IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2017-06-14

chinarulezzzteK__, wireshark need updating. A few CVE's found.00:02
elderKjust_fun, the same as last time - gbm_go_whatever not found.00:03
just_funI've posted a link from Arch Linux package, the time irclogger was down.00:05
just_funIt was a missing dependency from what I remember00:06
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frinnst-32 and deps can be tricky00:08
elderKjust_fun, I saw that. I was wondering if it had been rolled into Crux, etc.00:10
elderKI will wait until an official fix makes its way via ports :)00:10
just_funI think you need to ping the maintainer...00:10
just_funfrinnst, just wait until my crux-x32 is ready -
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frinnstmesa3d-32 built for me in a fresh core install02:44
jaegerbuilds fine for me in a fresh container, too03:21
j_vsounds like it might be some kind of conflict, the wrong pkg-config file getting referenced, or something like that03:30
j_vbe interesting to see output of `pkginfo -i` for systems that mesa3d-32 fails building on03:31
jaegermy money's on libtool stupidity03:33
j_vyeah, that monstrosity has given me headaches before03:33
joacimi guess my needs are simple. it seems to me like everyone has more ports in their repos than i have in mine03:38
joacimdont really have much installed outside of what i can get from core/opt/contrib03:38
j_vi'm fixing to purge some in mine pretty soon03:38
joacimthinking about doing the same, but i found only one port, and thats because i grew tired of maintaining it and just keep a user installed copy of it through pip instead03:39
j_vi've finally got my openjdk builds working pretty smooth (needed more testing, even so), but now i'm shying away for ever using them again03:40
joacimbeen thinking about moving to openjdk for a while03:42
joacimI only really use java when i want to host a minecraft server at home03:42
j_vmy ports are pretty heavy weight though... i should provide binaries, at least for bootstrapping03:43
j_vopenjdk8 depends on openjdk7 depends on openjdk6 depends on gcj-jdk, so it's a real LONG build, and really huge packages.03:44
joacimtook an hour to build firefox. Core i5-2540M03:46
jaegernot too terrible03:46
joacimwonder what it'd be like with distcc03:47
joacimit made compile times on my older c2d laptop much better03:47
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abenzI see we went with esr firefox06:16
abenzlost the dark compact theme06:18
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rmulljoacim: Took me an hour on an 8-core Atom with ccache13:05
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Romsteri am redoing my gitolite and git hooks and i'll be adding firefox-rust to my repo, i'm just gonna keep using that than the esr13:19
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frinnstabenz_: yes it's unfortunate13:25
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deus_exdamn, FF-54.0 is *fast*14:49
Romster;O=D firefox-rust and firefox esr15:04
Romsteri'm off to sleep land15:04
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cruxbot[core.git/3.3]: curl: update to 7.54.116:42
cruxbot[core.git/3.3]: perl: define -Dvendorprefix16:42
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: nspr: updated to 4.1519:01
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: nss: updated to 3.3119:01
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j_vjoacim: nothing to worry about, but for your weechat port i get: "NEW       -rwxr-xr-x      root/root       usr/lib/weechat/plugins/", and i notice that the footprint hasn't been updated since 201419:55
joacimthat's probably something optional19:55
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j_vok, doubtful, since i built it in core + deps only container, but like i said not a problem really... i set PKGMK_IGNORE_NEW anyways19:57
joacimi'll have to update the footprint eventually19:57
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j_vwouldn't lose any sleep over it, just a fyi19:57
joacimoh no, i never lose any sleep =)19:58
joacimi'll skip work if i have to19:58
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frinnsthm, anybody have crashes with the new nss and firefox-esr?20:10
joacimi havent had any yet20:11
frinnstgood, probably my broken test-setup20:11
frinnstyep, looks to be ok20:12
frinnstlet me know if there are any issues20:12
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j_vone nice aspect of using syslinux's extlinux as my partition boot loader is i no longer have to reinstall the boot blocks every time i update a kernel... just update the extlinux.conf and i'm good to go20:58
jaegeryeah, that's one of my favorite features of grub, too21:10
j_vi think about about going back to grub sometimes, but i remember not liking the changes in the configuration setup when grub2 first came out. i probably just read about it enough to understand it... it was fairly long ago now i can't even remember the details21:19
j_vprobably 'didn't' read up enough, i meant21:19
jaegerthere's definitely some learning curve. I like it but I've been using it for years21:19
jaegerI'm not saying everyone should use it :)21:19
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j_vyeah, if i get time, though, i might read up on the configuration stuff for grub2 and see if i should consider it... it's not pressing, so probaly not until i find something lacking in my current setups21:21
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just_funIs this the latest Dockerfile for CRUX?
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just_funI just found prt-ins (CLI prtdir editing with in prt-get.conf). Nice!21:41
john_cephalopoda/usr/ports/core/signify 0.1p1-1 > /usr/ports/contrib/signify 0.1p1-121:44
jaegerjust_fun: it's the latest one from me, yeah. I don't know if anyone else has another updated one21:47
pedjaACTION is too embarrassed to share his hack of the script21:49
jaegermine's nothing really special but it is automatically updated21:50
just_funjaeger, thanks for that image.21:50
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pedjajaeger, have you had the time to talk to Docker about taking over
jaegerI haven't really been interested in doing so yet21:52
pedjaany suggestions for note-taking app for the console? this file per subject is getting hard to sift thru21:54
jaegervim-orgmode? :)21:55
jaegerI don't have a specific app21:55
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pedjathere is a lot of stuff there, from sed/awk oneliners I keep forgetting to tiramisu recipe :)22:04
pedjaI am old, I forget stuff22:05
j_vpedja, if you have a good tiramisu recipe, then i say i it is worth looking up ;)22:13
j_vs/i say i/i say/22:13
j_vi forget same kinda stuff22:15
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pedjaj_v, nothing special in the recipe, it's the traditional way to make it. ratios are the important part :)22:17
pedjaI got a thumbs up from native Italians for it, so it must be somewhat good22:18
pedjamaybe they were just polite? who knows :)22:19
j_vcool, i think that tiramisu recipe might be like pasta fagiole recipe, depends on region or other factors22:20
frinnstjohn_cephalopoda: your contrib rsync is pointing to the 3.2 repo22:23
frinnstoh no its not22:23
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: signify: removed duplicate port22:24
pedjaj_v, basics are the same, the difference is with some parts of the process.22:26
pedjaI've been at the place where it was supposedly invented, few years back22:27
pedjaas you can imagine, it is incredible :)22:27
j_vi bet, one of my favorites, that and chicken/veal piccata22:28
pedjalooks nice. I bookmarked that page at Wikipedia, I just might persuade someone to make it. Thanks for the tip22:31
john_cephalopodafrinnst: Thanks!22:32
john_cephalopodaReminds me that I have to look up the recipe for macarons.22:34
j_vjust looked up macarons, thought you talking about macaroons... but macarons sound really good22:38
frinnstwhat, boil for N minutes?22:38
frinnstoh, not "macaroni" :>22:39
john_cephalopodaApparently macarons are easy to make. But they cost a lot in the stores.22:40
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joacimi have no need for threadripper, but i kinda feel like waiting just to see what the prices will be like23:17
joacimbut i want to build a new computer next week23:17
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