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marakujust to add, i've been using CFLAGS=="-O2 -march=skylake -pipe -fstack-protector-all" for ~2 months now with now problems02:13
marakuhad a bit of an issue because of an older glibc, but the newer one builds with fstack-protector02:14
marakus/now/no, also skylake because kabylake doesn't have a 'profile/whatever' yet in gcc02:14
j_vgood to know about the -fstack-protector-all flag. worth looking into. thanks for the info.02:35
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: tevent: update to 0.9.3312:05
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: talloc: update to 2.1.1012:05
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: expat: update to 2.2.312:05
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vitaminCould somebody help me please figure out my network setup?17:06
frinnstdon't ask to ask, just ask17:09
vitaminok:) it's about ipv617:11
vitaminping6 returns - unknown host17:11
vitaminfor both IP addresses and domain names17:12
vitamini can't even do 'ping6'17:13
vitaminwhile 'normal' ping works fine17:13
frinnstyeah thats expected17:13
frinnstyou cant ping6 a ipv4 address17:13
frinnstdo you have any ipv6 addresses assigned?17:15
vitaminno. i just wanted to verify if my current network settings are ok17:16
frinnstthen that "test" won't tell you anything :)17:17
tsaopyou should check if your ISP provides IPv6 Internet access, or use a tunnel broker17:18 is what I use17:19
tsaopunless you meant to assign a LAN IPv6 address to your network interfaces17:19
tsaopthere's also 6to417:19
vitamintsaop: how can I check if my ISP provides IPv6 access for me?17:21
frinnstmake sure you have ipv6 support in your kernel and check to see if you've received an ipv6 address17:22
tsaopvitamin: check on their website or on your Internet plan17:25
tsaopmine uses separated PPP credentials for providing IPv6 access17:25
vitamini have ipv6 support in kernel but my wifi card doesn't have ipv6 address assigned17:25
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vitaminifconfig wlp3s0 shows only inet addr - no inet6 addr though17:27
dbrookeuse 'ip' rather than 'ifconfig'17:29
dbrookeI see no IPv6 with ifconfig on my system17:30
frinnstvisiting should return a ipv6 address also17:31
vitamindbrooke: ip shows inet6 address on my wifi card. many thanks for letting me know about this command17:35
dbrookeit's the future 8-)17:36
frinnstis it a link-local or a routable ip? link-local begins with fe80:17:36
dbrookeifconfig is deprecated, but it can support IPv6 so I guess the crux package has the support disabled17:37
vitamin@frinnst: ip shows me two inet6 addresses: first one starts with 2a01 and second one with fe80.17:39
vitamindbrooke: regarding ifconfig on crux - check this page:
vitamini was using it as a guide - hence i was using ifconfig command17:41
dbrookeOK, I always used ip so never realised ifconfig wasn't working until I tried it when you mentioned it just now17:42
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frinnstold rfc in that wiki - fixed now :-)17:44
vitamindbrooke: is ifconfig showing you inet6 address?17:48
dbrookenot at the moment, I'm just rebuilding it in case the one from the ISO is v4 only17:50
vitaminoh, i see. maybe that's the case.17:50
vitaminso it looks like my network is ok. many thanks guys for your help.17:51
dbrookestill doesn't, yet the build log shows it checking for v6 capabilities, so I'm confused ...17:52
vitamindbrooke: i'm googling about this issue but can't find anything except this:
vitaminbut i'm pretty sure it doesn't apply to crux18:06
jaegerifconfig from inetutils doesn't support ipv6 - try the one from net-tools if you really want it18:10
jaegerotherwise use ip18:10
vitamin@jaeger: thank you for the explanations. now it's all clear:)18:15
dbrookehowever net-tools doesn't seem to have a port which is why my prt-get fsearch ifconfig only showed the one in inetutils18:19
dbrookeanyway ip is probably the best choice these days18:20
vitamini see there is no /etc/locale.conf file in crux. so how do i set my default locale? I mean 'LANG=' variable.18:57
brian|lfsthere is a link in the install gude to how to set it up19:02
vitaminthere is only link to how to generate locales - but not how to set up a default one (i have couple of locales).19:05
tsaopshove it in /etc/profile or modify it to load .sh files in /etc/profile.d19:11
vitamintsaop: thank you. /etc/profile seems like a good idea indeed.19:15
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j_vi requested to close FS#1419. the recent samba update fixed the issue.20:12
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joacimj_v: i get different mismatches now20:34
j_vjoacim: builds clean here, in a container with only core + deps20:43
j_vare you getting missing or new files?20:44
joacimboth missing and new20:45
joacimim rebuilding it now20:45
frinnstthe major advantage with net-tools is the commands are pretty generic and often available in other unices20:46
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joacimbuild log if you're interested21:04
joacimi get more or less the same footprint mismatch when i build on my desktop computer21:16
frinnstare all the deps installed?21:23
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j_vjoacim: was going to compare my build log with yours, but mine is truncated (don't know why). i'm rebuilding it now.21:35
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j_vjoacim: the missing files would happen if ldb was installed when samba is built22:47
j_vthis would appear if dbus was installed at build time: NEW       -rwxr-xr-x      root/root       usr/lib/samba/vfs/snapper.so22:49
j_vand the new manpages are probably similar situation22:50
j_vseems innocuous to me22:51
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