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rmullfrinnst: I noticed that if I search the portdb, when I click "search" it just redirects back to index.php01:52
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j_vthe search on portdb only seems to redirect to index if searching from the search results page after a previous search from the upper right hand search (which seems to work as expected)02:50
j_vusing the search entry under the 'Simple port search' (underneath 'Search for ports by name' line)02:52
j_v... redirects to index02:52
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Romsternew libffi llvm everyone, as always packages of it are up at
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brian|lfsok I"m getting a headache Microsoft sucks06:23
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ryu0brian|lfs: are you just now figuring that out? lol07:56
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brian|lfsryu0, fuck you joking lol08:20
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just_funRomster, thanks for llvm.13:09
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dlcusa Yesterday Theodore T'so posted an article on Google+ quoting Linus in an LKML article, "And yes, a large part of this may be that I no longer feel like I can trust "init" to do the sane thing. You all presumably know why.”  Many interesting comments ensued.15:55
frinnstwow people use google+ ?16:00
j_vdoesn't surprise me in this case, i think t'so works for google16:04
nullspoonjaeger frinnst (or whoever else should be able to answer this): Any objections to me running a mirror of all the crux repos?16:06
frinnstno, go ahead16:06
nullspoonThanks much! I'll mirror all the git repos, probably pull updates every 12-24 hours, and post them at
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john_cephalopodanullspoon: It's great to have mirrors to be safe against downtimes! Thanks!16:29
nullspoonjohn_cephalopoda: I'm happy to contribute in any way that I can, especially because this is the best distro around!16:30
john_cephalopodaI'm trying to get all the packages that I need to run on crux. When I got something running, I clean it up and put it into my public repo.16:32
john_cephalopodaHmm, I should generate a REPO thingie, so it can be searched with the portdb search.16:32
rmullcontrib/libreoffice is 40416:38
nullspoonjohn_cephalopoda: Nice. That's kind of what I do. Got a 'tmp' directory that I do all my new packaging work on. Makes it to ../ if I get all the dependencies sorted...without going into dependency hell.16:42
john_cephalopodanullspoon: Heh, I got a ~/ports directory with several dozen ports. I'll have to clean them up, enter all necessary dependencies and then upload eventually.16:43
nullspoonjohn_cephalopoda: If you're interested, mine port db entry is an httpup repo, but behind it is a git repo with a post-receive hook that regenerates the httpup REPO file every time I do a push. I'd be happy to share if you want to go that route.16:43
john_cephalopodaThe stuff that I already cleaned up can be found at
nullspoonah public key. I really need to start signing my ports.16:44
john_cephalopodaIt's pretty easy to do. There's a good wiki entry in the crux wiki.16:46
nullspoonI'll have to read up. I sign everything else. Might as well add my ports to the list.16:47
nullspoonOn a related note, I really appreciate signing and checksumming, especially with modern mail servers thinking they know what's best and mangling attachments (microsoft: I'm looking at you with your carriage returns!)16:48
john_cephalopodanullspoon: It's a service, not a bug!16:51
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druid_droidplease, can some one give me some light about an IP of one interface is showing up in lo ?18:05
druid_droidis not the iptables it seems,18:05
][_R_][I do not understand your question18:21
][_R_][What IP?  Why do you think it is strange?18:21
][_R_][Why is the firewall relevant in this situation?18:22
brian|lfsI think we need to see your network config files18:23
brian|lfsassuming your using those not networkmanager18:23
just_fun<druid_droid> [23:51:29] just_fun: I see iptables droping ip on lo, when that ip is from wlp7s018:24
druid_droidis not the iptables it seems18:25
druid_droidthanks just_fun18:25
druid_droidI mean, if I don't drop in lo ip's other than
druid_droid wlp7s0 gets ip from dhcp,18:26
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jaegerwebsite is down again temporarily, I'm poking it18:50
jaegerok, done with that19:06
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prologicIn case anyone is in need of any self-hosted eng/dev utility apps. and self hosted pastebin, url shortener and markdown based wiki engine respectively.20:18
just_funNice, prologic. Go all over the place. Python is dead. :)20:26
just_fununsafe := blackfriday.MarkdownCommon(markdown)20:30
just_funhtml := bluemonday.UGCPolicy().SanitizeBytes(unsafe)20:30
just_funcool grouping20:30
just_funI wonder what is the name of the day Trump got elected?20:32
prologicAlso I have demos of all these if anyone wants to see them live20:42
just_funI see let's encrypt is not integrated :)20:43
just_funLooks nicer than the code :)20:46
just_funprologic, wiki doesn't work20:48
just_funI like pastebin interface, and you're clearly policaly correct by exporting pastebins with \r\n :)20:51
prologiclet's encrypt eh?21:34
prologicI'll try to do this at some point; but I run these behind traefik (reverse proxy / load balancer) and terminate ssl there (self-signed)21:35
prologicjust_fun: wiki doesn't work in what sense?21:36
prologicworks for me (tm)21:36
jaegerthe typo would be my guess. .il vs .io22:03
just_funwith the jaeger's help, it works for me too :)22:08
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prologicsorry :D22:20
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