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Romsterbrian|lfs, last i checked it, it worked.00:01
Romsterbrian|lfs, you sure you copied /usr/ports/ to /etc/ports/ ?00:01
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: john: fix missing footprint files, various fixes02:11
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: texlive: move man pages to share, limit build jobs to 4 due to limit build jobs to 4 due to inconsistent race conditions during build02:11
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Romsteri pourposly did not change the release version on texlive as either man page path will work fine02:26
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brian|lfsgood point maybe I didn't copy your .pub05:49
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: webkitgtk: 2.16.3 -> 2.16.507:48
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: cups: update to 2.2.408:09
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.3]: dbus-32: 1.10.18 -> 1.10.2008:25
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.3]: libgcrypt-32: 1.7.7 -> 1.7.808:25
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.3]: libpng-32: 1.6.29 -> 1.6.3008:25
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.3]: mesa3d-32: 17.1.3 -> 17.1.408:25
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j_vI have a port for palemoon web browse,, at
just_fun_Great, j_v!15:23
j_vi'm still playing around with it to decide if it's worth the switch from ff, but it supports Pentadactyl extension, which is something i miss15:24
just_fun_I've reduced my add needs to uMatrix and uBlock/Origin15:25
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j_vi've got both of those installed for palemoon, those and pentadactyl are all my current addons15:35
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: btrfs-progs: updated to 4.11.118:29
pedja'Scrub of Death' is the name of unpublished Harry Potter book, btw
pedjatl;dr is 'No, no they won't'19:16
pedjabut it's hilarious/sad that some people still push this, even after the fscking co-author of ZFS debunked this myth19:18
joacimi still like to get ecc memory tho19:30
joacimsince they arent any more expensive than non-ecc, and most server hardware will support it19:31
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frinnstbut zeon cpus are a lot more expensive than i5/i719:54
frinnstxeon asdf19:54
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vstevein crux 3.3, I found the /etc/rc.d/rpc.nfsd file and it looks like both start and stop options issue "start" to the process20:18
vsteveon a related matter, I'm having no luck getting nfs to work20:19
vstevebut mostly I wanted to report the first thing20:20
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frinnstworks fine here20:21
frinnstthe rpc.nfsd thing is obviously a bug tho20:21
frinnstACTION pokes jue 20:22
vsteveah good, so I did have a real finding20:22
vstevenot earthshattering but maybe worth noting20:22
frinnstyeah not really an issue unless you are debugging something and trying to restart things for some reason20:22
frinnstwhats the problem with nfs? how is your setup?20:23
frinnstis crux a client or server (or both?)20:23
vstevecrux is both20:25
vstevethey're both VMs for what that matters20:26
vstevethey can ping eachother20:26
frinnstare you using v4?20:26
vsteveI'm hoping to use v420:26
vsteveI have v4 enabled in both kernels20:26
frinnstiirc v4 requires some additional exports.. i dont remember exactly since i did the setup like 5 years ago :)20:27
vsteveon my server I have '/array,sync,no_subtree_check) in /etc/exports20:27
vstevewhen I tried to connect to it from the client, it says the server needs to be running statd20:28
frinnstso just one export?20:28
vstevejust the one20:28
vsteveI'm not sure what else I'd export if something else is needed20:28
frinnstmy server is starting "rpcbind nfs nfsserver"20:28
vstevewhat is rpcbind?20:28
frinnstand "rpcbind nfs nfsclient" for the client20:29
frinnstrpcbind -- universal addresses to RPC program number mapper20:30
frinnstanyways, its required for rpc stuff which nfs is20:30
vsteveso noted20:30
vsteveI've added those lines to the right rc.conf files on each system20:31
vsteverebooted both., no errors so far20:31
vstevewow, so that was the magic bullet20:32
vsteve*none* of the NFS guides I read mentioned rpc20:32
vstevethank you20:33
vsteveso that also means that nfsv4 works with a single-line /etc/exports file20:33
vsteveso there's that20:33
frinnstare you mounted with v4? i'd expect "mount" to return nfs320:33
vsteveuhhh...I think I only enabled v4 in my kernels20:33
vstevelemme see20:34
vsteveclient shows nfs420:34
vsteveis there any reason to /want/ to use an older version of nfs, or are the latest versions always the biggest and baddest?20:34
frinnstdont think there is any advantage to using v3 if both client and server supports v420:35
frinnstother than v3 is more "tried and tested"20:35
vsteveand here's an unusual question20:36
frinnstnfsv4 is "only" 15 years old so there might still be issues :D20:36
vsteveas far as file-sharing on a mesh network goes, is there a better solution for moving data around other than trying to manage multiple nfs servers?20:36
vsteveI want there to be some shared location between all nodes, and all nodes have r/w to it20:37
vsteveright now that's an nfs share on one node and the other ones are all clients, which I guess is ok, but it's not really taking advantage of the mesh topology20:38
vstevecould it be worth doing something especially heinous with lsyncd, constantly syncing all the nodes?20:39
frinnstnot sure, never had to think about it20:39
vsteveyeah, that's fair20:39
vstevethis is piggy backing on HPC research I've been doing, trying to find some alternative to incredibly expensive shared memory solutions20:40
vstevecrappy, though any alternative may be, at least there may be an alternative20:41
frinnstwell depending on what you want there are all sorts of clustered filesystems20:42
vsteveyeah, I've looked into lustre and cfs20:42
vstevezfs I think is almost there too20:42
vsteveanyway, thanks for the nfs help, that's a big hurdle jumped20:44
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