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j_vfirefox-52.2.1esr has been released. builds/runs fine with just a version bump.00:39
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: whois: 5.2.16 -> 5.2.1701:19
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ryu0you guys'll love this.04:09
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teK_it's just because of those linux zaelot-systemd haters!108:29
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frinnst wildlife08:55
teK_ !08:57
Romsteri feel buggered09:36
Romstermentally drained with many customers at the same time and many broken computers i've got all working today09:41
Romsterbeing friday and we don't open on the weekends09:41
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teK_then take the next two days off and have a great time with your lady?10:09
teK_returning to work on Monday rested10:09
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: git: add git daemon script12:34
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: git: also, track gitd.rc via git12:36
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: libreoffice: 5.3.4 -> 5.4.013:49
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nullspoonHey all, do we have a document detailing the allocation of group ids?14:30
nullspoonI have my libvirt port which needs the kvm group. Since that's a fairly common system group, I wanted to created it in the < 500 range, but don't want to conflict with other ports or create a second standard for it if there is one.14:31
jaegernone of which I'm aware14:31
nullspoonI guess I will have to create with 'groupadd -g 0 kvm'.  ;)14:32
pedjanullspoon, qemu port creates kvm group14:40
pedjabtw, check out my libvirt port in repo14:43
nullspoonI went looking for that but somehow missed it.14:43
chinarulezzzHi all!14:44
chinarulezzzCan I find here Jose V Beneyto (sepen at crux dot ru)?14:44
pedjahe rarely comes here, afaict14:47
jaegerhe used to but has been unavailable for quite some time now14:47
chinarulezzzjenkins in contrib repo is too old. I updated jenkins to the latest version, fix one error, and add README.14:50
abenzchinarulezzz: you rule :)14:50
chinarulezzzcan anyone merge this changes?14:50
pedjachinarulezzz, open the bug at FS and attach the patch14:51
abenzso threadripper turned to be epyc!14:51
abenzbut 2 of the 4 dies are inactive14:52
pedjathey use different sockets, right?14:52
abenzdifferent name AFAIK, but physically identical14:53
abenzthe german delidder guy delided a threadripper and saw the 4 dies, then amd said 2 are "disabled"14:53
abenzweather they are repurposed faulty epyc chips or fully functional but disabled remains to be seen14:54
abenzwould be cool if they are unlockable though14:54
abenzafterall they share the same TDP and all14:54
pedjarepurposed would be my guess, AMD is not crazy enough to use fully functional chips like that :)14:57
abenzfrom what I hear yields are exceptionally good (>80%) !14:58
pedjagood for them (well, their fab vendor)14:58
abenzfinally exciting in the processor market again.. been a long time14:59
abenzI was kinda hoping for arm to make it though14:59
abenzbut apparently lisa su shelved the arm project and went full steam with x8614:59
abenzmake it to the desktop that is14:59
pedjaAMD was planning to make an ARM CPU?15:00
pedjacool. but postponing it was a smart move. get the piece of the server/enterprise market first, there is a lot of money there :)15:03
pedjaARM in the server kind of makes sense, but at the desktop?15:07
pedjanot until MS makes an ARM64 Win10 :)15:08
pedjaand I fail to see the benefits over classic x8615:09
abenzstill, having the option as a start would be good15:10
abenzus for example on crux, an ARM based box wouldn't be bad15:11
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just_funchinarulezzz, isn't your script like prtcheckmissing (from prt-utils) ?15:19
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pedjawell, abenz, something like this *would* make a pretty awesome Crux box, I'll grant you that :)15:21
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john_cephalopodajust_fun: Isn't there also prtorphan?15:23
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just_funjohn_cephalopoda, prtcheckmissing checks for missing files while prtorphan checks if some installed port is missing from "prtdir"s15:25
john_cephalopodaAh, ok15:26
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: git: update .footprint16:00
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SamskyWhat happened with I see blank page only.18:33
onoderateK_: there  is a new libmpdclient :)18:43
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pedjaone of these days I'll have to break openvswitch.rc into several smaller ones if I want 'hot-reload' capability. hm. maybe not.19:14
pedja3(or 6) daemons, one rc to rule them all :)19:16
pedjaSERVICES line in rc.conf is getting crowded19:17
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just_fun - With Spack, you can build a package with multiple versions, configurations, platforms, and compilers, and all of these builds can coexist on the same machine.20:20
j_vshouldn't the opt/git port release number have been bumped when those last changes were made to it?20:26
pedjapkgutils are mentioned here: (a loooong read, btw)20:47
pedja"no dependency management, only storage management with file-based conflict detection"20:48
pedjawritten in 2005, so20:49
just_fun    The EDOS project finishes; the tools developed by the WP2 team totalize around 100.000 lines of OCaml code.20:51
pedjait looks like every new FF version is faster than the previous. nightly (56-to-be) is faaaaast. allegedly.20:54
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pedja15 sec load for 1691 tabs. damn.
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hellcodesorry if this is a dumb question but how do I load a framebuffer device?21:13
hellcodeI compiled with CONFIG_FB=y21:13
hellcodebut there seems to be no /dev/fb*21:13
just_funWhat is the output of:? zgrep '^CONFIG_FB' /proc/config.gz21:17
just_funMine is
just_funHm! dmesg|grep -i fb021:18
just_fun[    4.840903] fbcon: inteldrmfb (fb0) is primary device21:18
just_fun[    6.476041] i915 0000:00:02.0: fb0: inteldrmfb frame buffer device21:18
hellcodehm a bunch of drivers 'is not set'21:19
hellcodelike # CONFIG_FB_ATY128 gs not set21:19
just_funDo you have CONFIG_FB_VESA=y?21:20
hellcodein .config yes21:20
hellcodein /proc/config thereĀ“s a CONFIG_FB_UVESA is not set21:21
hellcodeeverything in /proc/config is like that21:21
hellcode"not set"21:21
hellcode"This file exposes the configuration options that were used to build the current running kernel, in the same format as they would be shown in the .config file..."21:25
hellcodeI'm confused now21:25
hellcodeI mean, because they both have different contents regarding this device(s)21:26
just_funAbout VESA or UVESA?21:27
hellcodehm a grep search on .config shows a similar output I got from the config.gz file (bunch of #CONFIG_* is not set) plus a  few lines such as CONFIG_FB_SIMPLE=y21:32
hellcodeoh man I used zgrep with ".CONF_FB" thats why I couldn't see the ones that I have set. Yes, the output is the same alright. and yes I have CONFIG_FB_VESA=y and others21:33
just_funFrom what I see in my dmesg, after udevd is started, the Intel DRM driver makes the fb0.21:35
hellcodewell my dmesg says nothing about fb021:36
just_funDo you have CONFIG_DRM enabled?21:37
jaegerThe file /proc/config or /proc/config.gz (depending on which is enabled in your kernel config, if any) will be an accurate representation of your currently-running config21:38
jaegerSo if it's missing the FB settings, you'd need to add them as appropriate21:38
hellcodenope, I guess I'll have to add it, huh?21:38
jaegerWhat kind of graphics card do you have?21:39
jaegerrecent or old?21:39
hellcodeor vesa, lemme see21:39
hellcodenvm it's radeon21:40
just_funor CONFIG_FB_RADEON21:41
hellcode:O outstanding, thank you21:42
jaegerso yeah, look for radeon options and also enable VESA FB just in case21:42
hellcodeso with those two (DRM and FB_RADEON) should suffice?21:42
jaegerI don't have any experience with radeon FB myself so not 100% sure, but that's a good start, at least21:43
hellcodeyeah, I'm going to try that, thanks21:43
jaegerYou might also check if modesetting is an option for that GPU21:43
jaegerIf there's a modesetting option in the kernel along with the radeon DRM option, that might be useful or even required21:43
hellcodeI don't know what that means lol21:44
jaegermight be listed as modesetting or KMS21:44
jaegertake a look at
jaegerThere's a "Kernel" section that lists some options21:46
jaegerone of which is "Enable Modesetting on radeon by default"21:46
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