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joacimseems pretty annoying01:10
joacimbut thanks =)01:10
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j_vjoacim: maybe could suggest adding ldb as depend for samba? it's going to get build by samba (bundled) anyways01:13
joacimit already has a shitload of deps tho01:15
joacimbut yeah. if you have a desktop system, you'll end up with it anyways01:16
joacimit would just add one dependency beyond what samba already needs tho01:17
joacimwould there be a conflic if tdb was installed after samba was already installed?01:17
joacimif so, that too would be annoying01:17
joacimldb i mean01:18
joacimno the files are all contained within sambas own directories01:19
j_vyeah, i don't think it would be an issue, and the samba bundled libs are probably linked using rpath01:20
joacimi think i tend to do that with my own ports too. if something is bundled, and also built using the linstalled library if it exists, i tend to add that library as a dependency and disable the internal one01:22
joacimsince it is more predictable01:22
j_vyeah, that's my preference. one example is my mupdf port. i've tried to reduce the installation size by adding the bundled stuff as deps and then making double sure that the system deps are used instead of the bundled ones01:29
j_vbut it's the opposite with mupdf as it is with samba. with mupdf, it's necessary to actually remove the bundled stuff from the mupdf source heirarchy in order to prevent bundled stuff from being used.01:34
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just_funhow to mangle the footprint to get constant output if pathname changes:
ryu0just_fun: why are you trying to make the footprint that way? it's automatically made by pkgmk.06:59
just_funDidn't you said you have a port with filenames changing with every build?07:00
ryu0yes, but that was because of the nature of the port.07:00
ryu0rakudo changes part of its path based on the nqp binary used to make it. i'm assuming nqp changes from one build to another.07:01
just_funand the port can override the make_footprint function to avoid footprint mismatches07:01
ryu0I thought you were asking for help or something.07:02
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: mailx: update to 14.9.312:15
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john_cephalopodaTIL Fedora mounts a tmpfs on /tmp, but instead of simply using fstab, they use some systemd unit file.
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pedja'systemd-analyze blame' is pretty cool way to see just why is booting taking that long18:05
john_cephalopodaHmm, I wonder if that could be easily implemented for sysvinit.18:11
pedjabootchart works fine with it, iirc18:14
liveHi, new crux user here (via bollix livecd), exgentoo .target: gtk2only , no poetteringware ,bootfromsquash.thats done, very nice.some questions left:A) howto show all repos in yapo B)is there any pkgdependency-info stored outside pkgfiles in a db (would be nice if no) C)till now i escaped manual ca-cert setup ,wget +curl against gnutls.any pointers to working tutorials ? thanks ,T18:16
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john_cephalopodalive: All repos that you have got installed and that are kept up-to-date by the "ports" utility can be found in /usr/ports18:20
john_cephalopodalive: The configuration for the enabled ports repos is in /etc/ports/18:21
pedjayapo wil show all repos configured in pr-get.conf, iirc18:22
live@john ,thanks ,i know that ,point of interest is simultanous display of all variant of a given port ,thats why i like yapo18:22
john_cephalopodaOh, yapo is a tool. I thought it was a typo :รพ18:23
pedjafor all variants of the same port you'll have to use something like 'prt-get dup'18:23
john_cephalopodalive: All dependencies are stored in Pkgfiles and can be accessed with "prt-get depends <package>" to get the dependencies for a package and "prt-get dependent <package" to get all packages that depend on <package>.18:25
live@pedja prt-get dup mc :just throws two lines of "mcmcmcmcmc" @john :greaaat , so no mystical pkgdb( like masked ports in gentoo)-> so converting to libressl is done solely by editing pkgfiles?18:28
pedjalive, 'prt-get dup | grep whatever'18:30
live@pedja : niiiiice :)  thank you18:31
john_cephalopodalive: You'll have to find a libressl port and install it. And that would be it.18:33
john_cephalopodaAnd you'd have to edit Pkgfiles of programs that need libressl.18:33
john_cephalopoda*That usually use openssl and need special settings to use libressl18:34
pedjaand rebuild all the broken stuff perhaps (revdep to the rescue) :)18:34
john_cephalopodalive: To shadow certain packages, just put them into a custom repo and add it above all other repos in the /etc/prt-get.conf file.18:35
john_cephalopodaThe first package found will shadow the same package in other repos.18:35
jaegerNever heard of bollix livecd until now, interesting18:39
pedjatbh, I don't really understand the need for libressl on non-BSD systems. oh, well, to each its own18:41
pedjaand yes, I know the story behind it, why it was started, and all that jazz18:41
live@john  thanks ,so no magic invisible db in the background  ,didnt think custom repo til now, nice .@jaeger : very nice ,simple setup ,he has a from scratch tutorial too (slitaz inspired).boot from squash per extlinux deadeasy.oh no aufs he uses ...linuxintern /forgor18:43
jaegerlive: for clarification, there is a package database at /var/lib/pkg/db but it does not store dependency info or in fact much metadata at all. prt-get reads individual Pkgfiles for said metadata18:44
live@pedja : im not a hacker ijust dont like officcialy broken tools/infrastructures .nice to have a choice ...18:44
john_cephalopodalive: Well, CRUX is following the principle of Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS) - doing everything as simple as possible.18:44
pedja'officially broken tools/infrastructure'?18:45
pedjaEris knows openssl has its problems, but 'broken'?18:46
live@jaeger : thats perfect , sounds like another job for orgmode addicts all pkgfiles in one :)18:46
jaegerI'm kinda tempted to make my own crux-based livecd, just as an interesting exercise18:48
jaegerthere's also cruxex out there, though I've not used it myself18:50
live@jaeger : boot bollix, unsquash bollix.sqfs  , cp resolv.conf , chroot , ports -u , prt-get ,exit , mksqushfs , cp -> boot ,18:51
live@jaeger : i started with that (3.2) , he used the slaxtools i think,  also nice but no sources published . ithink bollix is quite perfect .iso has complete gtk2desktop network + firmware .so if wpa + dhcpcd is ok for you , youre ready togo18:53
liveoh btw, do you guys use initramfs ?if yes how do you make it: mkinitramfs?18:58
jaegerThe installation media uses one, though I doubt most users use one for normal booting19:00
jaegeryou can see how that one is created in the Makefile here:;a=tree19:02
live@line 05:03 bollix uses overlay instead of aufs @jaeger great, had some trouble with grub legacy to boot kernel from ext4 (ext4patched grub).19:03
pedjathis might be interesting to Ryzen users
jaegerI was tempted to try that but the requirements include "more than 16GB RAM" :P19:09
jaegerI only put 16GB in mine19:09
jaegercould try the non-ramdisk method, I guess19:11
pedjaI haven't seen your m/b here
pedjalooks like mesa compile is most likely to trigger segfaults for some reason. interesting.19:17
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jaegerfirefox does for me as well19:24
frinnstI havent seen any segfaults for atleast a month now I think19:30
jaegerI did build firefox 80 times :)19:33
jaegerI don't remember how many times it failed but it was at least a few19:33
frinnstlooping 8 ffox rebuilds now :)19:34
pedjaspeaking of FF, it thinks that 55.0b13 < 54.0.1 and it nags me to 'update to the newest version' :)19:35
frinnststupid UPS. my keyboard arrived in sweden 21:00 yesterday. Hasn't moved an inch since yesterday :(19:36
frinnstScheduled Delivery:19:36
frinnstMonday, 08/07/2017 , By End of Day19:36
pedjaI am looking forward to Monday afternoon, too, but for different reason (heat wave should stop by then)19:38
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pedja40+C for a several days now, it's insane.19:39
frinnst15.9C here right now. too hot19:40
frinnstfuck man.. we get maybe 2-3 days like that during summer19:42
jaegerok, it's kinda hilarious that threadripper CPUs come with a torque wrench19:43
pedjathat's a 3rd heat wave in the last month. damn you, Sahara desert19:45
pedjajaeger, what?19:45
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pedjadamn, that packaging is cool :)19:51
pedjayikes. is he really this stupid?19:53
pedjaI fail to see the entertainment value in treating hardware that way. then again, I am old and bitter :)20:01
jaegeryeah, some of that is a little ridiculous, but in general the videos are decent20:01
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jaegerI need to run the firefox builds again and see how it goes... Maybe also try with gcc 7.120:08
pedjais this the case you used, jaeger?
pedjaNCASE M120:12
jaegerIt is20:13
jaeger <-- the parts list, minus the case20:14
frinnst7.1 and glibc 2.26 are a pain20:18
frinnstcant even build gcc against glibc 2.26 without patching20:19
frinnstyeah they have done a lot of changes20:22
frinnstwell, not a lot - just a few headers20:22
frinnstfirefox is still building. need to cancel it now20:26
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pedjacherry-picking patches for gcc/glibc sounds like fun :)20:37
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pedjathe good thing is that few distros switched to 7.x a while back, so there's always that as reference20:40
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