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brian|lfsok crux homepage seems to be down04:44
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frinnstbrian|lfs: really? :D06:22
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frinnstfucking brilliant ubuntu, upgraded a 12.04 lts machine to 16.04 over local ssh. dont you think it renames the interface from eth0 to something stupid?09:49
frinnstso comes back up without networking09:50
ryu0frinnst: that's one of the casualties of newer systemd.10:09
ryu0and udev.10:10
frinnstyeah but what a fuckup to dont handle that in the upgrade helper thingy10:11
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pedjaiirc, ubuntu upgrade from release to release never worked for me, it always ended up with horrible breakage10:58
pedjaI dislike any distro that is using deb packages, for some weird reason11:02
pedjathe amount of magic that goes into making them has something to do with that, I guess11:10
pedjait's probably PEBKAC, though :)11:10
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ryu0pedja: or the problem exists between 2 tufts of hair if you're a PHB.11:49
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pedja'The version available under NDA supposedly includes the required information' (Ryzen temp sensor specs)12:51
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joacimsensor readouts are secret?13:31
pedjatechnical info for them apparently is :)13:48
pedjawithout that, no support for them in the kernel13:50
pedjafor it, to be precise. there are some out-of-tree drivers for some of the m/b temp sensors, but not for the sensor on the chip itself13:52
pedjathat's probably vendors and not AMD's fault, but it's interesting nonetheless :)13:54
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joacimi get sensor readouts from my graphics cards14:08
joacimbut not the cpu14:08
joacimpretty annoying14:09
joacimbut not really that important =14:09
joacimi dont understand why something like that is under nda tho14:09
pedjatakes time to get thru legal department, I guess14:13
pedjahead of the SUSE legal team had a pretty interesting talk about that recently14:15
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pedja weird. I have to explicitly export LC_ALL for meson to pick it up, otherwise it complains that the locale isn't utf-8. wth15:42
joacim4x single rank dimms at 1600 (3200) MHz15:49
joacimi didn't expect that. expected to run them at 2400 or 2666.15:49
pedjatry just one15:51
pedjaignore me, I've just read what you actually wrote (they run at their actual speed?)15:55
joacimtheir actual spd profile is 2400 MHz tho16:01
joacimpeople tend to report issues when running with more than two sticks16:03
joacimwith these cpus and motherbaords anyways16:03
pedjadidn't AMD release an update that addressed that a while back?16:04
joacimdoesn't solve the problem for everyone tho16:05
pedjawith the same RAM?16:05
joacimi think the most interesting part of that update for me was the iommu fixes16:05
joacimpci passthrough works properly now16:05
joacimtested it and it works well in a windows 10 image =)16:05
pedjawell enough so you don't have to dual boot anymore?16:06
joacimi havent tested it that much yet16:07
joacimbut i hope so16:07
joacimtested it enough to see that it works16:07
pedjaif/when all that 'pass gfx card to Windows so I can play a game' stuff becomes somewhat easier, Linux just might jump up from the current 3% of desktop share :)16:10
joacimgetting it to work isn't too hard16:11
joacimi think the worst part was figuring out how the system decides on which card is the primary video output16:12
pedjatoo fiddly for most, still.16:12
joacimif the uefi doesn't have a setting that forces it16:12
joacimi haven't quite figured out how to make amdgpu only load for a specific card yet16:12
pedjahow do you release the card back to the system? reboot?16:14
joacimi dont16:14
joacimgot an extra graphics card in this, just for the host system16:15
pedjathat's a rare setup16:15
joacimi think people with lga115x setups use the igp for the host system16:16
joacimbut for ryzen or LGA2011, you need an extra graphics card for the host16:16
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pedjasadly, AMD/Nvidia will probably never allow vGPU on the consumer cards16:18
joacimi would save 1-2 slots with that16:20
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john_cephalopodaIs there an estimate yet for when will be up again?17:28
jaegernot yet, work on the git and rsync repos is first17:53
john_cephalopodaWell, those were included in my question. What happened btw?17:59
jaegerno idea on when the website will be back, I think the git and rsync stuff is fixed18:21
jaegerserver died, apparently18:21
jaegerwe'd been planning to move to a new one for a while but now we have to sooner :)18:21
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nullspoonjaeger: Just curious, where do you guys have the server hosted?19:01
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jaegerI don't actually know exactly where the new one lives19:01
jaegersomewhere in sweden :)19:02
nullspoonA good place to host I hear.19:02
nullspoonI've got all my stuff in the netherlands.19:02
onoderathe crux server is moving?19:04
jaegerkinda had no choice. the old one died19:04
nullspoonjaeger: It hasn't occured to me to offer this until now, but do you guys need any help with the infrastructure maintenance/management/etc?19:07
nullspoonI'd be happy to help if you guys need someone to help take a bit of the load.19:07
jaegernone of which I'm aware but thanks for the offer19:13
nullspoonNo problem. Just want to make sure the project owners aren't overloaded. Thanks by the way for all the work on Crux. Best distro I've used yet.19:14
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frinnstthe current server is hosted at my workplace. it will be moved to kalmar where the old one was as soon as I have some time over21:40
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