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j_vi like the look of the massdrop caps00:26
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joacimmine are fairly plain00:44
jaegerplain is fine, I like the accent of the darker modifiers/action keys00:44
jaegerI have two more keyboards with black keycaps that I might replace with something more interesting now that I've seen one with new keycaps :D00:45
joacimdid it take long for your massdrop ones to arrive?00:46
jaegerstill replacing all the LEDs on this one slowly as the blue LEDs fail:
jaegerNot too long, really00:47
jaegerI got the "massdrop is shipping you a package" email on the 21st, caps arrived today00:47
jaegerThe drop ended june 19th, looks like00:47
joacimthats pretty ok00:48
joacimdont see too many devices with muted green or amber leds anymore00:49
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marakuis there a way for me to publish ports?01:27
marakui remember that there was a wiki article that said to email some list (contrib?), but i'm not sure if the list is working01:28
marakualso, can't find the article...01:28
joacimhow to get it listed is explained there01:30
joacimas for hosting, any http host should be good enough i think01:30
joacimas long as they allow hotlinking01:30
joacimi use github01:30
marakud'oh, right on the ports page01:32
marakuthanks joacim01:32
j_vi'm getting setup to sign all my ports. is there a specific procedure to upload the public key file so it can be available from the portdb page?01:49
jaegerI don't think there's any official one yet. Where is the key available? I'll add it01:57
jaegerwant it added now or not ready yet?02:04
j_vi'm just going through each port adding the signature. but should be ok to add before i push the sigs, do you think?02:04
jaegerI don't see why not02:05
j_vok, added now is fine, thanks02:05
j_vi appreciate it02:06
jaegerNo problem. It's added, the next run of the portdb cacher will pick it up02:08
j_vcool, that's great.02:08
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frinnstwow thats a huuuge improvement jaeger :)06:24
frinnstwhat keyset is that?06:25
ryu0frinnst: crux's website is built with php? any plans to transition it to 7.x or newer? 5.6.x's support runs out in 18 months.06:32
][_R_][What's a huge improvement?07:03
frinnstdont know the support status for flyspray and pmwiki wrt php707:10
frinnstopt/php needs to get updated first tho :)07:11
frinnst][_R_][: from to
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frinnstalso. what the shit germans?
frinnsthow can you not feel a deep shame? how can it fail like that07:13
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][_R_][Does Flyspray still do that stupid thing where they XML all their SQL?07:14
frinnstdont know07:16
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teK_well, why did you get a Volkswagen first place?07:55
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: john: switch source to http07:58
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: jdk: update to 1.8.0_14408:24
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: jre: update to 1.8.0_14408:24
frinnstagain?. wtf java08:38
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: libgeoip: initial import10:52
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: chromium: 59.0.3071.109 -> 60.0.3112.7812:01
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: postfix: update signature13:37
jaegerfrinnst: this one:
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: python3: 3.6.1 -> 3.6.214:39
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: autoconf-archive: 2016.09.16 -> 2017.03.2114:47
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frinnstfuck you jaeger! You just made me order a code keyboard16:00
frinnsti blame you for my lack of impulse control! :D16:00
frinnstCODE 105-Key Swedish Mechanical Keyboard - Cherry MX Clear16:00
frinnstI dont like the keycaps tho, i'll replace those16:00
frinnstbut yours looked so tastey16:01
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jaegerI was about to say, "you should also order some keycaps" :D16:14
jaegerI love the code keyboard, it's the best one I've used. Have 2 of them now16:14
jaegerMy mechanical keyboard collection: 1x code fullsize, 1x code TKL (work), 1x varmilo VB87M, 1x ducky shine 316:15
jaegerI'll probably sell the varmilo keyboard at some point, very rarely use it now16:15
frinnstmy biggest problem is that i cant live with a us keyboard16:16
frinnstergo veeery limited keycap set16:16
jaegeryeah, and keycap sets get really... yeah, that16:16
frinnst*sets available16:16
frinnstIf i like it i'll probably move my ducky keys over16:17
jaegerI'm still quite happy with my ducky shine 3 but I like the code just a little better16:17
frinnsti dont think I can go back to abs after so many years with pbt16:19
frinnstand im worried mx clear will ruin mx blue for me16:21
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jaegerGuess you'll find out, heh16:22
frinnstmy first ducky was an expensive experience. ordered a second one after 1hr back at work :)16:22
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frinnstThis is a mandatory service communication. You have received this message from Microsoft as a result of your participation in the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN).19:14
frinnstfuck you microsoft19:15
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ryu0ACTION watches as frinnst clicks "SPAM - NUKE IT FROM ORBIT!".19:19
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joacimtheyre pretty helpful i think19:25
joacimsomeone from microsoft called me to tell me that there was a problem with my computer a couple of days ago19:25
john_cephalopodaI got a message from microsoft two times, that I won a prize because I am such a good user of their office suite and OS and I'll get money.19:28
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joacimwow lucky =)19:46
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jaegerAnyone know if j^2 still hangs out on IRC anywhere?20:20
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jaegernever mind, I think I found his email address20:42
pedjawell, that was interesting...20:44
pedjaremmina so successfully grabbed the keyboard I had to reboot the system to get the control back20:46
pedjaas per Murphy's law, I forgot to start the ssh server this one time...20:47
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pedjafrom 'no problem, I'll just ssh in' to 'oh ffs' in 60 sec :)20:51
john_cephalopodaBetter than blocking allconnection in your remote server's iptables.20:59
pedjathat haven't happened.yet.21:00
pedjabut the night is young21:00
pedjaI've set up key auth while I am at it, I've been postponing it for ages (lazy bastard)21:07
john_cephalopodapedja: Now is the time to accidentally delete ~/.ssh !21:18
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