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frinnstfuck cisco asdm08:47
frinnsttrying to nat: a port range - entered the range where you only can enter a single port. Does asdm throw an error?08:47
frinnstno, it changed my input to any instead08:48
frinnstso ALL ports get nat:ed to the single host and im locked out08:48
frinnstluckily it doesnt kill existing connections so i could still reach it over vpn08:48
frinnstsame operation via ssh took 10 seconds instead08:49
nwehow are you frinnst ?09:07
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frinnstfine & dandy09:44
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e11evenwhat kind of window manager crux ppl use ?15:21
e11evenI see mate and lxqt both out of date15:23
joacimi3 on laptop, and mate on my desktop15:36
john_cephalopodi3 on my laptop and my desktop.15:43
john_cephalopodKinda funny how everybody is using i3, but it is in _none_ of the main repos (core, opt, xorg, contrib)15:58
john_cephalopodAt least 9 different user repos with i3 in them :D15:59
jaegermate shouldn't be much out of date16:02
SitriThough to run gimp I have to start an instance of Xephyr D:16:03
john_cephalopodSitri: Because of the multiple windows?16:04
SitriI could probably spend some time getting splitting setup properly.16:04
john_cephalopodSitri: Go to "Windows" in the top bar and choose "Single-Window mode".16:04
john_cephalopodIt has been there for over a year :)16:05
SitriThat'd be why16:05
john_cephalopodWell, over 2 years actually. Or 3?16:05
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SitriStill though, it'd be nice if there were some competition in that space16:05
john_cephalopodSitri: In which space exactly?16:06
SitriImage editing programs16:06
SitriWell, Linux compatible ones anyways16:06
joacimthere are a few alternatives to the gimp, but i guess photoshop people have no real alternative to go to16:06
joacimunless they're content with the reduced features of others16:07
joacimi hear krita get mentioned a lot16:07
joacim+ there are others if you use other operating systems16:07
SitriACTION only draws lines, writting on existing pictures and occasionaly edits pixel-art.16:07
joacimos x has quite a few too16:07
john_cephalopodKrita is a digital art program. It can do image editing but it was not created with that in mind.16:09
john_cephalopodGIMP is strong but the interface is horrible.16:10
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e11evenhow important .footprint really is ,I m looking at sudaraka tutorial and I see that he ignore it in pkgmk.conf is that safe because sometimes I get footprint mismatch installing a package16:28
e11evenso if I ignore it package installation just fine16:29
joacimit is generally safe to ignore new files16:29
joacimbut when you get missing files, you should investigate some16:29
john_cephalopode11even: It should be safe to add the following line to your /etc/pkgmk.conf: PKGMK_IGNORE_NEW="yes"16:35
e11evenwhat about footpeint_ignore=yes?16:37
john_cephalopode11even: As joacim said, you should let it report missing files.16:41
e11evenbecause it's really annoying when I was installing samba and it takes guite longand failed just bcs of footprint16:41
e11evenim running out of battery soon ,thanks for answers16:45
e11evenbye for now16:45
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