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onodera_what's the command to update config files again?14:28
onodera_thanks :)14:28
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pedjait's probably placebo effect, but system *is* a bit snapier with bfq I/O scheduler16:24
pedja'you client doesn't support HTML mail'. yeah, I am conservative that way16:29
pedjanever was any HTML mail worth the trouble16:29
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nullspoonpedja: I've tried convincing some of my friends of that fact, but no success sadly.17:00
nullspoonI can't imagine how painful mailing lists would be if not for rfc1855 and plain text email.17:01
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pedjaI grudgingly accept top-posting and HTML e-mail from normal people, but it's doubly annoying from the people that should know better18:08
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pedja'it's the default/enterprises do it that way' doesn't cut it, too18:10
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pedjaoh, you don't follow the established rules of the technical ML? how very special snowflake you are.18:13
pedjathere was a rant recently on r/linux about how people were mean and unhelpful to him when he asked the question on the forums18:16
pedjaif you check the thread in question, 'unhelpful' is when someone gives you all the steps to do what you want, but in several posts instead in one.18:19
pedjawell. fuck.18:20
pedjaand the first answer he got, 'RTFM', was on point, because that particular procedure is extensively explained in the OS manual.18:23
][_R_][The ability to think is slowly being bred out18:25
pedja'learning to learn' is an actual thing :)18:28
pedjaand most of the education is about cramming the facts to get the grade18:28
pedjaat least in these neck of the woods18:29
pedja(primary and high school, at least)18:31
pedjaI can't speak about higher education, because I never went to college/university18:33
marnoldso any idea when the main site will be back up18:33
pedjaserver is still at frinnst's workplace, afaik. it should be moved to DC any day now.18:36
marnoldok is there like a github mirror of the git repos18:38
frinnstthe repos are still up and available18:38
frinnstno, actually that might be a lie, you cant clone them at the moment since we only serve it over ssh for now18:39
pedjagit pull doesn't work18:39
frinnstyeah no public access, sorry18:40
pedjanp :)18:40
pedjallvm update can wait18:40
marnoldwhile my little project can wait18:42
pedjain other news, my favorite bar changed the owners, and now it sucks big time18:44
pedjawarm bear on tap? really?18:44
marnoldI'm trying to modify crux to use openBSDs new rcd system18:44
marnoldnothing worse then warm bear18:47
pedjahow is it different from FreeBSD's ? I haven't played with OpenBSD lately18:47
pedjacute waitress, warm bear. you win some, you lose some :)18:47
marnoldwell it doesn't use any start-stop-daemon or rcorder18:47
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marnoldit's all pure ksh scripts18:48
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pedjahow do you start inter-dependent services?18:48
pedjanet before chrony, for instance18:49
marnoldwell thats what i'm having trouble doing18:50
pedjas/bear/beer/g. obviously.18:50
marnoldopenbsd has all there service dependency worked out so that by the time say apache starts18:51
marnoldyou already have the network running18:51
marnoldso I've had to pull in rcorder from freebsd to make it all work correctly on linux18:52
marnoldbut that's a kludge for now18:55
pedjathey have rc.conf where you can set the order in which services start18:56
pedjathat works the same way it does in Crux18:57
pedjaor am I missing something?18:57
marnoldACTION slaps himself18:58
pedjaI tried once to port OpenRC to Crux, but I lost interest after a while18:58
marnoldi was doing it wrong but if a pull in that patch from NetBSD i may get concurrent service start19:00
pedjamight as well do what all the others are doing, and use systemd19:00
marnoldsorry for thinking aloud19:01
pedjathat's what this channel is for :)19:01
pedjaamong other things19:01
marnoldbut OpenRC is not really a bsd style init system19:02
pedjaTrueOS (desktop FreeBSD spin) switched to OpenRC19:02
marnoldI'm not surprised19:03
marnoldthey seem to be becoming more linuxish as time goes on19:03
marnoldin an effort to attract users19:04
marnoldor something19:04
pedjamaybe they want to be FBSD's Ubuntu, who knows :)19:11
pedjaI just wish there was a way for Linux kernel to ship ZFS in-tree, I'd love to see what would someone like SUSE do with it.19:15
pedjathe did a pretty nice job with btrfs19:16
pedjaintegrating it into the rest of the system19:17
joacimnot sure19:17
joacimwould zfs fit?19:18
joacimi've seen comments about it being very solaris-like19:18
joacimnever used it myself tho19:18
pedjait does stuff its own way, that's for sure19:19
pedjaconsequence of being multi-os, I guess19:20
pedjaI am not sure openzfs devs would push it for merge even if licensing issues didn't exist19:23
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marnoldI'm not sure the kernel people would accept it either19:59
marnoldopenzfs does not so much work by porting zfs to linux20:00
marnoldbut by putting a wine like layer into the kernel so that the linux kernel has Illimous kernel apis20:01
marnoldand then zfs runs atop that20:01
joacimi'm mostly interested in using zfs with an illumos distribution anyways20:02
joacimbeen meaning to transition my server over for a while, but that takes effort20:02
marnoldwhat lummy distro are you going to use20:03
joacimwanted to use omnios, but due to recent events, i might just go for openindiana20:05
marnoldlook at FreeBSD too if you haven't already it can do almost anything illumos can and is far more reliable for production deployments20:10
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jaegerFor what it's worth I've use the zfsonlinux stuff for years now with great results20:37
jaegerThat is to say it's stable/solid, I haven't benchmarked it for performance against illumos or similar20:38
just_funwith data deduplication enabled?20:38
frinnstjaeger loves dedup on zfs20:39
frinnstespecially with laaaarge files20:39
frinnstlike x-ray images20:39
just_funzfs could do what jpeg does: rearange the x-rays to dedup better :)20:40
jaegerDedup can be great or REALLY TERRIBLE20:52
jaegermake sure you know how it works with your data before using it in production20:52
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