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john_cephalopoda2+2=5 now?00:00
joacimif that means fewer dingos00:00
frinnstbut more dropbears :(01:02
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elderKHey, any chance someone else here uses Weechat with SSL?05:53
jaegerNot I05:53
elderKIf so, I'm encountering an issue: As soon as Weechat tries to connect via SSL, it crashes. It seems to die in gnutls_record_send.05:53
marakui do05:53
elderKI was wondering if anyone has a fix for that? :05:54
marakuworks fine for me...05:54
marakudo you need to rebuild weechat?05:54
elderKI don't see why I would? I just built it all.05:54
jaegerwoot, the 24-core system finished the llvm builds -
marakujust wondering if it's a linking error05:55
marakulike if weechat linked to an old gnutls/openssl library05:55
marakubut if you just built it, probably not05:55
elderKI've built everything apart. I have a separate package for weechat itself, then others for the plugins.05:55
elderKPerhaps I need to build weechat core with gnutls enabled as well, rather than just when I build the IRC plugin?05:56
marakutake a look at 6c37's weechat05:56
marakuthat's the version i use, and it works properly05:56
marakuas far as i can tell, at least05:56
elderKRoger that. Taking a peek at it now.05:57
marakuthat's a nice curve there jaeger05:59
marakuare you going to do one with distcc as well? (if that's possible)06:00
jaegerI hadn't planned to06:00
jaegerI suspect it'd be pretty boring, honestly. That 24-core graph shows what I mean06:01
jaegerafter 12ish it's pretty static06:01
jaegersame with the previous 16-thread graph after 806:01
jaegerI've got another one running on the 16c box for firefox, will graph it tomorrow06:02
jaegerMay do that on the 24c box as well but it'll take a LONG time06:02
marakuit takes longer on the 24c box?06:03
marakuthat's pretty funny06:03
jaegermuch longer. the 24c box has Xeons that are a few generations old running at 2.4GHz06:03
jaegerthe 16c box is a ryzen 1700x, brand new at 3.4/3.8GHz06:03
marakuoh, that'd do it i guess06:04
jaegerAnd you can see from the graphs that at a certain core count you aren't gaining anything :D06:04
marakubut what about bragging rights?06:04
jaegerI might also run the tests on my i7-6700k at 4GHz for science but not tonight, heh06:04
jaegerI've got enough cores around for the bragging rights already :)06:05
elderKBRB guys.06:05
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marakusesame street has the cookie monster, we have the core monster (that's you jaeger)06:06
marakucrux works pretty well on 'underpowered' devices06:06
marakuhad to use a core2 laptop a while back and that was pretty decent, web browsing was kind of a pain06:07
marakuand now on my kabylake-U thinkpad it doesn't take long to upate/install stuff06:07
jaegerkaby lake and baby canyon are fairly impressive06:07
jaegerI replaced my HTPC with a baby canyon NUC i3 and even that i3 has 4c now06:08
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marakuapparently intel's gonna release quad-core (8 thread) u-processors soon06:08
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marakuthat'll be interesting06:08
marakuand by soon i mean soon^TM06:09
marakugotta love release dates06:09
marakudo you use a laptop, or just that overpowered desktop?06:10
jaegerI don't use a laptop very often but I have a 2009 macbook pro that I bought used for cheap06:11
jaegerwith Mac OS and crux06:11
maraku"Mac OS" heresy!06:11
jaegerI'm typing this on a windows 10 box06:11
marakuoh no06:12
marakuwhat have you done?06:12
jaegerIt's my gaming system. Also dual boots crux :P06:13
jaegeron that note, time to sleep. good night06:14
marakuditto for me06:14
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elderKmaraku: Hey, it turns out you need to link weechat-core with GNUTLS as well as weechat-plugin-irc :)06:39
elderKThat solves the crash.06:39
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Romsteron a sidenote i just updated gnutls10:24
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joacimjaeger: i never see my 1700x hit 3.8 GHz. Usually it just runs at 3.5 GHz when I do any kind of load on it12:52
joacimeven single threaded load12:52
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jaegerI didn't watch the speeds, it may or may not have hit 3.8. I just listed that as its boost speed15:00
jaegercombined the two graphs, I kinda like the way this looks:
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joacimshould try that with threadripper and a current xeon system too16:47
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darfojaeger: what is the memory type difference between the Xeon and the Ryzen? A Ryzen thread is twice as fast without 2x clock.19:59
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frinnstyou know you are working with fun stuff when your search results gives you RFCs21:52
john_cephalopodafrinnst: Those are the best ones!21:58
john_cephalopodafrinnst: Then you at least get told how to do stuff by people who know something about doing stuff.21:59
frinnstipv6 gives me headaches22:03
frinnstbut in a good way22:03
frinnstwe enabled our /32 today22:05 is temporarily ipv6 connected22:05 has IPv6 address 2a03:12a0:df:1100:230:48ff:fe7b:880322:18
tsaopit works!22:31
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