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pedjabtrfs is gonna give me a heart attack one of these days...16:51
ryu0pedja: why?16:52
pedjaapparently it has issues with filesystems smaller than 16G16:53
pedjawhich is precisely the size of my Leap VM vda :)16:54
pedja'no space left on device' with ~12Gb free? FU, btrfs16:55
pedjaluckily, Leap has 'reboot from snapshot'16:56
pedjaso reverting the breakage is not hard16:57
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john_cephalopodaShould call it "btrinsomecasesfs" ;)18:16
pedjaheh. that's true for any FS18:27
pedjaall of them have quirks, some more annoying than other18:28
pedjait will do, until bcachefs matures :)18:29
pedjain 10 years, or so18:30
pedjait is weird that in 2017 Linux still doesn't have a robust and modern FS18:32
ryu0-coughs- ZFS18:36
pedjain kernel tree :)18:37
john_cephalopoda(Though you first have to enable it and write support in the kernel config)18:38
pedjasome people say that Ceph is the future18:39
pedjait is cool, but the hw req are insane18:41
pedjasnapshots are a nice ass-saving feature, even for 'home use'18:44
frinnstbtrfs is awesome18:50
frinnstbut yes, incomplete18:50
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john_cephalopodaWoah, godot engine starts to look really awesome:
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j_vdoes anyone have any tricks for getting sourceforge uri's to work with ck4up?21:54
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