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vstevedoes anyone know if the sar command depends on kernel-inbuilt monitoring functions?03:22
vsteveor profiling support?03:22
vsteveI can't run sar with just 'sar' it says it can't find a log file, turns out there's supposed to be a system service that manages those logs, but I'm not sure what kicks off that service03:23
vsteve'sar -u 2 5' works, though03:23
vsteve...the sysstat package is confusing, it builds a slew of important binaries it doesn't seem to install anywhere03:33
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frinnst              total        used        free      shared  buff/cache   available10:40
frinnstMem:            62G        197M         62G         16M        613M         61G10:40
j_vis that on your ryzen system?10:42
frinnstyeah got the additional 32gb just now10:57
ryu0frinnst: that's not enough RAM. you need *more* to appease the chrome monster.
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frinnsti dont use chrome :>11:29
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joacimi only have a total of 32GB :(12:02
joacimonly have 16GB installed tho. have to remove the heatsink to install the last two sticks. don't want to do that until i have the new heatsink12:03
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frinnstso the server is pretty much dead. I'm still at work but trying to restore some stuff12:27 should be changed soon'ish to point to a new server where we will be restoring rsync functionality first12:28
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j_vany idea what happened to the old server?12:29
frinnstcurrently see the image12:29
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frinnstwe got a new server late last year but work has been slow12:29
frinnstrsync will be from an old copy before we can commit the latest stuff again12:31
j_vwell, damn... shit really does happen12:33
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elderKHey guys? Has anyone noticed is displaying 'fekk' and that the repos all appear to be down?13:18
elderKI hope you guys are okay - no meteor airbursts!13:18
jaegerThe old server appears to have died, new one is being worked on currently13:19
eclectichedgehoggood luck with the restore13:20
elderKAye, what eclectichedgehog said.13:21
elderKI hope you've got a lot of coffee in supply :)13:21
jaegerBackups are pretty recent, fortunately13:21
eclectichedgehogthats good13:22
frinnsti should probably change the default index.php text :D13:25
elderKI'm not sure if I've ever said this but I figure I will now:13:26
frinnstwhy couldnt this have happened a few weeks ago when I was on vacation and bored?13:27
elderKThank you so much for creating such an awesome distribution. It's been my platform of choice since 2011.13:27
elderKI recommend it often to people who are sick of bloat and overcomplication.13:27
jaegerglad you like it :D13:27
elderKjaeger: I would be very, very sad if Crux went away.13:27
elderKAnywho. Thanks :)13:27
jaegerMe too :)13:27
frinnstNo worries, we'll be back13:27
elderKIf I were financially able, I would make a donation. Perhaps I shall some time in the future when able.13:28
elderKWell, I'll leave you gurus to it.13:28
frinnstI couldnt stand using something else. In worst case i'll maintain it all for myself ;-)13:28
elderK:D Thank God for that :P13:28
jaegerIf we lost everything I'd probably go back to gentoo and then start working on a new crux pretty quickly, hehe13:28
elderK:P If Crux died, I think I'd move to FreeBSD.13:29
frinnsti'd boot slackware :)13:29
elderKOr NetBSD. One of them.13:29
frinnstrsync should be back and working but as I said previously the checkout would be a bit old13:30
eclectichedgehoganything without systemd will do in a crisis13:30
elderKI don't know :) Nothing really compare to Crux, imo.13:30
elderKI personally think that Crux package system is just, awesome. So many package systems are overcomplicated to buggery.13:31
eclectichedgehogtrue, I enjoy Crux13:31
elderKBut Crux is so simple. The first day I used Crux,I was creating my own packages - complete with  dependency management. When I tried Redhat, many moons ago, it took at least a couple days to learn how to make a relocatable RPM. And then I found out that no one uses relocatable RPMs anymore. It was a clusterfuck.13:32
elderKAs for Gentoo: I used it a great deal around 2003-2005.13:32
elderKAnd for all its power, I never felt that I was in charge. I never felt the machine was as tight and clean and just... sane, as I do with Crux.13:33
elderKI was a major user of Slackware in the past - 9.x, 10x... 12.x. I stayed on 10.2 for WAY too long.13:33
frinnsti think I bootstrapped crux x86_64 with gentoo13:33
frinnstthose were the days :>13:33
elderKCustom scripts to install only the barest packages from the installation media - then other scripts to find out what dependencies I was missing and install those.... But it was always very hacky.13:33
elderKAnd theeeen I found you!13:33
elderKAnd life was good. So good, in fact, that when I had a girlfriend years ago - back when I started using your distribution - I slept talk about how awesome it was.13:34
elderKAlongside other mumbles about dinosaurs stealing from the local supermarket.13:34
jaegercan't trust those dinosaurs13:34
elderKI have made a note of some questions to ask you guys in the future.13:35
elderKWell, good luck. :)13:35
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elderKACTION leaves a bunch of coffee and cookies behind13:35
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frinnsttopic is down for a bit | Homepage | Ports | Paste | Logs
jaegerACTION hands out a /13:38
frinnstfound it13:38
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frinnstcore,opt,xorg,contrib should be fairly up to date now17:04
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pedjawell, that was fun17:17
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pedjabtw, if anyone cares, nvidia-381.22 builds and runs just fine with 4.12 kernel :)21:43
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