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rmullHmm, I updated something recently and now the Fn-keys for my laptop LCD backlight adjustment no longer work. xev doesn't print anytihng at all when I run it02:35
rmullAnyone have any suggestions?02:35
rmullI used to use sxhkd to invoke xbacklight on XF86MonBrightnessUp/Down events02:36
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j_vrmull: at a guess, maybe the culperate is xorg/libinput. maybe reinstall the previous version to see if that fixes your issue?02:50
rmullI also updated my bios and stuff so there may be something else happening here02:51
rmullI'll poke at libinput, thanks02:51
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rmullYeah, I'm thinking it's the bios, tried a few different versions of libinput03:01
j_vah, maybe try running xev to see what those two keys are emitting03:02
rmullxev and evtest are silent03:05
j_vyeah, kinda sounds like a hardware/firmware issue03:07
j_vlike you suggested it might be03:07
j_vonly other thing i can think to verify is to drop to console mode and try showkey from there, but i doubt it will be any different than xev03:09
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sonophiliarmull: make sure the keys are enabled in your kernel, if there is an option13:29
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pedjano prices, though16:17
ryu0That's 4TB of RAM?16:20
ryu0Wow. this website is terrible. It doesn't zoom worth a shit.16:21
frinnstepyc is a shitty name16:27
ryu0frinnst: someone made a meme about amd/intel about an epyc fail or so.16:49
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jaegerwe'd better get one of those for crux.nu17:29
pedjawhere do I send a donation :) ?17:31
pedjait's not much, but17:32
pedjaI know that the developers never asked for it, but it would be nice if we, users, can chip in with the costs :)17:38
jaegerTo be honest we haven't really had to spend much money on crux stuff over the years17:46
jaegerthanks to free hosting and donated server, etc.17:46
frinnstthis server cost a bit tho. im still 300EUR out of pocket :-)18:06
frinnstjue kindly donated 200EUR to the frinnst fund already18:06
jaegerfrinnst: some of that is still on me for drives18:06
jaegerneed to work that out with jue when he gets back18:06
frinnstyeah but no hurry18:06
jaegerstill, it all amortizes really well, considering how long we've been running :)18:07
frinnsthehe indeed18:07
jaegerwoot, the AGESA update is available for my am4 board now18:27
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frinnstasus is on
frinnstwould be nice if there was a changelog anywhere..20:19
joacimthat took a while.20:20
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joacimyeah i'm annoyed about the same thing. found the new firmware, but couldnt find any worthwhile changelogs20:21
frinnstim sure its all under nda :(20:23
frinnstlike the temperature sensor20:24
joacimyeah that stuff is lame20:25
joacimand makes absolutely no sense20:25
jaegerI'm able to run my RAM at full speed now, at least20:40
joacimi paid extra for the safety of "b-die" stuff20:41
joacimand ram is already expensive enough20:41
jaegerI didn't go for the samsung b-die20:43
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jaegerI suppose mine could be b-die but I haven't checked20:44
jaegerbefore the update it would constantly reboot if I set it higher than 213320:45
jaegernow it works fine at 320020:45
jaegerthough I haven't done an exhaustive test yet20:45
joacimdidn't expect to be able to run 4 dimms at that speed on my system. but it works fine =)20:47
joacimi havent done much testing either tho20:48
john_cephalopodaSo much memory... Probably useful when you want to run 1000 VMs on it.20:53
joacimi just want to listen to music and talk on irc20:53
joacimi think a pentium II should be enough for me20:54
john_cephalopodajoacim: But it would take a year to build qt5 and a few hundred years to build chromium ;)20:54
j_vgit-bashcompletion: signature mismatch20:55
joacimbut there are binary packages for those =)20:55
john_cephalopodajoacim: *GASP* HERESY!20:55
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john_cephalopodaI really have to start creating a few very small GUI tools with fltk.21:07
frinnstI remember compiling thunderbird on my eeepc. fun times21:14
john_cephalopodaI think that it should be possible to build a slim set of tools, that are fast, not cluttered and work very well.21:15
joacimbeen curious about fltk21:16
joacimbut havent seen that many projects that use it21:16
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john_cephalopodaI've fiddled around with it a bit and it is actually decent.21:17
john_cephalopodaThe graphical GUI editor is a bit fiddly though.21:18
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john_cephalopodaThe only fltk-based tool I know is xdiskusage.21:20
j_vi think dillo still uses fltk.21:21
joacimEDE looks like a nice DE21:21
joacimbut haven't seen much from them in years21:22
john_cephalopodaxdiskusage is a mere 38 KB21:22
john_cephalopodafltk apparently respects the .Xresources, so it is themable.21:25
john_cephalopodaI think, I'd really like to work on some small fltk programs.21:29
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frinnstseagulls AND cats fighting outside22:39
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joacimit is very quiet where i live right now23:36
joacimhad seagulls last night tho23:36

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