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jaegerwhy is moby's version lower than docker CE's? silly03:14
jaegerv17.05.0-ce released 5/5, v17.03.2-ce released 27/603:17
jaegermaybe it's a retroactive bugfix or something03:27
pedja17.03 is supposed to be LTS, I think04:10
pedja'Long Time' being 6 months :)04:11
jaegerhrmm, could be04:13
pedjastable (release every quarter) and edge (every month-ish) channels04:22
pedja17.06 should be the latest version, but I can't find the source for it anywhere :)04:26
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: aria2: 1.28.0 -> 1.32.005:42
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nullspoonI've got a question regarding linux-firmware. I realized it doesn't contain my newer graphics card, nvidia gb107. I attempted a manual upgrade of my firmware (basicaly just updated the opt port in my local repo, but with a newer version). Upon reboot, my system completely freezes on different kinds of operations. Sometimes on wifi connect, always on startx, etc.06:26
nullspoonAnyone know if I'm missing a step here or perhaps it's just buggy firmware?06:27
ryu0nullspoon: if it's very new, the support may not be very usable yet.06:29
nullspoonOn boot, nouveau gives me 'Pointer to TMDS table invalid'. On freeze tty1 displays 'rcu_sched self-detected stall on CPU'06:29
nullspoonryu0: I was hoping that wasn't the answer.  :)06:29
Romsterwhat is the support on that card say on nouveau's site?06:30
ryu0it's just a general observation.06:30
ryu0you may be forced to use the nvidia driver for now.06:30
ryu0can try a newer kernel.06:30
nullspoonIt's a nv130 series (1050 ti)06:31
Romsteralso make sure you check revdep and rejmerge06:31
nullspoonbasically, 2d accelerated is work in progress, 3d all done with power management not started.06:31
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ryu0maybe need to switch to another xorg driver?06:32
nullspoonI can live quite fine on the integrated chip. Just thought I'd take a swing at getting the discrete card working. Was hoping the answer was something like 'hey dummy, you forgot the post-install'06:32
ryu0glamor might work better. That uses 3D to do 2D rendering.06:32
nullspoonnot familiar with glamor06:32
nullspoonHuh. Had no idea that existed. That might be useful.06:33
nullspoonAlso Romster: I'm a bit new to the linux-firmware component of a linux system. What would need to be rebuilt?06:34
nullspoonI thought the binaries were just loaded in as needed.06:34
ryu0nullspoon: nothing. that has nothing to do with userspace.06:35
ryu0it's only used by the kernel.06:35
ryu0what kernel are you running?06:35
nullspoonI figured it might be the kernel, but that's the latest stable, straight from linus' repo.06:36
nullspooner, rather latest 'release'.06:36
ryu0Well, dunno what to tell you. Nouveau isn't as good as intel or radeon.06:36
nullspoonSadly. Nvidia makes just about the most powerful gpus out there, but they also have just about the worst open source support.06:37
ryu0if all else fails, could try running the nvidia driver until the situation improves.06:37
ryu0that's what I did when my AMD wasn't too well supported. it took 6-12 months for it to be usable.06:38
nullspoonFortunately, my 630 does the trick for most applications/games. If I ever run into something that really doesn't work, I'll give proprietary nvidia a shot. So far though, my fully open source system is a bit of a point of pride.06:38
ryu0Fully open source?06:38
nullspoonalmost full oss at least.06:38
ryu0Do you also run libreboot?06:38
nullspoonfair point.06:39
ryu0The zealots at FSF wouldn't classify it as that.06:39
ryu0You also use blobs.06:39
ryu0Firmware blobs.06:39
nullspoonYeah, I was going to point that out.06:39
nullspoonthe 'almost'06:39
ryu0It's a compromise between open and useful.06:39
nullspoonI'm not shooting for zealot oss, just mostly.  :)06:39
nullspoonYeah, the old security vs usability scale. I'm willing to tip a little closer towards security and sacrifice usability, but I still want a computer from the modern age.06:40
ryu0Actually, this is different.06:40
ryu0There's really no reason it can't be fully open. It's just that the makers of this shit don't want to share.06:40
ryu0So, what else can you do?06:41
nullspoonI couldn't disagree more. That's why I use as much open source as I can get my hands on. If there is an open source alternative, I use it.06:41
nullspooner, agree I mean.06:41
ryu0Security vs usability is a thing, but it has nothing really to do with the source code model.06:42
nullspoonAgreed. Disagreed with a VP on that one once...06:43
ryu0Security through obscurity?06:43
ryu0People still find security holes despite that.06:43
nullspoonHe claimed that's why all proprietary software is better.06:43
nullspoonI explained what you just said to him. There are security holes either way. At least with open source you know sooner.06:44
ryu0Yea, well. You can't get security holes in proprietary software fixed w/o the vendor.06:44
nullspoonthat and it gets patched faster...usually.06:44
ryu0It lives and dies with the vendor.06:44
ryu0OSS at least has the potential to go beyond the original author.06:44
ryu0A good example of where proprietary software falls apart is IOT devices.06:45
ryu0Or any number of "smart" devices.06:45
nullspoonSomething that interracts so closely to one's life won't see my life until I can see its source code.06:46
ryu0Most vendors can't be counted on to support them for the life of the device.06:46
nullspoonI don't trust that stuff one bit.06:46
ryu0That attitude is only a good idea for devices on a closed network.06:46
ryu0but the IOT isn't a closed network.06:47
ryu0nullspoon: seen this?
nullspoonI've seen concepts like that, but not that one in particular.06:48
nullspoonLooks like a raspberry pi, but specifically for IoT.06:49
nullspoonWouldn't mind playing with something like that.06:49
ryu0Except one major difference.06:49
ryu0RPI is built on proprietary bits, this isn't. (allegedly)06:49
ryu0it's basically a SOC microcontroller of sorts.06:50
ryu0nullspoon: the only form of proprietary code I found was the wifi driver. but there's an open source one. it just sucks compared to the proprietary one for now i heard.06:51
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: qt5: 5.8.0 -> 5.9.106:52
nullspoonFortunately if the project is popular enough, it'll catch up usually (like my new nvidia card I hope).06:53
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brian|lfsmy nvidia card is solid gold06:55
Romsternullspoon, firmeware is just read, but if you got something else broken link or not configured correctly revdep and rejmerge will reveal those.06:58
nullspoonsorry there - stepped away for a second.07:16
nullspoonRomster: I'll give it a try tomorrow. Fortunately everything works fine as I kept a backup of the original package so I just reinstalled the 2016 one.07:16
nullspoonSleepy time for now though.07:17
nullspoonThanks very much for the help!07:17
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Romsterhi timcowchip your lxde collection is missing .md5sums and/or .signature files07:39
Romsterand lxde/tea is missing source07:41
ryu0Romster: i'm polishing the perl6 ports. should be good to hand off soon.07:41
Romsteri was thinking i could add a ryu0 repo to gitolite for you07:42
Romsteror just let you have access to my collection07:43
ryu0Romster: ok.07:43
Romsterwhich would be better?07:43
ryu0probably yours.07:43
ryu0No idea how we'd handle port signing though.07:43
Romsteroh hmm07:43
timcowchipyes it is07:44
timcowchipless mismatch errors that way07:44
Romsterhow does that work for multiple signify keys on the one repo jaeger ?07:45
Romsterpkgmk looks for the repo name for the key07:45
Romsterwell it's removing security and it's fucking up my distfile mirror by missing those timcowchip07:46
Romsteri download hash and hard link the files into directories then remove files off distfiles/ then i check each hash and hard link back in the distfiles/ but because you're missing any hash's it downloads yours over and over and over.07:47
timcowchipok I'll add them as soon as I figure out what they are07:48
Romstereither or i just not mirror your distfiles07:48
timcowchipI'm in the process of moving all sources for my packages to a git repo07:48
Romsteralso see tea site is down07:49
Romsterwhy do that?07:49
Romstergit is not designed for large files07:49
timcowchipI only have 12 packages07:49
Romsterso ?07:50
Romsteri don't get the logic07:50
timcowchipso not such a large amount07:50
timcowchipof Mb07:50
Romsteri already mirror them so if anyone uses that they can get missing distfiles07:51
RomsterACTION shrugs07:51
timcowchipthanks Romster07:51
Romsterand i am working on to search for hash and grab files by name/hash07:52
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just_funRomster,the file mentioned in the signature is used as a public key (to check the port).08:53
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just_funAnyone using pkgutils on another distro? Or replaced debian files with crux/core in a hosted VPS? Any warnings for this path?09:17
ryu0just_fun: did you already purchase the VPS access?09:18
just_funnot yet09:18
ryu0it depends on the host. some use KVM, so you can actually use it like a regular install largely.09:18
ryu0OVH VPS is like this.09:18
ryu0others do container VPS.09:19
ryu0these are usually trickier to get right.09:19
ryu0ideally you'd try to get a host that lets you r/w to the root in some capacity.09:19
ryu0from a rescue environment09:20
ryu0anyway, you can give it a spin but expect problems.09:20
ryu0i've been working on making crux more compatible with LXD, a particular method of containers.09:21
ryu0a number of patches are needed as crux wasn't designed for this environment in mind.09:21
cruxbot[core.git/3.3]: bindutils: update to 9.10.6, disable libjson, use https for sources tarball09:21
ryu0mostly to config.09:21
just_funWhat are the issues with CRUX/LXD?09:22
ryu0just_fun: anyway, good luck.09:22
ryu0specifically, dhcpcd doesn't work out of the box. you have to specify the interface explicitly.09:22
ryu0i deactivate the HOSTNAME default value as the instance inherits the container's name by default.09:23
ryu0syslogd has to be tweaked to disabled the klogd starting, as this causes a hang in the startup.09:23
ryu0there's no kernel to log in a container you see.09:23
ryu0let me dig into my notes.09:24
ryu0ah, yes. i also had to tweak inittab, removing the agetty spawn onTTYs (they don't exist in containers), and add an entry to enable container shutdown.09:24
just_funThanks. I was looking at your github files.09:26
ryu0LXD sends a special signal to init process when it wants to shut down the instance.09:26
ryu0sysvinit has an obscure feature to let you add an action when it receives this so09:26
ryu0i hooked it up to shutdown command.09:26
ryu0if you were using a KVM host, you'd install acpid to get the same result.09:27
ryu0what host were you considering?09:27
just_funI'm still thinking about ...09:28
ryu0KVM might be the easiest, but it does have at least one drawback.09:29
ryu0You have to configure a kernel yourself since crux doesn't ship any.09:29
just_funI was thinking on having a server outside home, but nothing defined clearly, not even the use cases,09:30
just_funI just wanted to read about the issues with VPS09:31
ryu0ah. main issue i would say is the implementation they use.09:32
ryu0it has implications on what you can do with it.09:32
ryu0OVH is my current VPS provider. Lowest price they offer is $3.50 usd a month.09:33
ryu0they also include a free subdomain.09:33
just_funIt seams that having KVM is flexibile enough, as I can have my own kernel :D09:34
ryu0yea, and you'll want to strip the kernel down of unneeded stuff.09:34
ryu0as memory can be quite limited in a VPS.09:34
ryu0though OVH offers 2GB for even the lowest end.09:35
ryu0it's highly variable what hosts give you.09:35
ryu0some offer more RAM but less storage.09:35
ryu0or vice-versa.09:35
just_funI will need swap mounted from network to build firefox :)09:36
ryu0ah, you'd probably want a higher end VPS if you're going to compile a lot of stuff.09:36
ryu0If you prepare a raw image, you can upload it to the VPS when it's in rescue mode and overwrite the disk that way to install crux.09:40
ryu0i suggest using ext4, as you can use zerofree to zero out the unallocated blocks.09:40
ryu0it helps improve compression of the disk image for transit.09:41
just_funI see OVH has low prices, as I'm thinking I won't need too much power, just uptime :)09:44
ryu0might as well go cheap if this is your first time.09:44
ryu0why pay for stuff you might not use fully?09:45
just_funRight. Thanks for all this info. It will take some time to digest it and think about what I want.09:45
ryu0just_fun: may as also want to invest in a domain name, but that's mainly useful if you want to act as a server.09:46
just_funStill, I'm thinking if I can convert one my local debian to crux, gradualy, with pkgutils.09:46
just_funYes, I was thinking about a domain, mainly for my mail server09:46
just_funwhich doesn't exists09:46
ryu0I have a suggestion.09:46
ryu0easyDNS. If you buy their standard or higher level package, you get free mail hosting thrown in.09:47
ryu0it provides mail service with your domain.09:47
ryu0you can also buy web hosting service if you want too, but that's an optional extra.09:47
ryu0And it's $20/year for most domain names.09:48
ryu0It goes up for some TLDs.09:48
ryu0$30, sorry.09:48
just_funSounds interesting. Thanks.09:49
ryu0just_fun: just be careful if using one of the new gTLDs for email. some places (banks) have overzealous email address validation code that flags them as invalid even though they're valid.09:53
ryu0even so, there's a lot of fun out there.09:54 TLD is liked for personal domains or so.09:54
Romsterhence why i got :P09:58
just_funI see .nu is a gccTLD -
just_funLet see if .fun is there09:59
just_funI've spoiled the fun10:00
ryu0well it does seem to exist.10:00
just_funlet's see if is available :)10:01
ryu0 is available!10:04
ryu0lucky you.10:04
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ryu0Are these people crazy?10:07 is 10 times cheaper10:07
ryu0Ah, this is why.10:08
ryu0It's a bullshit premium domain.10:08 is not available.10:08
ryu0LOL10:08 1.25K10:09 12.K10:09
ryu0small.dick is $1. Huh.10:09
ryu0you wanna know what's funny?10:10
ryu0when i was researching TLDs, one I had been trying out suddenly became a premium domain.10:11 at $5.0410:11
ryu0i settled on .XYZ TLD10:12
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just_funRomster, there is no need for regarding ports. The hash hierarchy you keep is enough for a pkgmk.conf add-on (
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: qtwebengine: 5.8.0 -> 5.9.112:35
Romsteri was thinking of doing that just_fun but i'm gonna move it to the maybe12:42
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john_cephalopodaNooo, a qt5 update... Hours of compiling await me ;รพ13:47
abenzno ryzen pc yet?13:50
abenzI thought all cruxers were getting new rigs..13:51
frinnstjust_fun: my first crux experience was replacing a running slackware system with pkgutils13:51
frinnsteverything worked fine until i had to deal with glibc :-)13:51
abenzfrinnst: iommu groupings have been improved with the new AGESA release from AMD13:52
abenzjaeger: ^13:52
abenzany of you doing gpu-passthrough (radeon) ?13:52
frinnstI just reboot into my wintendo install when i want to play games. Seems a lot simpler than having a second gpu and screen :)13:53
abenzwintendo ?13:54
abenzthe idea behind running it under linux is to have finer control over what gets in/out..13:54
frinnstyeah thats all my windows install is used for so its a fitting name13:54
abenzI remember the days of the 8120 bulldozer and how the 8350 was a more refined piece13:58
abenzand following that I had planned on getting zen+(zen2)13:58
abenzbut it seems I will just bite the bullet13:58
abenzdo you still get any segfaults?13:59
abenzare you on the 10006 AGESA?13:59
abenzwhat motherboard did you get?14:02
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: qtwebkit: 5.8.0 -> 5.9.014:14
joacimabenz: i tried gpu passthrough. it works, but i havent done much with it yet14:27
joacimbeen too lazy to get stuff working in a non-root environment14:28
abenzjoacim: I see. about non-root, the only issue with running as non-root is memory pre-allocation14:32
abenzthats at least in my setup..14:32
john_cephalopodaabenz: 4th gen i7. Too new to get a new rig.14:33
joacimi dont want to reboot every time i want to do something more serious, so dualbooting is just annoying to me14:33
frinnstI dont mind it. It also gives me a break from you people so that's a nice bonus14:34
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tsaopRomster: would it be possible to switch to this branch for qtwebkit:
tsaopRomster: Pkgfile is here:
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Romsteri am just about to hop into bed14:55
frinnsttsaop: you might want to justify the change somewhat14:55
frinnstto me it just look like someones random github fork14:56
Romstersame frinnst, leave me some details as to why tsaop i'll read it when i wake up14:58
jaegerjust_fun: is a VPS at linode running crux15:02
jaegerusing KVM15:03
jaegerabenz: my ryzen box is mini-itx, won't be doing any gpu passthrough with it15:04
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tsaopRomster: apparently it means to replace the official qtwebkit by adding functionality and trying to be binary compatible15:30
tsaopRomster: see
tsaopStill, after doing research, there may be some incompatibilities with standard qtwebkit, so it's probably better to stay on 5.9.0 for the moment15:31
tsaopAs of now, Fedora and Arch have switched to it.15:38
abenzjaeger: biostar MB?15:44
jaegerabenz: yes. At the time it was the only choice, quite literally15:45
jaegerThere are some more available now, though15:45
jaegerWith that said, it seems fine so far15:46
abenzi see15:46
abenzwhat about case?15:47
jaegerncase m115:48
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abenz_very nice indeed15:50
jaegerI'm happy with it... just need the segfaults ironed out which will come with time15:50
abenz_ohh you have those too15:51
jaegerSometimes. Not enough to be a big problem but more than zero15:51
abenz_I see15:52
jaegerfirefox is the biggest offender of the packages I've built so far15:53
jaegerThe first time I ran a buildplot test it segfaulted maybe 3 times out of 80 builds15:53
jaegerthe second time it rebooted so not sure15:53
jaegerI'm running a third set currently15:53
jaegerIt's 24 builds in currently without a failure15:54
abenzso its not consistently reproducible15:54
jaegerSeems that way, yeah15:54
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tsaopOK, rebuilt relevant KF5 packages after updating to qt5 5.9.116:26
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jaegerThe ryzen box just rebooted again during the firefox builds. I think it's safe to declare 'unstable' at this point17:48
jaegerIt seems to work fine for MOST things but not all17:48
joacimjust the plain firefox from opt?17:50
joacimi can give it a go later17:50
just_funjaeger, does firefox builds with -j$(nproc) without any setting in MAKEFLAGS (or it was my impression)?17:51
jaeger <-- this is the simple script I'm using17:52
jaegerMy user is allowed to run sed via sudo without password17:52
jaegerIt was in the 28th build when it rebooted17:53
jaeger27 successful builds before that17:53
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j_vis it possible that the segfaulting could also be contributed to by fakeroot environment?17:54
jaegerI suppose it's possible but it seems unlikely to me. After all, it's so inconsistent17:54
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jaegerI'm running kernel 4.11.11 currently, going to also try 4.12.517:55
jaegerAnd if that doesn't help, gcc 7.117:56
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dlcusahey brian|lfs, sorry I missed your question--I just got back to my system since Friday night.  We are not experiencing a typical DC Metro summer.  Highs around 80 F expected all week. Dadburned global warming. ;-)18:39
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pedjaprice delta between 12c and 16c threadripper is 210 euros.19:07
crash_TR looks to have a new way to put in the CPU in the slot :P19:09
pedjatorque wrench and all :)19:10
crash_yeah :)19:10
pedjait's a beast of the CPU. pin-wise19:10
*** SiFuh has quit IRC19:12
pedjaI like the new way, looks much more...idiot proof? :)19:12
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jaeger[loop-9] Sun Aug 6 14:05:31 CDT 2017 build failed19:13
jaeger[loop-9] TIME TO FAIL: 742 s19:13
jaeger[loop-15] Sun Aug 6 14:10:29 CDT 2017 build failed19:13
jaeger[loop-15] TIME TO FAIL: 1040 s19:13
jaegerdidn't take too long for to fail :)19:14
pedjabasically dropping a pricey CPU onto the pins always gave me shivers19:14
pedjajaeger, that's with 7.1 gcc?19:14
jaegercrash_: it makes me laugh that it comes with a torque wrench, basically19:14
jaegerthat's gcc 6.4.0 building gcc 7.1.019:14
crash_jaeger: indeed looks a bit weird that you need that to install a cpu19:15
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timcowchip$ pkgmk -us19:17
timcowchip=======> Signature updated.19:17
timcowchip$ pkgmk19:17
timcowchip=======> ERROR: Signature mismatch found:19:17
timcowchipMISMATCH        signify19:17
pedjathis has to be one of my favorite 'cooling solutions' for it
pedjared LED's, because AMD :)19:18
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timcowchiptimcowchip needs re-educating as to signatures19:19
pedja10c one should be ~500 $19:19
crash_jaeger: is it the cpu itself that makes these failures or the bios,motherboard?19:21
jaegerI don't know, honestly. There are many reports online of failures but I don't think there's a definitive answer yet19:22
jaegerSome users have no problems, some have crashes or reboots19:22
pedjatimcowchip, try 'pkgmk -cs'19:22
crash_ok so not everyone have the same error i see19:22
timcowchip$ pkgmk -cs19:24
timcowchip=======> ERROR: Signature mismatch found:19:24
timcowchipMISMATCH        signify19:24
pedjathere is a spreadsheet on google docs with error reports. different distros, kernel and gcc versions19:24
just_fun"pkgmk -us" uses the secret key based on the repo name, if not set19:24
timcowchip/etc/ports/timcochip.sec ?19:25
pedjatimcowchip, head .signature. check which secret key it tries to verify against19:25
just_funuse "pkgmk -us -sk=secret-key" ; and "pkgmk -cs -pk=public-key" to be sure19:25
timcowchipok thanks19:25
just_funI'm not sure about "pkgmk -cs -pk..."19:26
just_funtimcowchip, the repo name is the parent dir of your port19:31
timcowchip$ pkgmk -us -sk /etc/ports/timcow.sec19:56
timcowchip=======> Signature updated.19:56
timcowchip$ pkgmk -cs -pk /usr/ports/timcow/timcow.pub19:56
timcowchip=======> Signature ok.19:56
timcowchip$ pkgmk19:56
timcowchip=======> ERROR: Signature mismatch found:19:56
timcowchipMISMATCH        signify19:56
timcowchip=======> ERROR: Building '/home/timcowchip/timcowchip/os-prober/os-prober#1.76-2.pkg.tar.gz' failed.19:56
j_vwtf... try pastebin19:56
just_funDoes /etc/ports/ exists?19:57
timcowchipno timcow.sec does19:58
just_funThe .signature file has /etc/ports/ in it.19:58
timcowchipshould I put in /etc/ports?19:59
just_funbecause I put your pub key there too19:59
just_funin order for pkgmk (without -pk) to work19:59
timcowchipthanks just_fun20:00
just_funThe .pub file has to be in /etc/ports/, but the .sec file could be anywhere, with any name, as long as you change .signature after was generated and put /etc/ports/ there.20:01
just_funSo, for comodity, you could put both there, in /etc/ports/20:01
just_funwith the repo name20:01
brian|lfswow QT is still compiling20:11
*** SiFuh has quit IRC20:26
*** SiFuh has joined #crux20:27
timcowchipwhat if I leave source files in a repo?20:35
just_funIs httpup or git ?20:35
just_funyour repo or from others?20:36
just_funthe problem is that httpup-repgen will pick those, and make a REPO with them20:37
timcowchipRomster was saying git is not set up to host big files20:37
just_funand if you dont upload them ...20:37
timcowchipI could switch to rsync20:38
just_funyou can leave the sources there, if you don't commit them, but you have to add some exceptions for httpup-repgen20:38
timcowchipor I could put them here
just_funwith rsync ... it will be easier, but I would get the sources too :) when I update your repo20:39
timcowchipit just that sources "dry up" sometimes20:40
just_funromster has a pretty big collection of sources :)20:40
timcowchipyes he mentioned that20:40
timcowchipmaybe I could source them in my Pkgfiles20:41
just_funI keep my sources in a different repo20:41
just_funAs in source=(github...DISTFILES...) ?20:41
timcowchipthat's what I was thinking with
just_funWhy not?20:42
just_funMy src repo has around 2GB on github. They dont't allow files bigger than 100MB.20:44
timcowchipI think Qupzilla is my biggest at 2.6Mb20:45
just_funDon't forget to put in source() the raw links from github.20:46
timcowchipis the signature updated with or without the source file?20:47
just_funAnd I think I saw repos with bigger source files in the port directory.20:47
just_funthe .signature is update with what you have in souces=()20:48
timcowchippkgmk -us in the folder w/ Pkgfile .md5sum and .footprint only?20:49
just_funit doesn't matter if you have other files local20:50
timcowchipI think the signature did some kind of sum20:51
just_funIt will build with Pkgfile, .footprint and what you have in the source=()20:51
just_funYou don't use shared directories for sources?20:52
just_funPKGMK_SOURCE_DIR is default? Meaning $PWD ?20:52
timcowchipI just clone the repo into ~/ and update things there20:56
timcowchipthen push and ports -u20:56
timcowchipgotta go21:04
*** timcowchip has left #crux (" - Chat comfortably. Anywhere.")21:04
jaegerstill getting build failures with gcc 7.121:09
jaegertime to shelf the ryzen box for a while, I think21:10
*** onodera has quit IRC21:12
*** Guest has joined #crux21:20
*** Guest has left #crux ()21:20
jaegerI'm sure they'll get it fixed eventually21:26
jaegerStill a new platform21:26
*** SiFuh has quit IRC21:34
*** SiFuh has joined #crux21:34
joacimtook half a year for my c2d computer to work properly21:38
joacimtho that was mostly an issue with sata drivers21:38
frinnsthow odd. mine is pretty rock solid these days21:49
frinnsttime to loop mesa3d - thats one port i used to have issues with21:50
joacimi think only llvm is the one i had issues with22:00
joacimthat i found at least22:00
joacimnever tried memtest86+ on this, since i have no bootable thingy with a working recent version22:01
joacimtoo lazy to make one22:01
frinnsthmm looks like the build froze22:02
frinnstthats a new one for me22:02
*** SiFuh has quit IRC22:22
*** SiFuh has joined #crux22:26
jaegerIt might be that your combination of hardware is more stable than mine22:31
*** Dell has joined #crux23:10
*** john_cephalopoda has quit IRC23:21
frinnst7 rebuilds of mesa3d just finished without problem23:35
jaegermind trying the kill-ryzen script at some point?23:57
jaegerdespite the name, it doesn't kill anything, just spits out "build failed" messages23:57

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