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jaeger <-- slightly modified because the upstream version expects debian/ubuntu and systemd00:07
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joacimmy firefox build is still going00:57
joacimdont know how many builds it have done tho00:57
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frinnstjaeger: sure. url? the script you pasted tries to execute something called - i take it I need someething else?06:32
jaegeroops. sorry.
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: [notify] sshfs-fuse: update to 3.2.008:56
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: fuse3: update to 3.1.108:56
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Romsterjust_fun, i was thinking taking pkgmk a step more on the hash function and making it possible to make directories and save files in: /var/ports/distfiles/$hashtype/$basename/$hash/$basename that way multiple ports can access the same file and not get a name collision. heck same name files in a source=() array wont even clash then. as each will have there own hash.09:16
Romsterand possibly the default can be $PWD/$hash_type/$basename/$hash/$basename09:18
Romsterto prevent same file names in a single Pkgfile from ever clashing09:18
j_vRomster: that is a very interesting concept. would save a lot of headaches, close a lot of gaps.09:55
ryu0Romster: did you look at those ports I sent you?09:56
just_funRomster, I think this patch does almost that:, just change map_remote_source().09:57
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joacimthe netinstall for leap is somewhat inefficient15:04
joacimi get the impression it downloads one package, then installs that package15:04
joacimrather than download everything, and do the install in a parallel process15:05
joacima bit like how portage/emerge can do it. while you compile, it will continue downloading the next packages15:05
joacimit does look nice and it does work. the installer that is =)15:07
pedjathe annoying thing is that 'minimal install' isn't that minimal :)15:35
pedjaor I missed the option somewhere15:35
pedjaI might create autoyast file at some point15:38
joaciminstalled the plasma preset. that was a few thousand packages15:41
joacimassumed it came with optional headers and development files, since there were so many packages :)15:42
pedja'recommended' :)15:48
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pedjapatterns are nice when you just want to get on with it. I prefer minimal install, and than just add whatever I want later15:52
pedjathere is a way to disable recommended stuff system-wide, but it can lead to breakage.15:54
pedjabut since my Leap VM is rather minimal install, I can live with that15:56
pedjasystem builds on pcpartpicker are one of my favorite ways to pass the time while I wait for compile to finish15:59
joacimi end up looking at old crap on ebay16:00
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pedjawe have something similar here, but I rarely browse it16:01
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joacimwe have the similar sites, but i find prices are better on ebay16:01
joacim+ better selection16:01
pedjait rarely, if ever, ships here16:01
pedjaebay, that is16:02
joacimi do a price + shipping sort. gets rid of the sellers that dont ship to norway16:02
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: git: 2.13.3 -> 2.14.016:02
joacimi understand why certain sellers dont want to ship outside of their countries tho. a lot of them report that international buyers tend to file "not as described" more often16:03
pedjasince I am not a gamer, something like this should do :)
joacimi can recommend threadripper16:08
joacimthat rx 560 is cheaper than my rx 55016:09
pedja10c threadripper should be ~500 $/euros16:11
pedja12c is 800, 16c is 1000, so 2c increase is about 200 euros :)16:13
pedjawhatever happens, I am pretty sure that my next build will be Intel-free16:15
pedjamaybe even Nvidia-free :)16:15
jaegergiven the segfaults and whatnot with ryzen currently, I'd recommend waiting a little more OR doing a lot of research on which MB/RAM combo works without trouble16:17
jaegerIf I were not using a source-based distro it probably wouldn't matter much but given the amount of compiling we do, it seems more important16:17
joacimthe flare x kits works well out of the box, without updated firmware. but they're expensive16:17
joacimthey're also the only ones that i've found with proper SPD profiles for 2400 MHz16:18
joacimeveryone else seems to require XMP for 2400 MHz and above16:18
pedjainteresting issue, it occurs on Linux, FreeBSD, Windows linux subsystem thingie16:21
pedjasome report it happens with Epyc/Threadripper, too16:21
pedjathis is not AMD fail in any shape or form, imho, shit happens with every new architecture :)16:26
pedjaPentium FDIV/F00F bugs come to mind16:28
joacimi assume it will be fixed eventually, or developers figure out how to work around it16:29
joacimbut right now it is kinda not stable16:29
joacimim content with my ryzen system tho16:29
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pedjasomeone has a theory that TR review sample #1 was sent to Intel. that would be an epic troll if it were true17:03
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john_cephalopoda"With the Ryzen segmentation faults on Linux they are found to occur with many, parallel compilation workloads in particular -- certainly not the workloads most Linux users will be firing off on a frequent basis [...]"18:26
john_cephalopodaRight, who would ever compile anything on Linux? Even with multiple cores?18:26
pedjahe did say 'most Linux users'18:32
pedjamost Linux users use binary based distro18:32
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ryu0Does no one remember how glitchy sky lake was when it was first released? It took awhile for the Linux drivers to resolve issues.18:41
ryu0and/or microcode updates.18:41
pedjaI'd like to see if random crashes/reboots happen with other kind of heavy loads ( running several heavy VM's or something)18:41
john_cephalopodaJust distribute FPGAs and update how they work when a bug is found.18:42
pedjaryu0, some say there are still occasional bugs with skylake :)18:42
pedjasome edge cases, iirc18:43
ryu0pedja: yea, and broadwell also had a lot of Linux bugs.18:43
ryu0though most of them are now patched.18:43
ryu0expecting new hardware to be stable is rather naive18:44
ryu0part of why i started buying last years tech if i don't need the latest18:44
ryu0usually includes all the fixes the manufacturer cared to make too18:45
pedjawell, Ryzen 2.0 *is* allegedly scheduled for spring 2018 :)18:45
crash_i wonder if the new APU is gonna be based on ryzen as well? for laptop i mean18:46
ryu0does it matter? it's hard enough getting anyone to even use AMD cpus in mobile.18:46
crash_haha true18:47
ryu0hell no linux vendor i know of even sells AMD laptops18:50
crash_yeah there not that many, most are intel what i can see18:50
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.3]: mesa3d: updated to 17.1.619:05
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: firefox: updated to 52.3.0esr19:27
joacimryu0: intels launches are always perfect. dont be silly =)19:28
pedjaso, how many of you will contact AMD's Customer Care after reading that response from them?19:41
pedjaI still can't parse what 'performance marginality problem' actually means19:42
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frinnstSome of those who have contacted customer care about the segmentation faults have in turn been affected by thermal, power, or other problems19:44
frinnsthow can you tell if its thermal? there are no drivers to monitor cpu temps ffs19:44
pedjaI've seen segfault reports from people that have custom loops/quality PSU's :)19:46
frinnstI ran the kill-ryzen thingy today for about 4 hrs. I had one segfault and that was in the beginning. Seems to me it becomers more stable the hotter it gets :)19:47
frinnstjust now I built firefox 55.0, firefox 52.3 and mesa3d - the firefox 55 build crashed and had to be restarted19:48
pedjais 55.0 out yet? I've been using b13 for a while now19:49
frinnstyeah my ck4up detected it19:50
frinnstnot announced yet19:50
pedjagreat, thanks :)19:50
pedjawhen I built qt5 yesterday, it froze after a while. the build after that finished just fine.19:52
frinnstthe build?19:54
pedjayes, the build. Isn't World 'insert random words into the sentence' Day in .se, too?20:01
pedja(we both know that's BS)20:03
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pedjamy English teacher cries herself to sleep because of me20:04
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jaegerryu0: sure, and I'm sure ryzen will be sorted out eventually, too20:24
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pedjatvtime+PA= endless fun20:58
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pedjajaeger, do you kill PA and use Alsa backend with qemu/Windows VM?21:42
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jaegerWhen I was doing gpio passthrough I was using PA21:59
brian|lfsyes PA helps with gpio22:03
brian|lfsmaybe itts just me lot of my apps don't work without pulseaudio22:03
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brian|lfslike skpe and second life22:03
brian|lfsand browsers22:03
pedjajaeger, it's about time you write a wiki page about your setup :)22:11
jaegerI couldn't really speak to that since my VM was only windows, but I used PA so that everything would coexist peacefully, both on the linux host and the windows VM22:11
jaegerI've never owned hardware on which alsa's dmix worked sufficiently to allow everything to play smiultaneously22:11
jaegerpedja: hrmm, it would be harder now since I no longer run any gpio passthrough setup and don't own that hardware anymore :)22:12
jaegerThough I imagine one of my skylake boxes could probably do it22:12
pedjaso, you ran both qemu and PA as your user?22:13
jaegerI ran them as root (with sudo)22:14
jaegerIt might be possible to run all those parts as a regular user but I didn't get that far. I think the networking bridging wasn't an issue but the taskset calls needed root22:15
jaegerfor CPU pinning22:15
brian|lfsI never had luck with the permissions either22:16
brian|lfsbut if you need to run qemu I recommend just run debian on a box yu need it on22:17
brian|lfspermissions just work22:17
brian|lfsif you follow their wiki22:17
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pedjaI use libvirt as a qemu frontend22:18
pedjaand pinning, among other things, can be set in domain(VM) config file22:19
jaegerI looked through the logs to find one of my pastes:
jaegerMaybe with libvirt it would be easier but I didn't want to build all of libvirt's deps back then22:19
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jaegerhrmm... that one doesn't have anything about pulse in it so maybe too old22:20
brian|lfsI never had luck wiht doing gpio with libvirt22:21
jaeger <-- this one looks like what I was expecting22:21
pedjayeah, I'll need to streamline libvirt deps at some point :)22:21
brian|lfsI'm sure I have your old pastebins jaeger if I look on firefox22:22
jaegerbrian|lfs: all good, I just pasted this one from my backup22:22
jaegeranyway, at the end of the script you can see my pulseaudio and taskset calls, this one was run with sudo22:22
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brian|lfsthats the only way I got it to work on crux was sudo22:24
brian|lfshey pedja do you need a networking script for bridign22:24
pedjabrian|lfs, I use openvswitch, but thank you anyway :)22:24
pedjaI might try this
pedjabut most of my VM's don't need sound, so I am not in a hurry22:27
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