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joacimi have a feeling frinnst watches nothing but dog racing00:06
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frinnstgiven the opportunity00:33
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: mpv: fix dependencies, make a note about optical playback optional dependencies02:23
Romsterjohn_cephalopoda ^02:24
Romsternow if anyone can't see that they have something wrong with them.02:24
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j_vwish there was a way to get more descriptive error output when there is a port signature mismatch02:49
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][_R_][The kernel isn't in ports is it?02:55
joacimit isnt02:56
joacimdont know if anyone have made any for the kernel, but people generally just download theirs from kernel.org02:57
Romsteri have a old one packaged in crux but i got lazy and just do it manually03:08
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.3]: libgcrypt-32: 1.7.6 -> 1.7.703:32
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: flash-player-plugin: ->
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: libesmtp: fix missing source03:53
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: mpup: fix missing source04:04
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: ant: 1.9.7 -> 1.10.106:12
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: [notify] libbluray: 0.9.2 -> 1.0.1 new dependency ant06:12
brian|lfsanyone have chromium compiled with pulseaudio and cups enabled06:21
brian|lfsthis is taking forever to recompile06:21
brian|lfsRomster, whats a kernel is that when you pop popcorn?06:23
Romsteri guess i can do a rebuild for you brian|lfs06:25
just_funjoacim, ^^^06:27
Romsteronly took me a hour or so to build brian|lfs  at -j2406:27
Romsterover distcc06:27
brian|lfsahh ok06:27
brian|lfswell its almost done now06:27
brian|lfsits on 26225 ourt of 2791906:28
Romsterfigures i was just about to start the build06:30
brian|lfshey just_fun you have a repo06:31
just_funYes, I do. I takes between 2-24 hours to test it.06:32
brian|lfsI found it it was in front of my face thanks06:34
brian|lfsI'll try your linux-stable in a bit06:36
Romsterwhy can't people test there dependencies...06:36
brian|lfswhy whats broken?06:37
brian|lfsstrange I have it installed06:37
brian|lfsthink its from crux not my pulseaudiio06:37
brian|lfswell romster last I new pulseaauio on crux is very 8 which is old as shit06:38
Romsterand then it's missing something else in footprint06:39
Romsterafter i added p5-xml-parser06:39
brian|lfsstrange romster the pulseaudio on opt compiled for me fine06:42
brian|lfslet me see if I can upload it to my domain06:43
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: pulseaudio: add missing dependencies p5-xml-parser and glib06:44
Romsteri have no idea why it's so old, you need to contact alan about that06:44
Romsteri still refuse to run pulseaudio06:44
Romsteri keep seeing things like firefox and steam both need it and i'm still not using pulseaudio and i have sound06:45
Romsterif others want to use it be my guest, but everything i run does work without pulseaudio06:45
Romsterincluding steam for linux and firefox06:45
RomsterACTION shrugs06:45
Romsteri wish everyone would share there ports somewhere even if it's just github or something and paste the url in here.06:46
Romsterpetpeeve... oh i got my own x y z that's newer than opt/contrib/xorg ... and i also added c and d that's not packaged anywhere....06:47
RomsterSHARE IT06:47
Romsterthat's the package what about the Pkgfiles06:47
brian|lfsI have pulseaudio 10 on my repo Romster06:47
Romsterright well can you contact alan and find out why he hasn't updated his?06:47
brian|lfshow would I contact Alan does he have a valid emaila ddress06:48
Romsterand if he isn't keen on keeping it updated perhaps you can apply to maintain it.06:48
brian|lfsok I well see if I can find an email address for him06:48
Romsteryes as far as know in the Pkgfile06:48
Romsterbe nice to keep it updated in opt06:49
brian|lfsok I see it06:49
Romsterbtw when you clone someone esles port you should update the maintainer line to your own... i see alans email in your pulseaudio port.06:50
just_funbrian|lfs, ][_R_][ , joacim : read the README first for my linux port06:51
brian|lfsahh I normally change it06:51
brian|lfsmaybe I spaced out06:51
Romsteralso your's is also probably missing glib and p5-xml-parser06:51
Romsterrm -rf $PKG/etc/bash_completion.d <- you could move that to $PKG/usr/share/bash-completion/completions/$name06:53
Romsterbrian|lfs, your port looks a bit messy, just_fun looks very neat.06:55
Romsterbut does have more dependencies in it.06:55
just_funRomster, isn't my port, but maraky06:55
brian|lfsI just emailed Alan kind of asked him about his ports in general06:56
brian|lfsI think he has several ports06:56
Romsterhe does06:57
Romsteri've been slack lately with maintaining my stuff and the more i poke around the more issues i find with missing source or failed compile or other maintainers ports having issues.06:58
brian|lfsI was probably hhalf a sleep when I did pulseaudio06:58
brian|lfsanyhow I haven't touched my ports lately either been slacking06:58
Romsterword of advice don't use -f on rm in Pkgfiles if you can absolutely avoid it.06:59
brian|lfsI'm sure skype probably jumped a few versions again lol06:59
Romsterit can and will come back to bite you in the arse later on.06:59
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Romsterunless you are certain like rm -rf $PKG/usr/share/doc is likely safe though.06:59
brian|lfshey tsaop06:59
Romsterhi tsaop07:00
Romsterrm -rf $PKG/usr/share is not07:00
Romsterlater updates could add something to /usr/share/foo/ and you wont even see it.07:00
brian|lfsare we ever going to persuade you to get your repo public07:00
brian|lfsI keep meaning to get api keys for chromium07:03
Romster so no ports are left as orphans on the ports tree?07:04
Romster;a=history;f=abcde;hb=HEAD and yet this got updated last in 201307:05
tsaophow it is going07:05
Romsteris Maximilian Dietrich still active?07:05
j_vgrep -r 'rm -rf' /usr/ports/core:
Romsterthose look fine j_v07:07
Romstervim removes stuff that is put in gvim07:08
Romsterno one wants info or doc07:08
Romsterthose are well defined removes.07:09
Romsterrobably opt or mostly contrib and other repos will probably have worse cases.07:09
Romsteri tend to not use -f where possible.07:09
brian|lfsanyone use discord besides me07:11
brian|lfsdiscord is nice its kind of like IRC but on steroids07:11
Romsteri do and i packaged it but not used the linux client yet07:11
brian|lfsah ok I have it packaged also07:11
brian|lfsthats what I was getting at07:11
j_vi don't see the big deal, if you pass 'rm -r' on a real directory your 'shouldn't' remove, -f makes no difference, but i'm pretty dense sometimes so i'm probably missing your point07:11
brian|lfsI'm missing it also so that makes 207:12
brian|lfsbut I guess there could be a rare instance where a directory is a sym link and doing -f could cause big issues07:13
brian|lfsIs that what your getting at Romster07:13
Romsterit's a issue if you do it on /usr/{include,share} and then a later update makes like /usr/share/$name/some-data-it-needs07:13
brian|lfsahhh ok I got you now that you explained it a second time07:14
Romsterno the force removal of share include and then a later update/version bump adds new files and then it breaks as it can't find them. or it breaks something else.07:14
j_vah, well, yes i see you point on that...07:14
Romsterwiht out -f you at least get a error and then can make corrections07:14
Romsterwith -f you never see it07:14
Romsteruntil someone else discovers the problem.07:15
just_funNow I get it too07:15
Romsterdoc info is likely never to cause problems.07:15
j_vlike i said, i can be dense, seems simple now07:15
Romsterexcept in like libtool etc.07:15
j_vwith me, sometimes it takes a hammer, when it should usually take a light touch07:16
brian|lfsits probably morning time for Romster and I know very early morning over here in Washington DC07:16
j_vrm -rf /usr/ports/core/libtool07:16
brian|lfsthanks for the warning on your linux-stable07:16
j_vrm -rf autohell07:17
brian|lfsjust_fun, I don't use lilo on my system07:17
Romsterit's 5:17pm07:17
brian|lfs3:17 AM here07:17
just_funbrian|lfs, if you use grub, and have vmlinuz and vmlinuz.old entries in grub.conf, you could change lilo to grub install command (if there is one).07:18
brian|lfsmy entries are vmlinuz-version number07:18
just_funI don't know how to make it work with both (lilo and grub)07:18
brian|lfsgrub don't add menu entries that are just call vmlinuz07:19
brian|lfsI could of swore it did a long time ago not sure if it did or changed very strange07:19
tsaopdo you also use an hand written grub.cfg like I do?07:19
brian|lfsI'm guessing no UEFI just_fun for you07:19
tsaopgenerating one with grub-mkconfig seems madness07:20
tsaopso much text is generated07:20
brian|lfsI generate mien then tweek it if need be07:20
tsaopwhile I can make a grub.cfg in a few lines07:20
tsaopmaybe because I don't use fancy features07:20
tsaopI could boot directly using EFI bypassing GRUB07:20
brian|lfsI wouldn't say fancy features07:20
just_funhaving vmlinuz-version makes sense when you are doing manual kernel upgrades, not with the kernel port07:20
brian|lfsdoes Lilo support UEFI07:21
just_funI don't know, but,07:21
just_funlilo is not a problem with my port07:21
just_fundoes grub needs to run something when you change a vmlinuz ?07:22
just_funa vmlinuz file...07:22
brian|lfsno just modify the grub.lst to reflect the new kernels07:23
brian|lfsgrub.cfg I mean07:24
just_funso, if you just rewrite a vmlinuz file you don't need to run anything, right?07:24
brian|lfswhich is fine if it backs up the old kernel07:25
just_funthen lilo thing is just harmless: it could be removed07:25
just_funhow amount the naming scheme?07:25
just_funDo you realy need vmlinuz-<version> with a kernel port?07:25
brian|lfsI think some distros just sym linink to vmlinuz07:26
just_funThan, to use my kernel port you have to prepare grub for vmlinuz and vmlinuz.old entries.07:28
just_funAnyone knowing how to autodetect if the system uses grub or lilo?07:29
brian|lfsnot sure but if you look on arch aur for linux-vio and read the package file and scripts it may give a clue07:30
Romsterprt-get cat xlockmore07:32
Romstercheck for $PKG/usr/lib then if exists rm -rf it...07:33
brian|lfshuh lol07:35
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: xlockmore: 5.53 -> 5.5407:57
j_vnice, you caught the missing deps, i was just getting to adding xdamage when cruxbot spit it out07:59
Romsterthere fixed it that was demented.07:59
Romsterdunno if i'll get yelled at it's not my port but the soource is 404 so i am fixing those.08:00
Romsteri got opt cleaned up no missing source core xorg compat-32 is also fine08:00
j_vactually, no, it was libxt ... why is libxdamage needed08:00
Romsterprt-get fsearch08:00
just_funRomster, is the /etc/X11/app-defaults the right place? Because, grep app-defaults /usr/ports/xorg/*/.footprint, shows /usr/share/X11/app-defaults08:01
j_vright i got the X11/Intrinsic.h missing header, nothing else08:01
just_funI'm just asking, because I have one of these ports too08:01
just_funSorry, j_v08:01
Romsteri'm not sure but the fact is when you move the location existing users will get that file deleted.08:01
Romsterso i didn't want to risk that yet and want to raise where we should be putting it.08:02
Romsteri did notice that in /usr/share/X11/app-defaults08:02
Romster# finddeps xlockmore |grep xdamage08:03
Romsterxorg-libxdamage (xorg)08:03
j_vok, was just wondering08:05
Romsterld: warning:, needed by /usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-pc-linux-gnu/6.3.0/../../../../lib/, not found (try using -rpath or -rpath-link)08:05
j_vah, missed that08:06
Romsterlets see maybe my gtk can be rebuilt without that dep08:06
Romsterit's not listed as a dependency of gtk08:07
j_vwhat about the manky xlock perm -m 4111?08:07
Romsteri kept it the same .footprint as before.08:07
Romsterwondering if i should add --disable-setuid08:08
j_vwill probably cause output errors with normal user not able to run the screen savers08:09
j_vor maybe it's the auth stuff08:09
Romsteri'm not certain i was just fixing it without doing any major changes to it.08:09
j_vi would leave the suid in, i know xscreensaver is considered LESS secure not installed suid08:10
j_vor so i've read08:11
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Romsterxdamage isn't needed08:20
Romsteri had to rebuild gtk it's a soft dependency08:21
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: xlockmore: move app-defaults and fix dependencies08:26
Romsterthere final form j_v08:27
j_vcool, sorry to be such a bother08:27
Romsterit's fine08:27
Romsterif no one questions anything i wouldn't of picked upon it.08:28
just_funj_v, why xlockmore vs xscreensaver?08:28
j_vjust_fun: not sure what you mean08:28
j_vthey are of the same ilk, so have similar properties08:29
just_funDo you use xlockmore?08:29
j_vxscreensaver, but in process of tweaking pkgwrap, i give all the testing i can08:30
j_vit's pretty close to release... maybe today08:30
Romsteri am just fixing broken stuff08:30
Romsterand there is tons more ugh08:30
j_vthat update for ant threw me, but actually was just a needed kick08:32
j_vi finally was able to get rid of my ant port by just including the ant download in my openjdk ports, that way i don't get hung up an depending on oracle jdk08:33
j_vit's a build dep, not runtime dep08:34
j_vto build ant from source, need jdk, which needs ant, which needs jdk...08:34
j_vhate circular dependencies08:35
j_vit's hard enough just trying to bootstrap openjdk without requiring a previous build08:36
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just_funj_v, btw, I use your gcj-jdk for my pdftk port -
just_funSo, don't drop it08:40
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: vobcopy: 1.2.0 -> 1.2.0-608:41
just_funNot sure why I use yours. I'm clueless with java.08:41
j_vok, no worries, no plans to... were you using anything i dropped recently08:41
just_funFrom your repo, just this.08:41
j_vok, cool08:42
just_funInter-repo dependencies are not nice. Consider pushing it to contrib :D08:43
j_vi'm fine with that, not sure how to approach it08:44
just_funBy becoming a contrib maintainer :)08:45
j_vahhh, well, not sure how to approach that either, i'm sure i read those wiki pages long ago, will have to reread, suppose08:46
just_fun j_v08:46
j_vright, thanks.08:47
Romsteri'm keen to try your openjdk ports j_v08:47
just_funNo need to thank me. It is easier to push others to do something that helps you :) than doing yourself08:47
j_vRomster, you might want to wait, i'm testing the new builds with ant included, will push the changes asap08:49
j_vprobably in an hour or two08:50
j_vi'd like to figure out how to only build-depend on things, like if you actually want to use openjdk8, you only need gcj-jdk, openjdk6 and openjdk7 for building08:51
j_vthose three could be removed once openjdk8 is installed08:52
j_vi suppose you could put a prt-get lock on those08:52
j_vonce they were removed08:53
just_funj_v, you still drop ports to your -old repo, right?08:54
j_vjust_fun: yes, that way even a surprise isn't as nasty08:55
j_vat least, that's the intent08:57
Romsterhmm does it have to bootstrap though all them versions?09:02
Romsterdmd ghc fpc all bootstrap in the Pkgfile i provide09:03
j_vRomster, i've been trying to figure out a way... one thing is i could provide a openjd7-bin on my distfiles and bootstrap using that09:05
j_vif that seems reasonable, i think it would be a good way, i just didn't want to have to build using an oracle jdk to get a openjdk09:07
just_funor an openjdk8-bin, j_v09:09
Romsteri'm not fussed f i have to distcc crunch it a day to get the final result, but then having the option to bootstrap from a pre-built one is nice.09:09
Romsterbut i wouldn't scrap all that work of how you got to that pre-built binary for bootstrapping from.09:10
j_vwell, i was hoping to find a way to leave behind all the deps, so users wouldn't be stuck with all those build deps just to get the final result... i'll try to setup a fresh port that incorporates using a binary bootstrap download at some point today09:11
j_vright, i agree, but i could setup a separate port that used the binary bootstrap download, as an additional option... an easier one for most09:12
ryu0j_v: you can't fully shed dependencies. you'll always have more for a source-based distro.09:13
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: subversion-perl: 1.9.3 -> 1.9.509:14
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: subversion-python: 1.9.3 -> 1.9.509:14
j_vryu0: that is a true saying... though i think in this case it is possible to reduce the bagage a bit09:14
ryu0j_v: i'm just saying, don't expect to be able to do the same things something like debian can.09:15
ryu0if you built each package prior to distribution, you'd have full control over that. :)09:15
j_vright, i think you have a good point, also , but providing all source ports, and maybe a single ports that builds off of a binary bootstrap download, everyone would have the choice which way to go09:17
j_vs/, but providing/, by providing/09:18
ryu0either way, downstream or upstream control is the difference you speak of.09:18
j_vyes, and i like that an admin or user can choose which control is more important to them09:19
j_vi wonder if i can convince frinnst to incorporate my nss port differences...09:23
j_vit uses nss-softokn and nss-util to build the sunec stuff in openjdk09:24
j_vi'm still looking into a way to make my differences a separate, addon, but haven't determined if that's possible yet09:25
j_vi know that at least one other distro separates the nss stuff into separate packages, but from what i'm seeing, the nss-util and nss-softokn are deps for their nss base library09:27
RomsterteK_, you need to check all your ports in contrib...09:27
Romsteri need a break09:28
Romsterdon't commit when i feel fatigued.09:28
j_vthat sounds like good advice that i should heed also09:29
Romsterfood cures all, cooking09:49
j_vok, got the web page up for pkgwrap:
j_vand the port is in my repo:
j_vok, sorry, now the port is there10:20
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Romsterj_v, html error10:56
RomsterLICENSE (MIT)<a/></li>10:56
j_vRomster, thanks... i've got fat fingers ;)10:58
Romsterwhy do i see .md5sum and .footprint for containers but not for pkgwrap on your ports html10:59
Romsterhehe j_v10:59
j_vhmmm, ooops?10:59
j_vi should have took a break instead of pushing pkgwrap port just then11:01
j_vthanks again... fixing now11:01
Romstersee what i said about fatigued and not committing anything when in that state :P11:01
Romsterprtverify is your friend too11:02
j_vyeah, you know, i never use that... really i should... will start today11:04
Romstertsk tsk <<11:04
j_vtoo right11:06
Romsteranother tsk tsk your nss port off frinns_t has his name on it and not yours. and what's different about yours?11:07
Romsterdone a diff -u over it and i see a few changes, curious what needs them private headers11:15
j_vi know why i did the .pc files, but the private headers would probably have had to do with something or else wanting them. i will review it, do some research11:23
j_vi have an initial port for building openjdk8 that uses a previously built openjdk8... will get back to that after i've done some homework on my fork of the nss port11:25
Romsteri'm interested in seeing export PKG_CONFIG_ALLOW_SYSTEM_LIBS=1 and export PKG_CONFIG_ALLOW_SYSTEM_CFLAGS=1 in opt/nss11:26
Romsterlibfreebl.a if needed could be added to the opt/nss11:27
Romstervery rare to use private headers11:27
Romsteryour mk port i looked up the home page and it says it needs libutf, libfmt, libbio, and libregexp9.11:29
Romsterbut none of them are packaged/listed on depends on11:29
Romsteri'm just poking around11:29
j_vno, not the source that is in my port... that is the one that includes those other libs11:29
j_vsee how it is 'mk-with-libs.tgz ?11:30
Romsteri didn't pick up on that11:31
Romsterbut what uses mk11:31
Romstercan't just symlink make to mk?11:31
Romsteror well mk to make11:31
j_vit's for personal experiments, mk and make are not the same11:31
Romsterdidn't think they are.11:32
j_vthey just do similar stuff11:32
j_vyou think i should keep that one in private repo?11:32
Romsternah it's fine11:33
Romsteri was just curious what would use it11:33
Romsteri use minecraft chatty and some other programs that are java and i was looking at icedtea and openjdk but i didn't get very far with it.11:34
j_vok, probably nothing in crux, i know at least one cruxer beside me who has used it some, think he's even logged in, or waas11:34
j_vdoing some reading on the softokn and freebl stuff... "and is otherwise considered private to NSS." so i will have to do some digging to understand impact for usage in things like the jdk11:38
Romstermmm LC_ALL=C that is a override for everything, i guess you are using it in the right way here. for just the compiling. looking at openjdk811:38
Romsterwell maybe the jdk uses some private struct in nss, i don't know. if that is the case. then nss devs should expose that for jdk use.11:39
Romsterand what you have done is to work around that issue.11:40
j_va good point, and probably could build without the softokn stuff... will have look up to see if there are security issues that effect or are effected by choices11:41
Romsterdamn man that's sone scriptfu you have there.11:41
j_vwhich parts?11:42
Romsterthe part for renaming filenames and over riding pkgmk functions11:42
j_vwell, i needed something that wouldn't impact pkgutils stuff, but those downloads just don't workout without some kind of renaming11:43
RomsterI've been meaning to test an idea i have to make a pkgdl command and pkgdld daemon to do the downloading in the background. and rip all the downloading parts out of pkgmk11:43
j_vhmmm, i kinda like the sound of that, could really simplify some of the issues here11:44
Romsterand a change to prt-get so it can send the entire deplist of ports in a depinst to pkgdl and it can grab them in order of importance for prt-get/pkgmk11:45
j_vwell, loop over quickdep should be pretty good11:45
j_vis what i do in pkgwrap to install pkgs in the container11:46
j_vand build if not present, so it's a little bit cross between pkgmk and prt-get11:46
Romsteri see11:46
j_vit's a lengthy process to build some things, but i was driving at getting closer to reproducible builds11:47
j_veven if we don't require them, it would be good to be able to achieive11:47
j_vi know you do quite a bit with your docker stuff11:48
j_vi just wanted to come at it from a slightly different angle11:48
Romstersounds like you are nearly at making binary packages and using them in among the source building11:48
Romsterwho was it that made something to download packages off my server? was that you?11:49
j_vno way11:49
j_vi would have asked first11:49
j_vi downloaded mpup from you, a  few other distfiles, but nothing scripted11:50
Romsteri only added mpup today11:50
j_vright, i must have got it shortly after you added it. i was going to mention sepen's sight not responding, but you already fixed those ports i noticed11:51
Romsteri keep distfiles in of everything i see.11:52
Romsterincluding multiple versions of silently changed source tarballs11:53
j_vhmmm, i was at at least i think so11:53
Romsterso i pulled mpup from there and added it to the server i use.11:54
j_vmy memory is ok, but not always with the details11:54
Romsteryou were11:54
j_vthat sounds right11:54
Romsteri added it there from my home11:54
Romsteri keep a copy of files here at home11:54
Romsterjust in case.11:54
j_vnice, very good idea... i need to get one of my older puter back up and running and do similar, never hurts for mutliple backups11:55
j_vbrb... going for some smoke11:56
Romstereh i don't see it in flyspray must of only been on the mailing list or it got closed.11:58
j_vjust_fun has some good ideas on that, and some good working examples of different ways to go about it in his(?) repo12:02
Romsterbeen meaning to look at them but i haven't yet12:02
j_vit's hard to get consensus, though12:02
just_funAbout the renaming scheme:
just_funJust stuff this in pkgmk.conf12:03
j_vyeah, that's some scriptfu there, pretty cool method12:03
just_funYou don't have to change the port.12:03
Romsteri have t say firefox 54.0 compiled with rust is super fast compared to the previous build i was using in opt.12:03
j_vi will have to try it... i've been hesitant to mess with rust, mostly because i have so much other stuff on my plate12:04
Romsteri read about the lesser used bash features12:04
Romsterbut doesn't it use dash now so dash needs to support this.12:05
just_funpkgmk.conf is sourced by pkgmk, which uses bash12:05
just_funAny reason to source it from dash?12:05
j_vright, pkgmk is still #!/bin/bash12:05
Romsteri've got rust built in;O=D with cargo and firefox-rust12:05
Romsteri haven't pushed my ports yet well ihave but i am missing the git post-receive hook, i redid my gitolite. and need to review how i do that.12:06
j_vok, i'm not in a hurry, i will be more interested in trying out the full source build... and i'm not in a big hurry for any of that12:07
Romsterwell i can say it works wit them packages. but yeah i'll have the prts in romster repo. once i am done cleaning up contrib i intend to clean up my romster collection12:08
j_vno worries you been doing good stuff, don't want to push you in any direction...12:09
Romsterand resume with my
Romsterwork stress and other stuff and yeah i've put most things on hold.12:10
j_vit's hard... seems like everytime i make progress, work goes nutso and then it all piles up on me again12:11
Romsteri hear ya on that.12:11
j_vi work on contract, so it's feast or famine12:12
Romsterall this i do is just a hobby.12:13
just_funRomster, I just installed firefox-rust package from you.12:13
just_funThe startup is a little slower (I do have an atom based laptop), but it feels faster after that (the UI at least).12:14
Romstercool, i'm using it since i built it not one crash and i haven't seen a major memory leak yet12:14
just_funDo I need any dependencies? Or post-install?12:14
just_funI could find the port.12:14
Romsterwell i uses cargo and rust to build but once it's built it seems to be self contained.12:15
Romsterboth of which you'll find in that directory12:15
*** lounge has joined #crux12:16
just_funDefinitely, the UI is visible faster. Thanks again.12:17
*** onodera has joined #crux12:17
Romsteroh and jemalloc#4.5.0-1.pkg.tar.xz that i just uploaded.12:17
j_vwill it install beside the opt port?12:17
Romsterall ar ein my romster repo but not up on yet12:17
Romsterno it replaces the opt one.12:17
j_vok. maybe try later today.12:18
just_funrevdep -vvv firefox-rust12:18
just_fun** calculating deps12:18
just_fun** checking 1 ports12:18
just_fun** checking linking12:18
just_funfirefox-rust:/usr/lib/firefox/ missing library12:18
just_funfirefox-rust:/usr/lib/firefox/ error12:18
just_funfirefox-rust:/usr/lib/firefox/ missing library12:18
just_funfirefox-rust:/usr/lib/firefox/ missing library12:18
just_funfirefox-rust:/usr/lib/firefox/ missing library12:18
Romsterbut if you don't like it you can pkgrm it and add the opt/firefox one.12:18
just_funfirefox-rust:/usr/lib/firefox/ error12:18
just_funfirefox-rust:/usr/lib/firefox/ missing library12:18
just_funfirefox-rust:/usr/lib/firefox/plugin-container: error12:18
just_funfirefox-rust: error12:18
just_funI just pkgrm firefox; pkgadd firefox-rust...pkg.tar.xz12:19
j_vmaybe need some ld.conf magic?12:19
just_funI'm not sure if revdep needs a port ...12:19
just_funpkgadd uses ldconfig() when adding packages12:19
Romsteroh i didn't fix the revdep.d for the name change of firefox-rust12:19
Romstermv /etc/revdep.d/firefox /etc/revdep.d/firefox-rust12:20
Romsteri'll fix that in the next update to firefox-rust12:20
Romster$ sudo mv /etc/revdep.d/firefox /etc/revdep.d/firefox-rust12:21
Romster$ revdep -vvv firefox-rust12:21
Romster** calculating deps12:21
Romster** checking 1 ports12:21
Romster** checking linking12:21
Romsterfirefox-rust: ok12:21
just_funYup. 10x12:21
Romsterit doesn't load much faster but it feels more snappy on opening new tabs etc.12:22
just_funI can't stop opening new tabs with this12:22
Romsterand it doesn't seem to slow down12:22
just_funLet the time decide...12:22
Romsteropen all in tabs :P12:24
just_funIs there a was to see if my extensions use Webextensions?12:25
just_funI'll go to youtube and test it12:25
just_funWell, I can switch tabs faster with youtube, but it looks like the play/pause click have a delay to be executed (like opt/firefox).12:28
Romsterhmm well it has to load the stuff on the page.12:36
Romsternet speed related there.12:36
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*** john_cephalopoda has joined #crux12:55
j_vwhile this is not a complete answer, the two nss private headers that get installed are freebl headers13:08
j_vi'm looking at some bug reports about these headers being missing when building stuff with freebl (i've found gentoo and fedora stuff so far)13:10
j_vis there a way to force pkgmk not to strip libraries in the Pkgfile?13:25
j_vahhh, PKGMK_ROOT/.nostrip13:28
Romsteryes make a .nostrip file13:28
Romsteruses regex13:29
j_vlooks like the freebl private headers deal was a compromise between openjdk devs and fedora packagers, who upstreamed the changes13:30
j_vi find pretty much every distro out there does something very similar to what i have done13:31
j_vmatter of fact, i probably copied it from alpine or arch13:32
j_vboth those distros have similar syntax (shell based at least) for package building, so they are good points of interest when trying to decide the 'right thing to do' with packaging (i think)13:33
j_vwish i had kept notes before, i probably could have skipped this13:35
Romsterwell slackware also falls in that category13:45
j_vyeah, i should never forget that one, i started out in linux as a slacker13:45
j_vswitched to debian for a while, but their packaging is way to cryptic and magical for my tastes13:46
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: webkitgtk: 2.16.1 -> 2.16.313:47
j_vi wonder if surf builds against newer webkit2; their default devel branch is webkit2 now13:48
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joacimjaeger: - ordered this, + a firepro w210017:48
joacimhoping the firepro w2100 will work with amdgpu17:48
joacimlow power card with two displayport outputs17:49
jaegerlooks pretty decent. You might need to order a separate am4 bracket for the cooler18:02
*** john_cephalopoda has quit IRC18:11
jaegerI'm sure eventually every manufacturer will start including them in new brackets but at least for my NH-L12 I had to get one shipped from Noctua (free, fortunately)18:19
jaeger <-- there's a slightly different one for the U12S18:20
*** john_cephalopoda has joined #crux18:25
joacimthe cooler i want is sold out, so are the brackets19:05
jaegerah, that sucks19:06
joacimso i'm getting a compatible be  quiet cooler until i can get the bracket for my current cooler, or an nh-u12s with the am4 bracket19:06
jaegermaybe a phanteks or cryorig one instead?19:06
jaegeror be quiet19:06
joacimthe other alternative is more expensive AIO coolers19:07
joacimi guess i could ask noctua for a free bracket for my nh-d9l19:08
*** onodera has quit IRC19:17
frinnstI threw out all the mountingkits I had laying around for my thermalright archon about 2 months before I bought ryzen19:19
frinnst"i'll never need this crap"19:19
frinnststory of my life19:19
frinnstseems the AM3 brackets can easily be adapted for am419:20
joacimdont know why they made a new bracket19:39
joacimam2 and am3 uses the same one, right?19:39
*** john_cephalopoda has quit IRC19:40
*** john_cephalopoda has joined #crux19:52
ryu0joacim: to sell you more junk?20:03
joacimjunk made out of the finest copper and aluminium20:03
jaegermaybe you should use one of those new all-aluminum EKWB cooling kits. :)20:04
joacimi think think they make one for my r9 fury :/20:04
joacimalready got a copper block for my r9 290 tho20:04
joacimi dont think*20:05
joacimmy fury has a nonstandard pcb20:05
joacimmuch larger than usual20:05
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brian|lfshey all20:45
brian|lfsso Alan responded to me said he will update pulseaudio the next few days20:46
j_vi've pushed an openjdk8-fast to my repo. this port bypasses the bootstrap dependencies and uses a prebuilt openjdk8 package that i built using my normal bootstrap style openjdk ports. also it is the included bootstrap jdk is built with only core and bare dependencies.20:49
j_vthe main issue right now is that my openjdk ports depend on my forked nss port.20:51
j_vthe main difference with my nss port is the inclusion of a couple of the freebl private headers, a non-shared libfreebl and additional nss-softokn and nss-util pkg-config files.20:57
j_vthese additions allow openjdk to built with sunec supports20:58
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onoderarip cruxbot22:06
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: gtkglextmm: fix source location22:53
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: feedparser: 5.1.3 -> 5.2.122:53
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: mpup: use as source22:59
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