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joacimjaeger: would love to have a case like the evolv atx that has room for 5.25" devices03:11
joacimhaving room for a 3 bay sata housing would be great. there could be room for something like that if the front part was a bit more modular03:12
joacimfinding a case that is just right is impossible tho03:13
jaegerI used the Phanteks Enthoo Pro for a while for that very reason. It doesn't have the same appearance as the evolv line but it was a great case to work in03:14
joacimlove cases that have backplanes too03:15
joacimnot having to mess around with cables when i add or replace drives is nice03:15
jaegerThere's always the fallback option of a supermicro tower case, heh. SC745 or similar03:18
joacimyeah thought about those03:19
jaegerI think they have 8x hot swap 3.5" AND 3x 5.25"?03:19
jaegersomething like that03:19
joacimbut wondering how loud it would be with my part selection03:20
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jaegerThere's probably a noise level youtube video or something03:20
joacimthat specific case is probably too much for my needs =)03:21
joacimbut i think they have some more relevant options03:21
jaegerIt was the only model number I could remember off the top of my head03:21
jaegeryeah, that looks much more reasonable03:22
joacimthere is also this one for the gamers03:22
jaegerheh, didn't know about those03:23
brian|lfsits $240 on Amazon03:24
jaegerthey tried to make it look like batman03:24
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joacim tempted to get an SC733 now. chenbro has some that looks nice enough too04:01
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SamskyLinks to files in portdb refer to previous version of CRUX, i.e 3.205:02
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frinnst oh i love these12:43
frinnstlenny ftw12:44
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j_vfrinnst: that's hilarious! thanks for the link13:18
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frinnst hours of fun13:20
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j_vwill be a 'goto' for anytime i need cheering up13:22
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rmullRomster: Once the repos are working again, youtube-dl version bump would be appreciated, thanks in advance14:20
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frinnstthey are working14:40
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rmullgit is not, correct?15:07
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jaegerrmull: git is working17:07
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rmullIt is? Hmm, something wrong on my end then18:42
rmullDid the DNS change? I'm not able to get to at
rmullOkay, looks like there is something at
rmulloh duh, I had in my hosts file from when the glibc debugging was going on18:47
tsaopgitweb is still no go18:51
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jaegerWe did some reorg on the website config, still working out the varius non-wiki things19:42
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crash_so we have the new server up and running and the old one took a shit?19:52
jaegermore or less. We don't have everything working again since the new server is temporarily in a different location19:53
jaegermailing lists, for example19:54
crash_ok i see20:01
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frinnstprobably a few details still missing22:10
frinnstlets us know if you find anything22:10
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joacim"mailing lists still but the rest is up" =)22:31
jaegerACTION hands out an adjective... "down" or "broken" or similar22:33
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