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joacimjaeger: libcanberra failed to build on my system12:42
joacimthat was on a plain system with just core + xorg installed12:43
joacimit builds fine now tho, so i dont know what happened to it back there12:44
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just_funjoacim, my bet is on -j12:49
joacimshould be higher?12:49
just_funis not prime12:49
just_funIt seems that firefox enables -j$(nproc) in the upstream Makefile, which is great.12:52
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just_fununtil used on with the install target: make -s -j8 -C /var/ports/work/firefox/src/firefox-52.2.0esr/firefox-shared install13:00
just_funand fails...13:00
just_funfirst: JavaScript error: resource://gre/modules/osfile/ospath_unix.jsm, line 90: TypeError: invalid path component13:01
just_funthan: WARNING: Found 31 duplicated files taking 196323 bytes (172871 compressed)13:01
just_funWrote 413 files in 582764 bytes to in 0.12s13:01
just_funtar: ./ Wrote only 3584 of 10240 bytes13:01
just_funtar: Exiting with failure status due to previous errors13:01
just_funmake[2]: *** [/var/ports/work/firefox/src/firefox-52.2.0esr/toolkit/mozapps/installer/ install] Error 213:01
just_funmake[1]: *** [/var/ports/work/firefox/src/firefox-52.2.0esr/browser/ install] Error 213:01
just_funmake: *** [ install] Error 213:01
joacim12 minutes to compile firefox13:16
joacimnot too bad =)13:16
joacimbetter than the two hours my c2d system needed =)13:17
john_cephalopodajoacim: Now do chromium!13:46
joacimno =)13:46
joacimtrying to figure out qemu and stuff13:46
joacimwant to use it for my games =)13:47
joacimis enough of a bother that i have two graphics cards that both use the same module13:48
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john_cephalopodaOuch, timeout13:49
john_cephalopodaBecause my battery died13:49
jaegerjoacim: I've seen that once or twice, another build always fixes it. Not sure what the deal is, a race somewhere maybe13:52
joacimtried rebuilding it a few times the first time13:57
joacimended up just stealing the package i built on my laptop13:58
jaegerIf you're bored and want to test, does it work if you build with -j1 every time?14:06
druid_droidjust one question, every time I build core, should I build with port's provided with ISO ?14:31
druid_droidand should I build without grsecurity kernel ?14:31
joacimcould try it later14:32
druid_droidI notice that glibc ignores some enviroment flags and accept some, example fPIC14:34
druid_droidso I think I will put all I have in enviroment in configparams14:34
druid_droidwhy I can't find a clear page on Internet on how to builg glibc "hardened" with all that flags and so on14:44
druid_droideveryone explain with missing information, they let people guess what the tool will use, then you go after the tool, and the tool also is not clear what put's on CCFLAGS and so on14:45
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jaegerNo idea there, I've never messed with hardened15:17
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druid_droidjust finish installing again all core from the iso,15:32
druid_droidwill reboot with other kernel (without grsecurity)15:32
druid_droidand will build core again15:32
druid_droidI take this order: glibc zlib binutils gcc15:32
druid_droidand then I rebuild all, including again glibc binutils gcc zlib15:33
druid_droidreboot time15:33
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: ocaml: new signature (silent source update by upstream)17:47
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: reiserfsprogs: update to 3.6.2617:47
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: clex: update to 4.6.patch717:47
pedjaGoT, Serbian Edition (sort of) </OT>18:02
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pedjapart of it was filmed in a fortress near by (no, I am not one of the extras)18:06
john_cephalopodapedja: You are still alive, so obviously you are not an extra.18:07
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