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tsaopwhy does rust take so long to compile19:21
tsaopand why does it have to download modules from the net in order to do so?19:21
joacimJun 16 21:09:10 akino sshd[8492]: Received disconnect from port 51757:11:  [preauth]19:24
joacimi guess this is a new thing bots do now19:24
joacimfew years ago i saw nothing but random login attempts to user names19:25
joacimdont see too much of that these days19:25
joacimat least against my own ssh server19:25
joacimmaybe i should just move it away from port 2219:25
j_vuse a port knock sequence?19:27
joacimwas thinking that i could simply move it all through vpn19:27
joacima port knock could owrk too19:30
joacimbut i dont know how i would configure the various clients for that19:30
j_vif you have several users, then port knocking might be a pain19:30
joacimright now i have logins disabled19:31
joacimso you must have an ssh key19:31
j_vi do that too19:31
joacimand whatever user i allow from outside, they're restricted to false as their shell, and chroot19:32
j_vbut i keep all ports except 80 and a few others closed, only open 22 after correct seq19:32
joacimi mostly just open up temporarily when i want to share a file that is too big for me to bother about mega or similar services19:33
j_vright, makes sense19:33
rmullfail2ban works for me in these cases.19:36
joacimi think i use denyhost on this19:37
joacimbut i've used fail2ban on others19:37
joacimtypically i find every single one of these ips in my auth log in my denyhosts log19:37
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frinnsttsaop: because it's shit21:25
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joacimi wonder how many of the login attempts are from iot devices21:41
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