddy. your HW, your rules. I was trying to be helpful20:41
abenzhave a good one. cheers20:41
joacimi'm upset about one thing, and that's my laptop not reading my SD card20:41
joacimbs=4096 is the recommended block size for dd when writing to an sd card?20:47
joacimthis is taking ages20:47
john_cephalopodaThe whole dvd playback is completely bricked.20:52
pedjawhat the hell is the 'dvd'?20:59
pedjaj/k :)20:59
pedjaafter a day dealing with clogged drain, it's time to go back to computery stuff21:00
pedjaof the 12 books I bought, 9 are interesting to me. money well spent, I'd say21:01
pedjaI am intrigued by 'Ubuntu for Windows/Mac users', tho21:04
joacimsounds like an odd book21:04
joacimis it split in half?21:04
joacimor. windows and os x are very different systems to migrate from21:05
pedjajoacim, nope.21:07
pedjait covers the usual. install, common apps, how to do stuff21:09
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pedjaI guess it expects that Windows/Mac users recognize the use cases and translate them into sw they know21:10
joacimfor a more technical user, the migration to ubuntu might be shorter for someone coming from OS X21:12
pedjathat's an interesting question, how similar Windows/Mac/Ubuntu Gnome desktop usage patterns are21:12
pedjaand with the 'Cloud', and Web based apps, is actual desktop relevant for the majority of users21:15
j_vjoacim, did get samba issues sorted well enough?21:16
pedjaif it has an icon on the desktop that opens facebook/whatever, do they really care?21:16
pedjawhat samba issues?21:16
pedjapro tip: use jue's port :)21:16
pedjaunless you need samba as AD controller, or any other extra bells and whistles21:19
joacimj_v: didn't check yet21:20
joacimbut i assume the mismatch is just caused by an optional dependency. I'll just make pkgmk ignore the footprint21:20
j_vjust curious... i've never used it before. was just feeling helpful and i didn't mind putting my pkgmk wrapper script through some extra rounds21:21
joacimpedja: people will find a CD with office and will ask why they can't install it21:21
joacimbut most won't ask that tho21:22
joacimfrom my experience with people that have chromebooks and macs, people generally don't mind that their pc can't run windows software as long as you take the time to explain that to them21:22
joacimpedja: i used the one from opt. has footprint mismatches when you install it on a basic system that only has core + deps21:23
pedjathat's a bug, then21:23
pedjaif footprint mismatches are MISSING, NEW are harmless21:24
joacimyes. missing21:24
pedjaI seem to remember from the logs. something about PAM, right?21:25
joacimthe mismatches that i see is caused by contrib/linux-pam and cups not being installed21:25
joacimthey're not listed as dependencies21:25
joacimi think j_v found more mismatches when he built samba with his chroot environment21:26
j_vseems like they could be added as optional deps and have the footprint fixed for build without them21:26
j_vjoacim, i'm logged into flyspray now, so i could submit one now, just provide the info and let the maintainer decide best action21:28
joacimI didn't expect that os x would be able to recognise other systems21:28
joacimi guess your build log is more comprehensive since it was built on a clean system21:29
pedjasamba always builds pam module21:30
pedjaI have it, and I don't have pam installed21:31
joacimthats the log from my attempt21:32
joacimMISSING   -rwxr-xr-x      root/root       usr/lib/security/pam_winbind.so21:32
joacimOS X will even correct you when you spell the name of a distro wrong =)21:35
j_vi'm going to have build it one more time in the container with unchanged Pkgfile ... i've too many logs floating around from last night and only tracked order i built them in21:35
pedjamy mistake, I have pam* man pages, not the actual library. apologies.21:36
joacimI believe that's the first log you posted, that included the footprint21:37
j_vthanks! that looks right...21:39
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pedjaif I am reading that build log right, samba tries to build with pam, but can't find it21:45
pedjaah. --enable-pam is the default, it has to be explicitly disables, it seems21:46
j_vjue's build has it disabled21:46
pedjathat's why there are pam_windind man pages, but no libs21:47
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cruxbot[core.git/3.3]: psmisc: updated to 23.022:21
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