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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3] xfsprogs: updated to 4.12.000:46
marakuj_v, use the rss feed?01:10
darfoj_v: all my sourceforge ck4up.conf stmts are different. There doesn't seem to be one way to get them all.01:18
darfoogdi md5 @TAR@01:19
darfois one example but they vary a lot01:19
darfoall the way to01:19
darfoprojectlibre md5 ProjectLibre/[0-9]\.[0-9][0-9]*\.[0-9][0-9]*01:19
darfoit just depends on the project01:20
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j_vmaraku, darfo: thanks for the input08:33
j_vwas getting pretty frustrated. it's a relief to know that it's not just me.08:35
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j_vdarfo: your sourceforge ck4up pointers have really helped. thanks. i'm now making progress with sourceforge entries in my ck4up.conf.11:34
tsaopwhy is pjsip not sending reinvite with challenge response after a 407 proxy auth message from the server11:47
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darfoj_v: np15:32
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joacimdisliked and unsubscribed19:17
joacimmuch left before everything is back up and running?19:18
brian|lfsI received the test email20:27
jaegerMost things are back in place. I think frinnst is planning to reenable the git ML hooks soon20:33
SitriIs there a specdocument for the Pkgfile?20:57
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frinnstSitri: not really. But they are super simple. a couple of variables (name, version, release, url etc) and a build function21:13
frinnstand $SRC & $PKG variables21:13
frinnstyou can use another port as a reference21:13
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