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marakuvsteve, is that
marakuromster uploads big packages00:11
marakuyou can try installing his chromium pkg00:11
vsteveis there a reason the one in /opt/ is busted for me?00:12
Worksteractually recently been uploading all packages in core opt xorg compat-32 contrib that build00:12
Worksterpastebin the error, make sure you got nodejs installed00:13
Worksterprt-get deptree chromium00:13
vsteveahhh I did not00:14
vstevethere we go00:15
vstevethat's the error, but you're right I don't have nodejs00:15
vstevewhy doesn't chromium flip out at configure time if I'm missing something it needs?00:16
Worksterthat was a recent dep lke 3? versins ago00:18
Worksterdamn i hate this keyboard00:18
Worksterand that paste doesn't show nodejs00:19
vsteveyeah, the paste just shows that it's missing some path00:19
vsteveI confirmed the path infact didn't exist00:20
vstevebut then you mentioned nodejs so I checked and now I'm installing that00:20
vsteveI'm missing a slew of things00:22
vsteveI foolishly assumed that whatever chromium does before it compiles would check for things it virtually every other program ever written00:22
vstevewow nodejs is a beast00:29
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joacim(join #sushigirl03:23
joacimwell that wasn't right03:23
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nwegood morning07:02
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nwehow are you folks?07:15
tsaopit's hot07:17
tsaopno AC07:18
tsaop41 °C perceived temperature at 17:0007:18
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nweoh, where do you live ? :D here it´s 20 with alots of cloud 09:20 in the morning :D07:21
tsaopit's very humid in this part of the country during the summer07:23
nwehi abenz07:26
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tsaoptesting flatpak on CRUX13:33
tsaopseems to work quite well13:33
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ryu0tsaop: if you get 6 of 'em can you say you have 6 flatpak abs then?13:43
tsaopI only installed 3 flatpaks as of now =P13:46
tsaopwhat does that make me?13:46
ryu0a wuss.13:46
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pedjaI think I'll have to port rejmerge to opensuse, it doesn't have such a tool, it seems15:05
pedjawhich is...ridiculous15:05
pedjait has a tool which will tell you which files you should take a look/merge, but that's it15:08
pedja'just use sdiff'15:09
pedjamy bad, *it* has a tool which will merge configs from etc15:13
pedjawhy isn't it installed by default is anyone's guess15:14
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pedjaone thing common in all OS is that there is a lot of tribal knowledge15:55
pedjaways to do things never written anywhere15:56
pedjahm, quite a few sdb (system disk) errors/warnings in dmesg. Looks like I am about to get fscked, and not in a fun way.16:28
pedjaSMART values are sane, googling kernel message is of no particular help. great.16:36
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frinnstwhat do they say?17:06
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pedja'READ FPDMA QUEUED' from the drive and some ext4 errors17:30
pedjafailed command*17:31
pedjaroot partition is ext4, so I guess that the drive error is related to that.17:34
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pedjaI could convert root partition to something else, since grub2 is new enough now :)17:44
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pedjaRomster, is 'Release=s1' in wxgtk port a typo?17:52
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jaegerdarthlukan: seems to be an ssl cert issue on your ports repo20:02
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: pmwiki: update to 2.2.10121:02
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: cups-filters: update to 1.16.021:03
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: php-gd: update to 5.6.3121:03
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Romsterpedja, yeah it is a typo22:27
Romstersaw it yesterday and went bugger..22:27
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: wxgtk: fix typo on release=22:32
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vstevehey party people, I can't install chromium-pepperflash22:51
vsteve=======> Partial download failed, restarting --2017-07-31 18:57:37-- Resolving Connecting to||:443... connected. HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 404 Not Found 2017-07-31 18:57:37 ERROR 404: Not Found.22:51
vsteveI don't know why it thinks the download is partial, but then it goes on to not be able to find it at all22:52
vstevesure enough, clicking the link produced by pasting the error also results in a 40422:52
jaeger404 whoomp there it isn't22:52
vstevewell said22:52
jaegerThe partial bit is pkgmk's download resume stuff, it does that whether the URL works or not22:53
jaegerprobably just need a new url22:53
jaegerdoes it work if you change the version to
vsteveit sure does22:54
vsteveso adobe just cut out an old version22:54
jaegerLooks like, yeah22:54
vsteveare you able to update the ports in opt?22:54
jaegerI am, but that one has an active maintainer22:54
jaegerteK_: ^22:54
vstevehow many active crux users would you say there might be world wide?22:55
vsteveI'm curious because I've never -ever- come across another crux user here in the states22:59
vsteveaside from you fine people, those of you who are cheese burger eating, gun toting americans anyway23:00
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jaegerNot a clue, honestly. Would be interesting to have some kind of tracker for users, maybe23:05
vsteveI want to say....a few thousand?  maybe?23:06
vsteveI work with a lot of deep-nerds, multi-PhD types, people who live inside the kernel or driver code, and they've never heard of it23:06
jaegerI'd be surprised if it were in the thousands, even23:14
vsteveI suppose i'm not totally wrong in feeling like half the bug reports come from me then :p23:14
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