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j_v_nullspoon: I sent you a patch for your xdotool port, which failed to build due to missing deps and lib/include search path issues01:20
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frinnstpro tip: monitors connected to a ups arent that useful if the computer they are connected to isnt on the ups11:58
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jaeger <-- I re-ran the llvm build tests on the ryzen box with 5 builds for each core count averaged16:29
jaegersmoothed out the spike at 10-11 but otherwise looks pretty similar16:29
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darfo1-4, 5-8, and 9-16 look almost linear. Interesting.18:42
darfothanks for sharing the numbers18:44
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jaegernp :)19:05
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crash_jaeger: interesting so 9-16 cores not much different :P20:18
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jaegeryeah. Makes sense that there'd be some diminishing returns21:05
jaegerI'm running the same test on a 24-core machine as well but it's much slower so it'll be a while before that's done21:05
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jaeger <-- looks a little more interesting now21:38
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jaeger (final version) vs. (original style)22:02
jaegerpretty happy with that :)22:02
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j_vportdb returns http error 50022:27
jaegersomehow the sqlite db got corrupted22:32
jaegerwill take a little while to regenerate22:34
j_vi noticed the other day that when searching on a results page sends to the index page22:36
j_vbut only from the lower of the two search forms22:36
jaegerok, will try to look into that22:39
j_vsorry for not submitting a bug... i meant to, but i must have got distracted22:39
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jaegerportdb is back up. I'll look into the search thing later, don't have time to right now23:15
vstevehey jaeger, got a second?23:16
jaegerI have a few, yeah23:16
vsteveI was hoping you could point me in the right direction to see the code of what 'make iso' does in the crux iso builder23:16
vsteveI saw your name all over it23:16
jaeger;a=blob;f=Makefile;h=09bb37fadcc2aafdc060b920bcd2e1438ae46784;hb=HEAD#l412 <-- this what you mean?23:17
vsteveah yes, thank you23:17
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