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brian|lfswow getting a whole 76kb downlaoding glibc haven't updated my laptop in like 3 months lol02:44
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SamskyIs contrib-admin mailbox online?12:05
teK_it is12:05
teK_I replied to your email minutes ago12:05
SamskyOk. Thank you!12:15
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pedjait's kind of amusing that the kernel in the VM is more current than the system one14:03
pedjafrinnst, when I add another hard disk to btrfs...pool? 'btrfs balance start /' all I need to run afterwards?14:06
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pedjaMS might remove Paint in one of the Win10 updates. Awww14:54
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frinnstpedja: you dont *need* to run that14:56
frinnstbut if its a raid1+10 volume you probably want to14:56
pedjawhat I am trying to do is to give my Leap VM some more disc space15:01
pedjait's either 'add another hard disk' or expand/grow btrfs partition, which seems fiddly to do15:02
frinnstjust btrfs dev add /dev/disk /mnt/point and be done with it15:03
frinnstno need to rebalance15:03
pedjathank you :)15:12
pedjabtrfs-device man page suggests rebalancing metadata, but since this is a pretty fresh and minimal install...nah15:14
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pedjaI like software like virsh, where I can safely presume that *I* fscked something up nad not it17:18
pedjafscking typo...17:18
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pedjano wonder mkfs.btrfs freaks out when I made virtual disk with the size of 20kb instead of 20Gb17:21
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pedjawell, that was easy (once I read the appropriate man pages)18:45
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pedjaFlash might be officially dead by 2020, but I bet people will still have to have a Win7 VM with it installed to use some crap20:09
pedjaenterprises move slowly, I hear20:10
john_cephalopodapedja: I have seen those news in at least 2 other IRC channels today :รพ20:10
pedjamost people thought that that day will never come :)20:11
john_cephalopodaI thought they wanted to abandon it 5 years ago or so.20:13
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pedjaI am curious if people using HiDPI monitors with Crux hit this 'tiny fonts in gtk3 apps' bug20:40
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pedjaI have an opposite problem. some web sites have *huge* fonts in FF by default.20:44
pedjabut that might be the problem with sites themselves. oh, well20:52
pedjawth, .se?
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