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just_funI've seen firefox building with -j$(nproc) despite the fact I didn't find -j in pkgmk.conf nor in Pkgfile, and I was wondering if using 'MAKEFILE="-j$(nproc) $MAKEFILES" make' with the heavy ports is a good ideea.07:57
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frinnstI dont think so, its very possible some makefiles in the source-tree are forcing -j1 for a reason08:02
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just_funSorry, I don't understand. I was thinking about using that in the Pkgfile, for ports that are known to be -jN friendly and takes a long time to build.08:09
frinnstsorry I thought that you had found subdirs in the firefox source that were built with -j1 :)08:10
frinnstwe have something like export MAKEFLAGS="-j8" commented out in the default pkgmk.conf - why not just modify that to your liking?08:11
just_funSure, but I was asking if is a good port practice to write a Pkgfile this way08:11
frinnstno, it should be up to the user if they really want to use all cores i think08:12
just_funIf firefox is building with -j$(nproc) by default (in its upstream makefiles).08:12
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just_funI didn't thought someone might not want a safe -jN for some heavy port, as nobody complained about firefox. But I see your point. Thanks.08:22
frinnstI know i'd be angry if suddenly a port update would override my settings and use all cores :)08:29
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frinnstACTION just deleted the default route for crux.nu10:46
frinnstit'll be an hour or so before I can unfuck my fuckup10:47
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joacimfrinnst: Good job :D15:46
frinnstI will move the server back to where the old server was hosted on monday. I was preparing network stuff when I shut down the nic we will use15:47
frinnstthe script removed the default gw :-)15:47
ryu0ACTION takes a picture of frinnst and puts it in the dictionary under the definition of "fuckup".15:47
frinnstI have a few under my belt!15:48
jaegerouch :P15:48
ryu0The worst was when he mistook the cd rom for a cup holder.15:48
frinnstI place my breakfast bagle on that tray15:49
frinnstits perfect for that15:49
joacimi've seen much worse than a bagle where i work15:56
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pedja4 days offline, Crux updates: 2, Tumbleweed updates: 412. damn :)19:50
jaegerslow your roll, tumbleweed!19:54
pedjathat's considered a 'slow day'19:57
pedjaswitch to gcc-7.x was fun19:58
pedjaupdate went without the hitch, but there were a *lot* of them19:58
pedjaI am thinking of switching my netbook to Leap, much more conservative pace19:59
pedjanetbook is even more potatoputer than my desktop machine, so after I use it for a while, when I switch to desktop I am like 'daaamn, this is fast'20:03
jaegergood for perspective reinforcement :)20:06
pedjaif a friend manages to get me a shell on one of his 'spare/developer' machines on work (some HPE beast he tests OpenStack on, iirc), my head will probably explode :)20:16
pedjahe gets to play with some cool toys20:21
pedjabut he *is* a fscking genius, after all, so20:22
pedjait seems there are a couple of Mock The Week episodes I haven't watched yet.20:25
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joacimthat's amazingly stupid23:58

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