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frinnstwee, no more open tickets and all our customers are on vacation09:15
ryu0unbeknownst to the rest of us, the reason that was possible is because someone had closed them all as "WORKFORME" and all the customers were simultaneously shipped to a tropical "resort".09:40
john_cephalopodaSWAT teams breaking into the homes of all customers, putting them into a cargo container and shipping them to an inhabited island.09:42
ryu0yea, they'll never escape from the Island.09:42
ryu0(simpsons reference)09:42
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john_cephalopoda. o O ( Trap a Volleyball team on an island, come back after 5 years and every one of them will have a Volleyball with a handprint called "Wilson" :D09:46
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john_cephalopodaryu0: Yes.09:50
john_cephalopodaThe alt-text is also good :D09:50
frinnsthow did you know?09:51
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_root_seems the site is up. That's a bit of good news.10:01
_root_I want to use acme editor  (plan 9 editor) in my linux. is there a way to have acme editor in linux?10:01
ryu0 :P10:02
ryu0This it?10:06
dbrookethere's this
ryu0yes, plan9 software can run on Linux.10:09
frinnst"Plan 9 from User Space" awesome10:10
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dlcusafrinnst, Plan 9 is awesome anywhere.11:34
dlcusaBut it;s driver support needs lots of love.  Running it in a Linux virtual machine is a marriage made in heaven.11:35
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ryu0dlcusa: so plan9 gets to sleep on the couch while Linux gets to sleep in the real bed. gotcha.12:07
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druid_droidinteresting before I update webkitgtk it was working with grsecurity kernel,13:23
druid_droidalso firefox don't work but I saw that I must change some things,13:23
druid_droidthinking I should run this things in a virtual machine13:24
druid_droidthat's why I love so much dillo, it just works13:24
druid_droidand I just realize I lost that port, prt-get search dillo don't return nothing13:25
frinnstsurf the web like it's 199714:20
druid_droidfrinnst: :D maybe as it should be, as it started, to share information not bling bling14:27
druid_droidI have a debian virtual machine, but I'm installing devuan ...14:27
druid_droidgood bye debian once fur alle14:27
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crash_druid_droid: to bad devuan is based on jessie but otherwise nice16:18
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druid_droidcrash_: I don't know any more what is a "clean / good" system, I think I should be using minix3 or something, but I have no school and learn all this by my self have taken so much time that being able to boot a system for me, this days... good system18:31
druid_droidand above all make money with a system, without working for a corporation ++++18:32
druid_droidI'm tryng crux for 4 years now, and is always broken... but fault is mine and I don't know how to thanks every one for this <318:33
druid_droidnow, I must reboot for a system that I can use facebook.18:34
frinnstwhats broken in crux?18:34
druid_droidwhats broken is me :( my lack of know how18:34
crash_druid_droid: crux is a clean / good system :)18:35
druid_droidso clean so easy that is hard for a mind like mine to broken18:36
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druid_droidI mess with pkgmk.conf flags and kernel grsecurity ...18:37
druid_droidI have no idea what I'm doing,18:38
frinnstthen dont do silly stuff :-)18:38
frinnstsetting crazy cflags *will* break your system18:38
druid_droidyes, I'm silly, but is the way I have learn all my life, by broken things18:38
frinnstyeah no better way to learn.. but make sure you have a working system to fall back on18:39
frinnsti havent run grsec in years so cant help you there im afraid18:39
druid_droidfrinnst: yes some one live my next door have a usb religious safe for me, I go there some times asking18:39
crash_i only change march=native and makeflags=-j5 and left anything else as it is18:40
druid_droiddo you run your system on bare bone hardware ?18:40
crash_yes laptop18:40
druid_droidif yes I will feel so fine,18:40
druid_droidso I can make a pause of pushing my self, and start making some thing usefull ($)18:41
crash_sounds like a good idea :)18:42
frinnstI run crux pretty much everywhere and mostly on bare metal18:42
druid_droidyes, the first thing I notice is if I sell something to some one I must install this system on a server18:43
druid_droidand all servers come with something installed (debian and so on) or shared host18:43
druid_droidalso notice that (in europe) is harder now for some one like me to be free (lancer)18:44
druid_droidI have only basic school, so corporations don't give me work,18:44
druid_droidalso I don't like office, I can't smoke weed also I have to be there from X hour to Y hour...18:45
druid_droidI was thinking to change country again...18:45
druid_droidI change country faster than I wold change Crux by the way18:46
druid_droidwell I will reboot to a more standard system, and tomorrow will take your advice seriously18:47
druid_droidI think I need a database local (localhost) with all companies and then research witch ones I can offer value18:48
druid_droidand make some bucks18:48
druid_droidthen change country18:48
druid_droidcountry == Europe18:48
druid_droidwell, thanks again for everything, and long live free libre software,18:49
druid_droidwithout it I could not be as free man I was and I'm.18:49
druid_droidand this thin prt-get is just perfect, we got sources ... so we have no excuses18:50
druid_droidI have the sources so any problem is my problem, I must know how to solve it.18:51
druid_droidbut is hard A.F. to learn by my self...18:51
druid_droidwell gone18:51
frinnstI dont have any formal education either18:51
frinnstI put my crux work on my CV and that got me a job18:51
crash_frinnst: nice :)18:52
druid_droidWOW I try to go business and see how can I offer value18:52
druid_droid99% have not to be with tech but with psychology or something18:53
druid_droidthe only corporations that understand me and my needs are from Brasil18:53
druid_droidmaybe I end up there again :D18:54
druid_droidsudo su /n reboot18:55
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pedjathis is interesting
pedjaif this ends up with Linux working on hybrid graphics laptops without deep voodoo black magic, that would be pretty cool22:06
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