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just_funfrinnst, based on the logs from the new server, could you refine your estimation about the number of CRUX users from 200-10000 to something more "acurate"? :D13:03
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john_cephalopodaACTION rents 10000 servers all over the world and runs "ports -u" simultaneously ;รพ13:10
frinnstjust_fun: no13:16
frinnst12:29 <@frinnst> damn, no netflow on the firewall in front of the server :(13:17
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frinnst cute14:28
nullspoonIs anyone else getting signature mismatches on openvpn?14:28
frinnstI wouldnt just blindly accept the new checksum tho, you should verify it with a gpg key or something before ignoring it14:29
nullspoonHokay. I'll ask Mr. Penteker to re-sign (not to be confused with resign of course)  :)14:29
nullspoonOh no. I've been avoiding the update for a few weeks now, waiting for him to update it. Wasn't necessary, so I figured I wouldn't pester him.14:30 is somewhat shady. we use their access-server for a bunch of clients. default urls are http, no gpg signatures14:30
frinnstyou do get a page with sha265 sums, thats all14:31
nullspoonyeah, not great for a tool used for network security.14:31
frinnstyeah they must be a huuuuuuge target. imagine getting malicious code onto that site14:31
nullspoon"We did a $71.000 audit and found two CVEs, but don't sign our packages to prove their validity."14:34
nullspoonAll in jest...mostly... of course. They provide a very valuable tool.14:35
nullspoonActually, after looking into it, it appears they do sign their source files.14:37
nullspoonACTION inserts foot into mouth.14:40
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joacimso if everyone ask him to re-sign, you think he will do it?15:07
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leah2the diff is rerunning autoconf15:14
leah2(that's how i'd hide a backdoor in some shell script too :P)15:14
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jaegerI'm doing the llvm build test again, this time with 5 runs per core count and averaging them19:15
jaegergoing to take quite a while19:15
jaegerI'm tempted to run the same test on a 24-core system, too19:18
joacimcould you share the command line?19:20
joacimand maybe your settings too19:20
jaegerSure. It's not very advanced :)19:23
jaegerI've been putting the numbers into a csv for gnuplot manually. It would be easy to script, though19:24
jaegerCFLAGS are default19:24
joacimcould run a similar run myself later19:25
jaegerMy mac pro needs a sysup badly, it's way out of date20:09
jaegerwill do that before running the llvm builds20:09
frinnstdid y'all have 1700X too?21:00
jaegeryeah, I've got a 1700x21:01
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