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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: gtk3: updated to 3.22.1600:33
brian|lfsanyone have old copies of glibc the old versions won't compile for me01:30
j_vhow old?01:31
brian|lfsbefore the one that borked DNS01:33
j_vi have the 3.3 iso and also a burnt copy on disk01:34
j_vthat has it01:34
j_vdo you have a copy?01:36
jaegerthe latest updated ISO was built before that, too01:38
brian|lfsI found them on Romsters repo01:38
j_vi'm trying to come up with a reasonable way for me to give up my duplicate nss port without breaking my openjdk ports.01:55
frinnstjust remove the patch and rebuilt. but if you cant compile it something is seriously wrong01:56
frinnsti'd be very interested in the error from the current glibc port tho01:57
j_vthere's still and error... last update fixed things for me01:57
frinnstdunno, brian|lfs's statement is confusing01:58
frinnstwhat "old versions" won't compile?01:58
frinnstto revert glibc to the stock 3.3 version, just comment out the patch in the Pkgfile01:59
j_vfrinnst, btw, nice job culling the patch... i was going to try working on that but all i managed was to track down that link to the ubuntu bug report01:59
frinnststill confused why it worked for some and not others01:59
frinnstand why some programs could resolve but not others02:00
frinnstanyways i've managed to reproduce it and plan to dig deeper but couldn't be arsed today :)02:00
j_vi don't get it either. very weird issue02:01
j_vit sounded like it had something to do with ipv4 vs ipv6, just from reading back over the day, but there didn't seem to be consensus02:03
j_vsorry, i should let it go, i don't have anything new to add02:04
frinnstletting things go is a sign of weakness02:04
j_vhumph, well i wonder what it means that i usually have a hard time letting thing go ;P02:05
brian|lfsthat your persistant02:06
j_vyeah, maybe, but i think that is a synonym for ocd, will have to check the thesaurus ;)02:08
j_vfrinnst, there's a few additions i need in nss port to make it work for building openjdk with sunec supports, a couple of added pkgconfig files and a couple of added headers, if i sent you a patch tomorrow, would be willing to consider the changes?02:17
j_vif you would rather, i could open a flyspray task for it instead. i would enter it as a feature request. i've got to get some sleep, but i'll check later to see if you responded.02:26
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frinnstsure, just email them to me02:42
frinnsti'd perfer a git-format-patch if you have a local git checkout of opt02:45
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elderKHey guys, I was wondering if anyone else has hit network connectivity issues wrt Firefox after updating glibc and kernel-headers.06:09
elderK(I.e. After doing the latest updates from ports.)06:09
][_R_][That patch should've been revered ~16 hours ago.  If the issue is still present from a fresh update of ports from now, file a bug.06:11
][_R_][You can use pkgadd to load an old cached version of glibc if you need to.06:12
elderKSo there's an issue with glibc? What about kernel headers, can I leave them as they are (after update?)06:13
][_R_][AFAIK it's only a patch to glibc06:13
][_R_][It's supposed to fix a CVE, but it causes that issue.06:14
elderKAh, I see.06:14
elderKThank you kindly R.06:14
elderKI'll update ports, try and rebuild glibc.06:14
][_R_][Having a broken glibc is definately frustrating06:14
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Romsterhaving 8 machines with broken glibc is even worse ][_R_][  but fixed it08:01
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just_funThis is why you need , Romster08:18
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: [notify] ocaml: update to 4.04.209:18
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: elinks: update to 2017061309:26
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: poppler: update to 0.56.009:26
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: poppler-glib: update to 0.56.009:26
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: poppler-qt5: update to 0.56.009:26
cruxbot[core.git/3.3]: automake: update to 1.15.109:28
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: chromium: 59.0.3071.104 -> 59.0.3071.10911:08
joacimeh. firefox shows blank pages when i enter urls. the new tab page works, and it renders the thumbnails properly11:20
joacimjust not web pages11:20
frinnstumount /dev/shm && mount /dev/shm11:23
joacimthat works =)11:24
pedjasweet, 2Tb per socket.
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dlcusaJust_fun, I'm still working on it as fast as time allows.  But today I have to run out of town on other business for a bit less than a week.  It's always somehing.13:08
][_R_][Romster: oh yeah.  I was running Arch when they were making glibc require a super-new kernel all the time.  Had 6 machines running it.  If I accidentally updated glibc I couldn't even rescue them because the install disk's kernel was too old too.14:14
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just_fundlcusa, thanks for the feedback. It will take more time until I'll have enough machines to use it, but a method to control which machine update from where is always interesting.15:44
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just_funIs there a simple method to make all texts bigger on monitors with big resolutions?17:32
frinnst-dpi ?17:33
just_funId doesn't change that much17:33
frinnsti think jaeger has some screens with monster res17:33
frinnstim just a 1920*1200 peasant17:34
jaegerThere's no single silver bullet for fixing everything on high dpi screens in linux that I'm aware of17:55
jaegeryou can make your fonts bigger, or use xrandr to scale everything (sorta like what apple does on retina displays)17:55
jaegerfirefox has a config option for pixel scaling, too17:55
jaegerit's kinda all over the place17:55
just_funScalling is not like lowering the resolution?17:56
jaegerIt kinda is and kinda isn't at the same time18:12
jaegerIf you scaled by 2 it would be like half the res but you'd still be doing it at full pixel density, if that makes sense18:12
just_funSetting the proper dpi was fixing the fonts in all apps. Thanks.18:16
just_funBut, some fix-sized windows are still making problems.18:16
just_funSetting the right dpi made a huge difference. Thanks, jaeger !18:23
jaegerwelcome :)18:41
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pedja'no space left on device'. btrfs, you filthy liar19:24
pedjait gets confused sometimes, poor thing19:25
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druid_droidhello cruxers19:29
frinnstive never had that, what does btrfs fi usage say?19:45
frinnstah its a small fs19:51
pedja16Gb seems to be the magic number :)19:51
pedjafrinnst, how do I check which options are enabled for subvolume (compression, etc)?19:53
pedjamount options in fstab, or is there some metadata in subvolumes themselves?19:54
frinnstmount options19:54
frinnstbut thats filesystem-wide19:55
frinnsti dont think you can disable compression for a subvolume19:55
frinnstyou can disable it for a directory or file, same with cow19:55
pedjalibvirt images dir was created with nocow on install, but there is no mention of that in either fstab or 'btrfs prop get /var/lib/libvirt/images'20:00
pedja'sub show' doesn't list it, either20:01
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pedjaI am looking for something like 'zfs list -o $property filesystem'20:08
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joacimare there other simpler and actively maintained bootloaders for uefi systems?20:57
joacimi think grub2 is a bit fiddly to work with20:57
joacimespecially the templates20:57
joacimi liked lilo a lot, and grub was pretty ok too20:57
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druid_droid:( Jun 22 21:46:45 c9 kernel: grsec: Segmentation fault occurred at 000003680b754e40 in /sbin/dhcpcd[dhcpcd:1635] uid/euid:0/0 gid/egid:0/0, parent /sbin/dhcpcd[dhcpcd:1634] uid/euid:0/0 gid/egid:0/020:58
j_vfrinnst, thanks for your response. git-format-patch is no problem. i'll send it out this evening (it's 5PM here).21:01
druid_droidcan some one give-me a tip on this ? Jun 22 22:06:30 c9 kernel: dhcpcd[2531]: segfault at 395e307be40 ip 00000395e29db224 sp 00000395e307be40 error 6 in[395e28fb000+19e000]21:14
john_cephalopodadruid_droid: Maybe try to prt-get update -fr dhcpcd21:21
druid_droidyes john_cephalopoda, I must say I changed flags at /etc/pkgmk.conf and the way I build glibc, but everything until now build (core) and works,21:23
druid_droidalso some packages from opt and contrib,21:23
druid_droidI also disabled ipv6 on kernel,21:24
john_cephalopodaMaybe it tries to do ipv6 stuff? Iirc my router gives out ipv6 addresses, so it might be confused because ipv6 doesn't work.21:28
druid_droidhumm, it was working before, also I try dhcpcd -4 and result is the same21:30
ryu0cippp: vim fail?21:36
cipppyes, wrong window21:37
cipppzoom on my dwm change focus, maybe i should change21:38
druid_droidmy /etc/pkgmk.conf with "hardening" stuff I got from Internetz
druid_droidand /usr/ports/core/glibc/Pkgfile
druid_droidI will change above to be more arch like.21:49
druid_droidI think I will rebuild core without grsecurity kernel, maybe is influencing in some way22:04
frinnstyeah if you start doing stupid stuff with cflags, stupid problems will happen22:06
frinnst-fstack-check for glibc won't work unless you apply the current patch22:07
frinnstso everything is probably very broken22:07
frinnstrevert to a backup22:07
just_fundruid_droid, you could also set flags based on the port name, in pkgmk.conf, make fortify only what you want ...22:17
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frinnst applies22:24
druid_droidthanks just_fun I don't know that.22:26
druid_droidthanks frinnst I will search that patch.22:26
frinnstits in core/glibc22:26
druid_droidthanks, tomorrow I will "try again"22:27
just_fundruid_droid, you can use a "case $name", as the one with 32/64 from pkgmk.conf22:28
druid_droidhumm humm,22:32
druid_droidjust_fun: I was changing some ports that need different build flags22:32
Romster][_R_][, yeah i've had something similar, i had a live iso that allowed newer glibc22:44
brian|lfsglibc 2.24 release 7 isn't compiling for me22:45
brian|lfsis the latest glibc still brokenn22:45
just_funhardened? :D22:46
Romsterit's on my server22:47
druid_droidthanks so much just_fun22:49
druid_droidfrinnst: what do you think about the flags ?22:50
brian|lfsok checking Romster well DNS be broken with it still22:51
Romsterthat wont work22:53
brian|lfsyou have more then one server22:54
Romsterthat should22:55
druid_droidRomster: do you have distfiles also ?22:56
Romstervirtual hosts on the former prevent me usingthe ip directly22:56
druid_droidso I can use as a mirror22:56
Romsteri do22:56
Romsterit's in the pool with http://crux/nu/distfiles/22:57
Romsterit's in the pool with
Romsteri keep a bigger archive here for stuff that's hard to find but don't use that for every day downloading22:58
druid_droidI added your first link with https to my pkgmk22:59
druid_droidI see, ports core have changed since my last build, tomorrow will update and rebuild with flags23:03
druid_droidand share here if something went terrible wrong23:03
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