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vstevesxhkd also won't download for the same reason chromium-pepperflash won't it seems00:23
vsteveI have no idea what it's for, but it fails on prt-get sysup00:23
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rmullvsteve: It won't download the sources? sxhkd works for me, md5sum check sout00:42
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vstevermull, let me get the exact error01:08
vsteveSaving to: '/usr/ports/6c37/sxhkd/0.5.8.tar.gz.partial'  0.5.8.tar.gz.partial               100%[================================================================>]  33.76K  --.-KB/s    in 0.02s     2017-07-31 20:27:47 (1.47 MB/s) - '/usr/ports/6c37/sxhkd/0.5.8.tar.gz.partial' saved [34566/34566]  =======> ERROR: Signature mismatch found: MISMATCH        signify =======> ERROR: Building '/usr/ports/6c37/sxhkd/sxhkd#0.5.8-1.pkg.tar.gz' f01:08
vsteveI find it suspect that it seems to think that the version number is the name of the file01:08
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rmullversion number being the name of the file is typical of github-sourced tarballs01:19
rmullI do not get a signature mismatch on my end01:20
rmullDo you have the pubkeys in /etc/ports?01:20
vsteveI guess?  *everything* else works except that01:24
vstevebut let me check01:24
vsteveoh for 6c37 I do not01:25
vstevehuh....but other stuff from there works01:25
rmulloh, oops, thought you were using contrib/sxhkd01:26
rmullno matter01:27
vstevemaybe that's the problem01:27
rmullstill works for me01:27
vstevehow does crux recconcile a doubled package like that?01:27
vstevewhich repo will it pull from first?01:27
rmullThe order in which they're listed in /etc/prt-get.conf01:28
vsteveahhh makes sense01:28
rmullMaybe not all 6c37 ports have the .signature file01:29
rmullIf they don't they'll build without the pubkey I think01:29
vstevehow do I go about getting the files it needs?01:51
vsteveports -u doesn't pull them down01:51
rmullSave this in /etc/ports:
rmullFull info at
vstevehmm still not working02:00
rmullstill a signature mismatch?02:05
rmullYou could always force it with -is02:06
rmullSeems weird though, since mine's working02:06
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vsteveweird, -is made it work right away02:12
vsteveand yeah, still signature mismatches02:13
vsteveI'm not worried about it, as far as I know it's not even a package I use02:14
rmullI assume that other 6c37 ports with .signature files also fail for you?02:16
rmulland exists in /etc/ports?02:17
rmullWith an md5sum of 887f2e3f718330f7d03ca8363cce903f?02:17
vstevehuh, no different checksum02:18
rmullHuh, the one I downloaded from my link is also different02:18
vstevebecause firefox didn't do what I thought it would02:18
rmullOh, it looks like it's html02:18
rmullnot a pubkey. Lol02:18
rmullHere's the correct (raw) link:
rmullSorry about that.02:19
rmullGonna update the 6c37 documentation02:20
vstevetons of stuff still fails though02:20
vstevenow i'm matching 887f....etcetyc02:20
rmullAnd you still get signature mismatch when building 6c37/sxhkd?02:23
vstevewell that I fixed with your -is trick02:23
rmullWell, that's just a workaround - it ignores the signature02:23
rmullYou ideally do not want to use -is02:23
vstevefrom ports -u02:24
vsteveFailed to download The requested URL returned error: 404 Not Found  Edit: 6c37-git/oss/.md5sum Failed to download The requested URL returned error: 404 Not Found  Edit: 6c37-git/oss/.signature Failed to download The requ02:24
vsteveit goes on like that02:25
rmullOh okay, that's a different issue02:25
rmullIt looks like 6c37-git/oss is a non-existent port02:26
rmullAre you using the git driver or the httpup driver for that repo?02:26
rmullI suggest using the git driver02:27
vsteveI have 6c37-git.httpup and 6c37.git02:27
vsteveshould I delete the httpup one?02:27
rmullYeah, but you'll need to add a 6c37-git.git one in its place02:28
rmullYou can see oss was dropped from 6c37-git recently:
rmullBut the httpup repo lags behind the github one02:28
rmullAnd don't forget to get the pubkey if you don't already have it:
rmullHere's 6c37-git.git too:
rmullafk, good luck02:33
vsteveit's still trying to pull down oss somehow02:33
rmullhmm, I guess I'll try it real fast02:33
rmullPorts -u worked for me02:34
rmull6c37-git.rsync and 6c37-git.httpup don't exist, right?02:35
vsteveI had moved it to old.6c37-git.httpup02:36
vstevebut that's not good enough apparently02:36
vsteveso I removed that02:37
vstevenow I'm past the oss issue02:37
rmulloh, delete everything in /usr/ports/6c37-git and then redo ports -u02:37
vsteveI deleted everything in /usr/ports/02:37
vstevebut so far so good02:37
vsteveyeah, I was able to reinstall sxhkd without -is02:40
vsteveso that's set too now02:40
vstevethe only outlaying issue is chromium-pepperflash and that's adobe's fault02:41
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rmullI'm not a user of that so I haven't tried it - what's the issue02:46
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vstevechromium-pepperflash is set to the wrong version number04:18
vstevejaeger worked that out earlier, the entry in /opt/ just needs to be updated by the maintainer04:19
vsteveadobe, in their infinite splendor, took down the previous version04:19
vstevealso, sleep time04:20
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: stunnel: update to 5.4210:04
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: poppler-qt5: update to 0.57.010:04
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: poppler-glib: update to 0.57.010:04
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: poppler: update to 0.57.010:04
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: ocaml: update to 4.05.010:04
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: hpcups: update to 3.17.710:04
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: mailx: update to 14.9.110:04
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frinnstjaeger: ordered pbt caps for my upcoming code board. put them on my ducky at work to try out10:41
frinnstturns out atleast 2 of my leds are broken :)10:41
frinnstdoesnt look like much but god they feel good10:58
tsaopthat's a nice keyboard10:58
tsaopI love big enter keys10:58
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frinnsttsaop: isnt it standard for pretty much everyone except the US?10:59
frinnstiso and all10:59
tsaopfrinnst: I saw here also those half height enter keys11:03
tsaoproughly big as the backspace key11:03
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frinnstyeah  I have a customer that uses an ansi-keyboard. lots of typing errors when I use that :)11:04
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john_cephalopodafrinnst: The "win" key is used to turn on the aimbots in CS:GO?11:15
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jaegerfrinnst: nice. :)13:56
jaegerMy ducky keyboard died this week, sadly13:56
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jaegerI found a buyer for my varmilo so soon I'll only have the two code keyboards14:18
frinnstits not *that* old, is it? 2015?14:43
frinnstshine 3?14:44
frinnstis it a known issue with the model you had?14:44
frinnstwtf are ups doing? philadelphia -> louisville -> philadelphia15:04
frinnstactually: louisville -> manchester (nh) -> philly -> louisville -> philly15:05
jaegerShine 3, yes. Got it in 2014 so it's not very old, really. I had a lot of LEDs fail on it over time, maybe mine had bad components in general15:23
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frinnstare the diodes themselves actually dead or is it the soldering thats bad?17:58
frinnstleds are pretty durable..17:58
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jaegerThe LEDs are ok, the keyboard itself doesn't work anymore18:01
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frinnstnow yeah, but before18:05
rmulljaeger: Do you know what's wrong with it?18:09
jaegerAh. Before the LEDs were actually failing. The soldering seemed fine18:10
jaegerrmull: no idea. tried different usb cables but no luck there. about half of the LEDs light up but the keys don't work18:10
jaeger3 of the LEDs stay on all the time if the cable is plugged in18:11
rmullNever spilled anything into it?18:11
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joacimnever means "yes, but i'm not telling you" in my experience :]18:40
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jaegeractually, I've never spilled any liquid on any keyboard, mine or otherwise19:14
jaegerI've dropped a heavy speaker onto a laptop keyboard once which damaged it quite badly19:14
joacimi probably should get a spare keyboard that i wouldn't mind using for an extended period of time19:18
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j_vi'm having a bit of an issue using p11-kit's trust program. i can get it to extract ca-anchors fine if i rebuild the port with a more recent version (i've tried 0.23.2(latest stable release) and 0.23.7(latest devel release)) and also point its trust path directly at /etc/ssl/cert.pem21:16
j_vi think there's a bug that manifests when the trust path is set to a directory, like our port has set up... i've started digging into the code to prepare myself to submit bug upstream.21:18
j_vwhen the trust path is set to a directory, debug output shows that it's rejecting the same certs that it accepts with the trust path is set to a full path.21:20
j_vwould it be preferable that i figure out if there needs to be an upstream issue reported before suggesting changes to the p11-kit port?21:21
jaegerIf convenient, might as well. If there is indeed an upstream bug it would be nice to be fixed, regardless of the port21:28
j_vyeah, makes sense. i'm finding that the one shortcoming i've found in my openjdk ports is in the cacerts. they are not hard to generate when p11-kit's trust program behaves. of course, as the p11-kit ports stands right now, it does not behave.21:30
jaegerdoh, figures21:30
j_vi'll work on debugging p11-kit issue21:31
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druid_droideita Crux'ers <321:42
druid_droidas usual I haz a problem XD21:48
jaegerIt was j_v!21:48
jaegerACTION ducks21:48
druid_droidfirst time qemu don't launch virtual machines with host resolution21:48
druid_droidI was thinking to have "clean" crux host machine, and then for play and so on Devuan as guest machine21:49
druid_droidhave this something to do with host Xorg configuration ?21:52
druid_droidin the past I don't have this problem, but I think I have configured Xorg, but is not required21:53
jaegerSo your qemu guest doesn't run at the right resolution? Or did I misunderstand?21:53
druid_droidyes, guest machine don't get host resolution, get less21:53
druid_droidI use -vga std21:53
jaegerhrmm... you might need someone with more qemu experience. I've only run mine with text consoles or vfio passthrough21:53
druid_droidI manage to have sound on guest, I made a small party when I get it working :D21:54
druid_droidnow I only need full resolution and then webcam/mic so I can make calls21:55
druid_droidI think I have capture (mic) but I don't have tested,21:56
druid_droidand I'm letting cam for last, I think will be the easy part, because I saw lots of information about USB thing21:56
jaegerAnyway, as far as the guest resolution goes, have you tried explicitly configuring it with Xorg.conf?21:57
druid_droidno, I tryed a visual tool, it changes resolution but, how can I say, screen becomes gray and resolution stays21:59
druid_droidI remember that in past even grub was ok at boot,21:59
druid_droidand this time it only uses this low resolution22:00
druid_droidI also try to change on guest gxfmode/linuxpayload keep and stuff22:00
jaegersorry, I don't have any good info there, not really familiar with qemu's video stuff22:00
druid_droidthanks so much jaeger22:00
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j_vdamn, didn't even see that bus coming23:13
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