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jaegerNot I, only have intel and nvidia GPUs00:02
joacimi use the amdgpu driver, but not the radeon ones00:37
vsteveit's ok, I think I'm getting it sorted out, I need to see what the radeon driver does on install so I can remove it00:42
vsteveI'm working on an installer for amdgpu-pro that handles opencl correctly for unsupported distrobutions, and it works on clean systems but not ones with radeon installed because there's an obvious conflict00:44
vsteveso I need to kill radeon as well00:44
frinnstI use radeon at work and amdgpu at home00:49
frinnstjust look at the footprint for xorg-xf86-video-radeon to see what it installs00:50
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vstevethanks, i'll check it out01:17
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brian|lfsjust_fun, everytime I sent you have changes on your repo lol01:38
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Romstervsteve take a look at romster/pkg-not it'll list files on a system that are not in the package database.03:34
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ryu0cruxbot: ping04:43
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: libndp: 1.4 -> 1.609:09
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: networkmanager: 1.6.2 -> 1.8.009:09
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rmullAnyone perform the kaby lake microcode update yet?13:40
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Romsternot yet but i showed it to the other IT people at work.13:54
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: dovecot: update to 2.2.3114:39
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.3]: xorg-libevdev: update to 1.5.714:40
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drshi all, what is the general process when a security update comes out. As an example the glibc-32 fixes.. are updates delivered in binary or are you expected to recompile glibc-3218:13
drs(i'm not a crux user)18:13
drscurrently :)18:13
drslike this message18:14
drswhat are you expected to do?18:14
jaegerGenerally you rebuild on your own systems18:18
tsaopyou sync your ports tree and rebuild the incriminated package18:18
jaegerwith that said, if you don't mind waiting until the beginning of the next week, the updated ISO build will have the new packages18:19
jaeger(well, if they're on the ISO like glibc)18:19
jaegerdoesn't apply for non-ISO packages18:19
drsthanks guys18:31
drshow often do new ISOs come out?18:33
jaegerThe official ISOs only come out with a new release, unofficial updated ISOs are weekly18:33
drsgot it thanks :)18:33
drsone more question about UEFI. has anyone installed Crux with a 32 bit UEFI that boots a 64 bit system?18:35
jaegerI have not, only 64/6418:35
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drsdumb question, but does the ESP for a UEFI layout need to be mounted as /boot ?22:46
drsseems like no22:47
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ryu0drs: no. it's usually mounted at /boot/efi if it's mounted at all.23:01
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brian|lfsyou could just make /boot fat3223:03
brian|lfsand install to /boot23:04
ryu0anyway, that's just what UEFI grub assumes.23:07
drscan anyone edit the Crux wiki? the UEFI section is a little bare.23:07
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drsbasically i'd like to list all the parted commands and not just: "mklabel gpt"23:08
ryu0people still use parted? fdisk is far easier to make sense of these days...23:09
drsdoes fdisk support GPT?23:10
ryu0assuming CRUX has a new enough util-linux, yes.23:10
drsman i should have done that :(23:10
ryu0and it comes in 3 flavors.23:14
ryu0fdisk, the normal text menu driven one.23:14
ryu0cfdisk, the ones that uses ncurses to provide a basic UI.23:14
ryu0sfdisk, mostly for script usage.23:14
brian|lfsI cheat and always steal genfstab from arch linux23:14
brian|lfsit saves a lot of pulling hair if you have more then just a / and swap partitions23:15
ryu0there is one system that doesn't need you to install bootloader. \o/23:16
ryu0the bootloader is in the firmware.23:16
brian|lfshmm so I guess it would be for a computer with one operating system?23:17
ryu0brian|lfs: coreboot can use a GRUB2 payload. it can multiboot if you know what you're doing.23:17
ryu0It can directly boot the kernels.23:17
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