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crash_is there a reason why where are stuck at FF-ESR in opt? pulseaudio or rust that is stopping?00:24
frinnstrust has the github disease - with a vengeance00:48
frinnstworse than herpes00:50
j_vi looked at trying to put everything that cargo 'build' downloads into the source array, but gave up after reading something in their docs that suggested that those 'modules' (or whatever) could get updated at any time00:54
j_vwhat a load of shite00:55
crash_frinnst: thanks/tack then i know it is rust and cargo that is stopping us :)00:57
crash_j_v: and thanks for the heads-up :)00:57
frinnsti have ports for it in my repo but i'd avoid it if i were you00:57
crash_me too it's getting late here00:58
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Romster another systemd goof up.01:27
RomsterIn systemd through 233, certain sizes passed to dns_packet_new in systemd-resolved can cause it to allocate a buffer that's too small. A malicious DNS server can exploit this via a response with a specially crafted TCP payload to trick systemd-resolved into allocating a buffer that's too small, and subsequently write arbitrary data beyond the end of it.01:27
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][_R_][I always wanted my initd to to be vulnerable to network-based attacks!01:42
][_R_][It's like a dream come true01:42
][_R_][So when's systemd coming to CRUX?01:42
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Romsteri hope never01:54
][_R_][Disappointing, I wanted to eventually have an initd that had a larger codebase than firefox, the linux kernel and chrome all combined.02:08
][_R_][How do you expect me to send emails?02:08
][_R_][It's just completely unfair.02:09
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Romsteri pushed pkg-clean update it now has a --keep option that will keep a ports tree of packages installed.03:03
Romster it's ugly but this reduces the number of packages being removed during a entire ports build. Any improvements to this ugly script is welcome.03:15
Romsterthis depends on romster/pkg-clean version 0.0.303:15
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marakuthanks for the texlive update teK_!04:07
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brian|lfsI'm trying your firefox rust Romster06:38
Romsteri'm just uploading firefox-rust 54.0.1 just now brian|lfs06:45
Romsterfirefox-rust#54.0.1-1.pkg.tar.xz jemalloc#5.0.0-1.pkg.tar.xz cargo#0.18.0-1.pkg.tar.xz rust#1.18.0-1.pkg.tar.xz06:45
Romsterit's also in my ports tree now.06:46
Romsterpkgrm firefox ; prt-get depinst firefox-rust06:47
Romsterbe prepared to wait hours for it to build.06:47
Romsterupdated packages are done06:49
brian|lfsok no rush over here lol07:08
Romsterthis should be fun, building all ports in my romster collection.07:28
Romsteri have a heap that need fixing07:28
brian|lfswow firefox-rust is done romster that only took an hour max08:16
brian|lfsI wasn't paying attention so just guessing08:16
Romsteryeah it built fast for me to. but building rust and cargo took ages.08:29
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brian|lfsso is rust going to be firefox going forward on CRUX eventually08:37
Romsterif when rust and cargo are not a prick with github08:46
Romsterit's ugly to package those08:46
Romsteri'm using it though for the time being08:53
just_fun_What are the firefox advantages over opensource chromium browser?08:55
just_fun_Only more extensions?08:55
Romsteri dunno, i've been using firefox since it was mozilla suite, i don't like the chromium interface08:56
just_fun_I'm not using chromium, but I'm willing to try it if firefox becames a pain in the ass.08:59
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tsaopI do hope that cargo and rust buildsystems become more sane with time09:50
tsaopin order to compile firefox I had to use rustup to install in a directory, then edit the firefox Pkgfile to point to rust09:51
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Romstertsaop, i got packages of rust and cargo so has frinnst09:52
Romsteri have everything to do a prt-get depinst firefox-rust09:52
Romsterin romster repo09:52
Romsterand built packages ^09:52
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tsaopRomster: I understand, but I'm not willing to touch rust or cargo until they get a better buildsystem09:54
tsaoppulling from github a ton of dependencies isn't ideal09:54
Romsteryes i know09:54
tsaopcan't they just make a standalone repo?09:54
Romsteri wish09:55
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j_vtexlive port still sets mandir to /usr/man12:43
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j_v`find /usr/ports -name 'Pkgfile' | xargs grep -nH -- '--mandir=/usr/man'`14:59
just_fun_0 results15:02
j_vi get 21 in opt alone15:03
j_vand 91 in contrib15:03
just_fun_I just joking15:03
just_fun_prtvertify will also scream about /usr/man, from what I remember15:04
j_vyeah... i don't think it's worth getting bunched up about, it just surprises me when a recently updated port still has it15:05
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vsteveI'm trying to install virtualbox from contrib, and I get this error:15:33
vsteve  Mesa not found at -L/usr/X11R6/lib -L/usr/X11R6/lib64 -L/usr/local/lib -lXext -lX11 -lGL -I/usr/local/include or Mesa headers not found   Check the file /usr/ports/contrib/virtualbox/work/src/VirtualBox-5.1.18/configure.log for detailed error information. Check /usr/ports/contrib/virtualbox/work/src/VirtualBox-5.1.18/configure.log for details =======> ERROR: Building '/usr/ports/contrib/virtualbox/virtualbox#5.1.18-1.pkg.tar.gz' fail15:33
vsteveyet I have a slew of mesa packages and glu installed15:33
vsteveso I'm not sure exactly which ones it wants15:34
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frinnstwhat does /usr/ports/contrib/virtualbox/work/src/VirtualBox-5.1.18/configure.log say?16:13
frinnstuse pkgmk -kw to retain the source when the build fails16:14
vstevethat files doesn't exist16:17
][_R_][The chrony package is missing a dependency of start-stop-daemon16:18
j_vwhy should chrony depend on start-stop-daemon?16:18
j_vbesides, start-stop-daemon is in core16:19
][_R_][One of my systems didn't have it, and the rc.d file calls it16:19
j_vwhat version of crux was that system running?16:20
vstevefrinnst - it wants openwatcom, which I can't find on www.crux.nu16:21
][_R_][... 3.1 apparently.  I'll update that.16:22
j_vi think that start-stop-daemon was introduced in 3.2, if i remember right16:23
vstevethis is log wants openwatcom, one wants glu/mesa16:26
vsteveunless openwatcom is optional...shouldn't it be using gcc for all the compiler-type needs?16:27
j_v][_R_][: didn't mean to jump down your throat, i'm a bit frustrated about something unrelated and that leaked into my responses16:28
][_R_][I didn't notice any agression16:30
just_fun_wrong window, maybe :)16:30
j_vnone intended... i'm just feeling a little hostile in general, but has nothing to do with here16:31
vsteveI wonder if virtual box can be built without gui parts?  I really don't need them16:33
just_fun_vsteve, try this:
vsteveor maybe virtual box is the wrong solution, I really just want a CLI driven virtual machine....thing16:37
vstevejust_fun - I'll check that out16:37
just_fun_for what?16:37
vsteveI just want a slim VM thing to spin up text-only OSes on16:38
j_vit has a curses interface16:38
vsteveI wondered about chroot, but I don't know enough about it16:38
vstevecould I have like...5 chroot jails on the same machine?  and how do I issue virtual nics to each one?16:38
jaegerchroots don't have a lot of that type of functionality. You should look at qemu or docker or virtualbox for stuff that's closer to full standalone systems16:40
vstevethat's what I suspected16:41
jaegerYou could use the binary virtualbox from the upstream website rather than building one16:41
jaeger(this is what I do)16:41
vstevethat might be pretty good16:41
vstevewhich prebuilt one do you use?16:42
jaegerthe "All distributions" one16:43
vstevebasic x-forwarding functionality would be nice, so virtual box running normally has its advantages16:43
vstevethere it is16:43
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vstevewell that was fun16:58
vsteveso I have VirtualBox but it doesn't like my GL implimentation16:58
vsteve"VirtualBox: supR3HardenedMainGetTrustedMain: dlopen("/opt/VirtualBox/",) failed: /usr/lib/ undefined symbol: drmGetDevices2"16:58
jaegerI haven't run into that one... do other GL/3d things work?17:01
jaegerlike glxinfo, glxgears17:01
vsteveglxinfo - command not found17:03
vstevemesa3d provides glxinfo, right?17:04
j_vmesa-demos17:04 ..something deeper is wrong17:05
vsteveI can't build glew because of the same undefined symbol error17:05
vsteveso something must be wrong with
just_fun_what does revdep says?17:06
vsteverevdep - command not found17:06
vsteveisn't provided by the gpu vendor?17:06
just_fun_prt-get depinst prt-utils - to have revdep17:07
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j_vvsteve: it is if you are using proprietory driver17:07
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vsteveI'm pretty certain I am17:08
vsteveohhhh amd might do something weird17:12
vsteveI fixed it17:15
vsteveamd puts all of their...everything into really deeply hidden sub directories upon install, and I think they assume they just rewrite your env to match their needs17:15
vsteveso the 'right' was in some crazy place like /opt/amdgpu-pro/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu17:16
vsteveI copied that to /usr/lib and now that fixes the GL stuff17:16
jaegeryeah, that's been kinda the way GPU vendors do it. That's why we have tools like gl-select17:17
vsteveglxinfo still isn't happy, but I'm running it over ssh -Y so it might be confused without gl forwarding17:18
vstevei'm unfamiliar with gl-select17:19
vstevenow virtualbox wants something to do with dbus and a machine-id file that's missing17:21
vsteveI think I've got a handle on that though17:21
jaegerrunning dbus from rc.conf will fix that17:22
vsteveyeah, that's what I ended up doing17:22
vsteveVirtualBox seems ok now17:22
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vstevethanks again, as always17:27
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brian|lfsRomster, your signature is broken on firefox-rust18:37
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vstevewhat mechanism is it in crux that handles screen blanking after a few minutes?22:58
vsteveI'd like my screens to be always-on22:59
vstevethese 'screens' are virtual machines, so it'd be convenient22:59
j_vif these vm's are in console mode, then `setterm -blank 0` should do the trick23:05
vstevesetterm: terminal xterm does not support --blank23:06
jaegercheck out xset23:06
jaegersetterm for console, xset for X23:06
vstevethough...wait...yeah I'm on the wrong thing23:06
vstevethere we go23:08
vsteveI have two crux 3.3 vm's that are updating so I fixed it on those23:08
vstevethanks for the help23:08
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