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joacimall my files are unique snowflakes01:14
joacimso i dont think i'd save much01:14
marnoldI didn't mean to say openzfs wasn't solid i meant it would never be mainlined01:14
marnoldnonetheless i think someone from slackware figured out how to patch it in directly01:15
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jaegerthat's been an option for some time, I believe02:00
jaegerjoacim: yeah, probably not. My two use cases for it were lots of similar VMs and brain scan data which was usually 3 or 4 times duplicated for various analyses/protocols to be run on the same scans02:01
jaegerdedup did what it was supposed to really well but the problem was that the dedup tables are pool-wide so even if you use it only on a single zfs dataset it affects everything else in the same pool02:02
jaegerthe big hit for me was when deleting old snapshots - if the oldest snapshot had data that needed to be saved (because it was deduped) it absolutely killed performance02:02
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jaegerI still use it for my non-work NAS stuff, it's fantastic for that :)02:23
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brian|lfsCurious whats the best way to Virtualize Windows Server 201605:05
brian|lfsshould I just throw it in a VM on Virtual box or is there a way I can go headless05:06
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marakuyou could go qemu + kvm for 'headless'06:38
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marakubrian|lfs, and then connect using vnc or spice06:38
marakui've got pretty decent performance using the qxl driver06:39
marakueven used it for opening up photoshop & illustrator files, and exporting them to png's06:39
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pedjabrian|lfs, install OpenSSH on it?07:26
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poshatHi people. What happened with site?08:02
frinnsthardware died08:05
frinnstports is up and running so you can still sync your ports tree and we are pushing updates08:06
frinnstif you are looking for something, just ask here and we will manually provide it08:07
frinnst(download-links etc)08:07
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john_cephalopodaNice, a new archived version :D09:30
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j_vlibinput now seems to require cairo09:53
j_vand gtk309:57
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john_cephalopoda=======> ERROR: Signature mismatch found:10:40
frinnstdelete and try again10:47
john_cephalopodaNow it works. Strange.10:50
frinnstj_v: file a bug :D10:53
frinnstyeah I looked at libinput the other day. seems to be getting more bloated with every release10:53
john_cephalopodaAnd wayland uses libinput :/10:56
john_cephalopodaOh, you can disable the GUI part though.10:59
john_cephalopodaWhy the hell does an INPUT LIBRARY need graphical helpers?10:59
john_cephalopoda. o O ( Is available? )11:03
john_cephalopoda" is open source / open discussion software projects working on interoperability and shared technology for X Window System desktops."11:05
john_cephalopoda> Hosts wayland stuff11:05
juej_v: thx, will fix that11:05
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just_funj_v, how do you find these errors? Are you using pkgwrap to build *everything* in a clean container?13:41
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littleoldladyWhat has actually happened to the server?16:17
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_root_hello16:21 is down?16:21
littleoldladyIt's been down for 2-3 days now.16:22
littleoldladyThat's what I'd like to know16:22
_root_we are going out of the business I see?16:22
_root_frinnst: or jaegershould now. What did they say?16:23
_root_I really need
littleoldladyI've only just joined. I'm not expereienced with irc.16:23
littleoldladyI was hoping to find someone here who knew what's going on.16:24
frinnstserver died16:28
frinnstwe are working on restoring everything to new hardware16:28
littleoldladyGood to know! I was afraid you'd been hacked.16:28
frinnstnah, ancient hardware. we were planning on moving to the new server - just things now needs to move a lot faster16:29
littleoldladyOK, goodbye16:32
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jaegerthat server lasted 12 years and it wasn't even brand new in 2005 :)16:43
joacimancient hardware?16:57
joacimwhat were the specs =)16:57
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druid_droidwow, my computer was broken at all levels and was scary AF17:04
jaegerI don't remember exactly but I think it was an oldish celeron. don't remember how much RAM it had17:05
jaegerCan't complain, though, the hardware and hosting were free17:05
frinnst1gb, wasnt it an old p4?17:06
jaegerNot a powerhouse but it was more than sufficient17:08
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joacimim guessing netburst17:17
joacimi remember a bunch of people got pissy when they found out the sysadmin at my highschool was using an old 486 as a server for something17:18
joacimafter that, people started complaining about how slow the network was17:18
][_R_][Heh, what was that  guy with the webserver that claimed to be absurdly light.  He even bragged about hosting a 2k/mo site with it on something that was ancient when P1s were introduced.17:41
joacimi think it was the proxy server for the school17:55
joacimi think the majority of the slowness was from us using computers with 32MB RAM when the software demanded more17:56
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j_vfrinnst: i would have filed a bug, but flyspray still seems to be forthcoming20:08
j_vjue: np. thx for taking care of it20:09
j_vjust_fun: yes, that's it20:10
just_funj_v, and don't you mis the soft dependencies? :)20:11
j_vif i need/want a soft dep, then i do a local mod'd port for that20:13
j_vand add my desired soft deps as hard deps20:13
j_vit's easy enough to track with ck4up20:16
just_funIt is cool that you test all the port updates (you've installed) and catch missing dependencies :)20:17
j_vi need to do more... i've done runs of mass builds of opt and contrib as a way to try to find corner case issues with pkgwrap, but i need to do that again and track down, document, and reports issues found20:21
just_funI know one corner in which you didn't looked :))20:24
just_funbut that is unfair20:24
j_vheh, i'd love to hear what it is, since i'm planning to get started on my next round of improvements20:25
just_funHow would lilo behave in your container?20:26
j_vahh, yeah, very good point20:26
j_vit would fail, since the container is unprivileged20:26
just_funj_v, any problems with dbus and util-linux?20:28
j_vnot so far that i've seen... the hackiest workaround i've got so far is using fakeroot when building core/filesystem since mknod is impossible in unprivileged container20:30
j_vbut i don't feel too bad about using fakeroot that way, since that is exactly what it was designed to work around20:30
j_vwell, not just that, but that type of situation20:31
just_funDo you really need to run pre/post-install in container, only?20:31
just_funIf a pre-install port creates an user, how do you forward that to the host?20:32
j_vwell, the idea was that if you wanted that for the host, you'd be including the runscripts prt-get.conf setting on the host, and then the host prt-get would handle that, since my original idea was to replace the need for using fakeroot exclusively20:34
j_vi should have that point documented, though, so i'm happy you asked20:35
just_funso, you need to configure prt-get.conf with scripts in host, because in container you do it anyway?20:36
j_vi don't think so, though it is a good question and i'm open to discussion20:37
j_vperhaps i should rewrite the script running portions to respect the pkgwrap_home/prt-get.conf setting for running scripts20:39
j_vwhat is your opinion? do you think that would better... to have pkgwrap follow user defined setting for running scripts?20:40
just_funIf the build depends on what pre-install does, you have to run it in container (it won't "touch" host, so it is harmless)20:43
just_funIn container, you also have to run post-install if you plan to install another package, which might depend on it (also harmless for the host)20:44
just_funSo, always running pre/post-install in container is "safer" :)20:45
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j_vthat was my thinking20:47
j_vin that way, it would keeping to the true intention of the port maintainer by doing it like, i think20:48
j_v\/by doing it like\/i\ that20:49
druid_droidI don't know how to search or where to look, I see public IP of one interface reaching loopback interface,20:50
druid_droidI wold not like this mess, is this "normal" what or where should I look ?20:51
just_fundruid_droid, what do you mean by "public IP of one interface reaching loopback interface" ?20:53
druid_droidjust_fun: I see iptables droping ip on lo, when that ip is from wlp7s020:54
druid_droidsince lo should not have nothing other than right ?20:54
just_funI don't know. Did you messed with iptables ? :)20:56
druid_droidyes, lot's of... :( will review the script,20:58
just_funiptables -L20:59
just_funmodprobe: FATAL: Module ip_tables not found in directory /lib/modules/4.11.9-auto-1-ck120:59
druid_droidjust a second I publish21:00
just_funYou could pastebin somewhere and someone could look at your script21:00
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druid_droidI notice I have things like nat in a place that don't look logic21:31
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druid_droidsorry I mean postrouting table21:37
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marakucould you guys enable public git access please (if you've secured everything properly)?23:16
frinnstnot yet. what repos are you looking for?23:19
frinnsti could mirror it on github or something23:20
marakujust core/opt/xorg23:20
marakuand tbh if there aren't any security fixes, i'm good23:20
frinnstrsync still works23:20
frinnstjust ports -u23:20
marakuyeah...i'm using the git driver for all port syncing now23:21
marakutime to dig up the rsync files!23:21
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jaegermaraku: public git access should be up again23:50

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