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joacimmy ryzen system hangs when building llvm01:42
joacimnot sure if that's the bug i've seen mentioned here earlier, or if there is something wrong.01:43
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j_vjoacim: this looks like it could be related:
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joacimi hope so03:04
joacimcant sleep because of this =)03:04
joacimbut that article is from march, so theyre taking their time, if the bug is still relevant. :(03:04
brian|lfsYou can't sleep because of your PC lol03:05
joacimcompiled successfully this time, so i guess if this was due to the FMA3 issue, i would have seen it this time too03:08
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marakuhey, just found out about opt/portdbc06:28
marakulooks cool, but the gets a 40406:28
marakudid it dissapear during the move?06:28
marakuRomster has a mirror at (yay for signing!)06:31
marakufor missing files06:31
marakunow that I think about it, signing makes using people's mirrors much safer06:32
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just_funmaraku, wait until Romster will sign his builds :D07:07
marakui don't use his builds, but that would be pretty cool07:08
marakuthen less powerful machines would have semi-official binary packages to use07:09
marakunow if only he would enable https on his website :)07:10
frinnstmaraku: fixed07:57
marakuthankfs frinnst07:59
maraku*thanks :)08:00
frinnstseems the current file dir is a slightly older backup-copy08:00
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john_cephalopodaTarget: x86_64-pc-linux-gnu15:16
john_cephalopodaFor some reason the target wanted for grub is x86_64-unknown*15:18
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frinnstit always is16:23
frinnstwell, usually is16:23
john_cephalopodafrinnst: The problem is, that the files generated by grub are named after the scheme, so the footprint mismatches for me.16:24
frinnstwell i would be surprised if it actually caused problem16:26
frinnstdo you have anything wierd in your pkgmk.conf ?16:27
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jaegerI did another one of those "cores vs. time" plots, this time with llvm since joacim talked about llvm and ryzen. kinda interesting:
jaegerno idea why 10 and 11 slowed down20:35
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rmulljaeger: Is that repeatable?20:49
rmullThe bump at 10 and 11 I mean20:49
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jaegerI haven't tried yet20:54
john_cephalopodaWhat I learned from my bachelor thesis is, that when there is a random factor, you better run the experiment 1000 times and then look at the mean, the deviation, min and max values etc.21:15
joacimyeah. rebuild llvm a thousand times, jaeger =)21:16
john_cephalopodaI did some camera calibration stuff and ran it 10 times. Inconsistent results. Then I ran it more often and the results were completely different.21:17
john_cephalopodaAh, here I got it. 200 times.21:19
john_cephalopodaDamn, those diagrams look nice.21:21
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joacimwhat are the specs of the new server?21:58
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frinnstjoacim: 2xE5320, 16gb ram 2 ssd's in raid123:20
joacimshould be enough for that wiki23:20
frinnstyeah since the old celeron/p4/whatever with 1gb ram managed it fine :)23:20
frinnst8 cores in total23:21
joacimif that one dies23:21
frinnstthe server is a brand new Supermicro SYS-6015P-TRB 1U CTO 2x700W23:21
joacimi have a dual socket LGA1366 you can borrow =)23:21
frinnstthe server cost like 200EUR without ram & cpu23:23
frinnstmy employer donated the cpu and ram23:23
joacimi found mine in the recycling bins behind work23:23
frinnstfound the server here:
frinnstawesome webshop23:25
frinnstlots of cool old stuff. and as with our server, lots are brand new (just old shelf-warmers)23:26
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joacimgot the T410 here. just missing the drive caddies23:30
frinnsta customer is sitting on a decomissioned ml350 and lots of other old stuff that I might offer to "throw away" for them :)23:34
joacimgot arrow here23:35
joacimbut their selection of servers is very limited23:35
joacimi dont really expect to find stuff like that in stores anymore23:39
joacimcertain retailers here still sell certain slot1 and socket a coolers23:39
brian|lfssocket A thats old school23:41

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