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teK_test test01:20
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cruxbot^2ports/contrib-3.3: getmail: 4.54.0 -> 5.101:21
teK_format is a litte off01:21
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cruxbot^2[ports/opt-3.3] git: 2.12.2 -> 2.13.301:42
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cruxbot^2[ports/opt-3.3] flash-player-plugin: ->
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frinnstdamn munin is pretty sweet14:41
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pedjaopenCL, why do you hate me?17:26
pedjahm, clinfo works, hashcat complains.17:33
pedjaconflicting libraries ftw17:39
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e11evenhello ppl17:49
e11evenI found lilo very easy to use but I just found out it's not developed anymore17:50
e11evenis this not safe to use17:51
e11evencan something break if I want to switch to grub217:52
e11evenwhat bootloader did you chose17:54
pedjagrub2, for a while now17:54
pedjacheck out
jaegeryou can still use lilo if you want to17:55
pedja3.7.7 kernel was all the rage last time I used lilo18:01
e11evenI never had any problem with lilo it just works for my needs18:03
e11evenI'm just concerned about secueity18:03
e11evenbut if you guys say no problem to use18:03
e11evenI'll not switch coz I will break something for suee18:04
e11evenmaybe I'll choose it with next install18:04
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pedjawell, damn. I am hyped
pedjahuge robots fighting huge monsters? yes, please.18:08
john_cephalopodaThe movie wasn't great.18:19
john_cephalopodaIt failed the Bechdel Test ( ).18:20
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onoderahi, git fails on both my vps and pc20:21
onodera    * tclsh failed; using unoptimized loading20:21
onodera    MSGFMT    po/de.msg make[1]: *** [Makefile:250: po/de.msg] Error 12720:21
onoderamake: *** [Makefile:1731: all] Error 220:21
teK_yay :o20:21
teK_de.msg? Localization?20:22
onoderathe fact I use this most likely
onoderacauses it20:25
teK_compiled it with --disable-nls?20:26
john_cephalopoda"stub and/or lightweight replacements of the gnu gettext suite; because the GNU one takes ages to compile" :D20:29
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s__nhello all; could anyone help me with this little issue i get during crux installation? i'm getting "Fatal: Trying to map files from unnammed device 0x0013 (NFS/RAID mirror down?)" when running lilo20:39
onoderateK_: building with NO_TCLTK fixes it, not sure what it tcltk actually does20:39
onoderagit ships with a gui by default or something?20:39
onoderas__n: do you intend on using that device?20:40
s__ni have specified "/dev/sda" in lilo.conf20:41
onoderaI think I got that error on some secondary drive with ntfs once, I disabled checking the device in the lilo config and that fixed it. but this might be a different error20:42
jaegers__n: can you pastebin your lilo.conf somewhere?20:53
j_vonodera: git uses tcltk for gitk and git-gui. I've yet to use either and I don't know if they are useful or not.20:54
cruxbot^2[opt.git/3.3]: postfix: minor adjustments20:54
teK_@jaeger: happy now? :>20:55
teK_@frinnst: alos? :>20:55
onoderateK_: the gitk command depends on wish by contrib/tk it seems20:55
onoderamaybe it might be better to build git without and if users want it they could create a git-gui port, hehe20:56
frinnstteK_: yeeeees?20:56
john_cephalopodas__n: I don't really know the syntax of lilo.conf, but are you sure that /dev/sda and not /dev/sda<number> is the proper entry for the boot parameter?20:59
teK_no, /dev/sda is ok for boot20:59
teK_google the error message, in some scenarios, you have to add a special (geometry?) parameter to lilo.cof to make it work21:00
john_cephalopodaRight, just read it up.21:00
s__njohn_cephalopoda: well i tried both ways and they both give the same error21:00
john_cephalopodaWhat if you replace append="root=/dev/sda7" with root=/dev/sda7 ?21:01
frinnsts__n: have you had any other filesystems on that disk before? you might want to try "wipefs /dev/sda" - dont worry, it wont delete anything. You can use -n if it makes you feel better21:02
frinnstI bet you have some other signatures on the disk that lilo detects21:02
s__njohn_cephalopoda: doesnt work either21:03
s__n@frinnst: i had some other filesystems on it before and did wipefs /dev/sda and i still get the same error with lilo21:05
frinnstso, only a msdos signature then?21:06
frinnstsomething like this: 0x1fe                dos   [partition table]21:06
s__nit says PMBR instead of dos21:07
s__nuh should have used fdisk with -t dos21:07
frinnstpmbr as in protective? looks like that might be the problem. lilo modifies the mbr when you run it21:09
s__nshould i redo now the entire installation process?21:11
frinnstnot sure. I dont know enough about it. I bet you somehow can convert it or work around it21:12
frinnstbut It might be faster to just wipe and start fresh21:12
frinnstand im not 100% it is the actual cause of your issue either :)21:12
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j_vif i remember right, lilo's handling (or poor handling?) of gpt partitions is one of the reasons i switched to using syslinux/extlinux at home21:17
j_vthat, and i with syslinux, i only have to update to extlinux.conf after installing a new kernel, it doesn't need the boot record reinstalled every time21:20
s__nwell im gonna redo the installation process tomorrow then, thank you everybody for helping!21:33
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jaegerteK_: yes :)21:40
cruxbot^2[contrib.git/3.3]: redis: fix PID file creation21:46
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cruxbot^2[contrib.git/3.3]: redis: adjust user and group permissions22:33
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jaegerfrinnst, joacim: trying some new keycaps... will upload a pic if my phone starts cooperating23:09
frinnstnice. what kind of profile?23:11
jaegercherry compatible still23:12
jaegerjust different colors/typeface23:12
j_vjaeger: is that a WASD kbd? except for the colors/typeface it looks just like mine.23:28
jaegerj_v: It's a code... wasd does sell those, though23:28
jaegerj_v: before the switch it looked like this:
j_vnice. the new color scheme looks cool.23:30
jaegerI dig it so far :)23:31
jaeger <-- I really like this one as well but it's stupidly expensive23:33
joacimlooked at some of their stuff. delivery expected in 2018 for many of them23:37
joacimmy old filco ones got worn out, so i bought new ones from wasd23:38
joacimand the massdrop ones get very expensive when you want iso layout =)23:39

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