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marakui noticed when chroot testing that a lot of programs don't display correctly without a font installed (like xorg-font-dejavu-ttf)00:58
marakushould fonts be included in the dependencies? or should the user manually install stuff?00:59
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frinnstthe user is expected to manage that with their own preferences01:09
frinnstunless a program fails to compile or start without it01:10
marakualright, thanks01:13
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Romsternow we need the same test done ona i7 7th gen or a i901:39
Romsterfor the llvm graph01:40
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SitriHow would on get gcc-ada (aka gnat) installed on CRUX?04:37
SitriUnlike the other gcc subprojects, it requires an ada compiler.04:38
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just_funSitri, you should check go, gcc-fortran and gcj ports. See what works for ada.07:42
ryu0Sitri: you'll need to bootstrap from an existing linux distribution that has it I'm afraid.08:05
ryu0which is unfortunate... you'd think crux should include *all* the compiler frontends.08:05
ryu0at least fortran i'd imagine.08:06
ryu0i've never seen a package use gcj or go frontends though.08:06
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Romsterbootstrap it like i did with ghc11:57
Romsterand fpc11:57
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Sitrijust_fun: All of the gcc front ends are written in C... except gcc-ada, which is written in ada...14:20
just_funStiri, "In order to build GNAT, the Ada compiler, you need a working GNAT compiler (GCC version 4.0 or later).". Go is in the same position, and the port downloads a prebuilt go.14:32
john_cephalopodaWell, to build the GNU C compiler, you also need a C compiler.14:39
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just_funThese cyclic dependencies with compilers must be an academic/research baggage. Mostly useless.14:57
jaegerdarfo: the Xeon uses DDR3-1333 ECC and the Ryzen uses DDR4-320014:58
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jaegerBig gap between the hardware generations but they're what I have14:58
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Sitrijust_fun: You suggested I look at three ports, which are all written in C.  Eitherway, I've my answer, so I'll work on that.15:02
just_funSorry, Sitri. My bad.15:03
jaeger <-- added an i7-6700K to the mix15:04
joacimbeing faster is cheating15:06
jaegerMy i5 is disassembled right now but it might be interesting as well. Fewest cores but highest speed (it's overclocked to 4.5GHz)15:09
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joacimwas the E3-1220L v3 really popular in certain devices when it was launched?17:38
joacimsince they are so cheap and plentiful on ebay now17:38
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jaegerI remember the E3-1230 being extremely popular, I'd guess the 1220 is very similar18:51
jaegerI had 2 E3-1230 boxes for a while18:51
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joacimthought about getting the E3-1230v3 instead of my i519:52
joacimback then new ones were cheaper than used ones are today =)19:52
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darfojaeger: that Xeon has strange numbers between j=3 & 4. It must really get in its own way for that 4th core.20:42
jaegerYeah, not sure what happened there as  I wasn't watching it, but maybe something else ran then like a cron job20:43
jaegerI've considered re-running the tests with everything disabled that I can20:43
darfoThat would explain it.20:43
darfoNice charts20:44
jaegerThanks :)20:44
jaegerI should also make all three systems use the same kernel and make sure there's no cpufreq getting in the way20:48
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darfodo you really think it could with a load like that?22:20
jaegerdoubtful but I don't know for sure22:24
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