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jaegertrying with different RAM in the box. G.Skill 2400MHz01:39
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jaeger[loop-14] TIME TO FAIL: 40 s01:43
abenzjaeger: on the AMD forum the amd guys were very quick to respond initially but later went silent!01:49
abenzI hope its fixable with microcode update01:49
jaegerI've no doubt it'll be fixed eventually, between microcode and gcc updates01:50
jaegerIt's still a very young platform01:50
abenzone guy there (in the 47 pages thread) said he got a "fixed" chip in RMA.. buts its that only guy01:57
abenzI wonder if its legit or if he's a paid sh....01:57
abenztrying to trigger mass RMA or whatnot01:57
jaegerDunno... I saw a comment about that but I'm not gonna worry about it02:05
brian|lfsmy ryzen experience was out of the box blue screens02:13
brian|lfsso I returned the PC to the store and got a koby lake PC02:13
jaegerI've had zero trouble with it in windows so far, only linux when compiling02:15
brian|lfswell Linux is my main OS that would be an issue02:15
jaegerIt's definitely annoying, though not a show-stopper for me02:16
jaegerIf it fails to build a package once, chances are it'll work the next time02:16
brian|lfsI personally don't think dealing with major bugs like that makes it worth spending less money02:16
joacimi wouldnt use it for production02:16
jaegerI don't think I would either, at least not yet02:16
joacimbut this bug isnt so annoying that i cant use it02:16
brian|lfsyou do have a point but if you were in my shows and took a PC out of the box to blue screen woould you bring it back to the store02:17
jaegerWell, I don't buy prebuilt PCs but I do see your point. I probably would return it, yes02:17
jaegerThough I suspect bad build quality in that case02:18
brian|lfswell it was prebuilt but with home bult parts02:18
joacimi would take bsods to the store02:18
brian|lfslike asrock and stuff02:18
brian|lfsit wasn't like I bought a dell or HP02:18
brian|lfsThat would be a sin a Dell or HP02:18
jaegeryou didn't build it yourself, though, right?02:19
jaegerthus prebuilt02:19
brian|lfsit was a cybertron PC02:19
brian|lfsbut consdering what it came with for a video card don't think I could of built it for as cheap02:19
brian|lfsI have a 1080TI video card02:19
jaegerAt least the 1080 Ti wasn't part of the cryptocurrency craze02:21
brian|lfsby the way happy to see a few more people in here lately02:23
joacimnot so tempted by LGA2066 tbh.02:26
joacimbut i would probably get a lga2011 system if the 8 core was discounted02:26
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marakuare there any plans to move to firefox w/rust? i know there are issues with building the rust compiler without downloading binaries03:21
j_vmaraku: i can't speak for plans, but rust can be bootstrapped; the big trouble as i see it is with it's behemoth underbelly known as cargo03:42
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marakuanybody else have a footprint mismatch for the latest git? It looks like it's built against perl 5.22 whereas core has 5.24 ...04:04
jaegeryep. already reported04:04
jaegerthe maintainer is probably asleep :)04:05
marakusleep is pretty important!04:05
marakugood to know it's been reported, thanks.04:05
jaegernp :)04:05
brian|lfsinteresting it installed fine for me04:32
jaegerDo you have perl 5.22 installed?04:38
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Worksterblame tek :D05:39
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: git: fix footprint for perl version08:26
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: frozen-bubble: fix footprint for perl version08:46
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pedja'if I sell a (not necessarily mine) kidney' TR build
pedjaalmost half of the price is RAM15:11
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pedjait is interesting that some of the prebuilt TR systems are marketed as 'gaming rigs'15:18
pedjaI think that L1Techs would be one of the (rare) YT channels to test them with something other than games15:20
pedjain Wendell we trust[tm]15:20
pedjaand Anandtech15:21
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pedjaI am not that surprised with results for Serbia
john_cephalopodaLol, Germany :D16:05
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joacimpedja: i think about the same with LGA2066 too17:18
joacimits like everything is gaming first17:18
joacimi'm not that interested in having a workstation or server that looks like an indian truck17:19
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: flash-player-plugin: update to
pedja'16M colors!' as one of most important selling points17:22
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pedjaI've seen something similar in mech-keyboard review. 'it is good, but lacks the LED and multimedia keys'17:24
pedja'lacks'? really?17:24
pedjamost of them lack an armrest, which is actually useful17:25
pedjaI *will* have to buy a new keyboard and mouse eventually, but fuck if I know which ones17:28
pedjapeasant ones, probably, I know fuck all about switches and stuff17:29
pedjaevery keyboard is the same if you're not touch-typist, I guess17:31
onoderathe sounds maybe, hehe17:36
tsaopbuy an € 10,00 trust mouse and keyboard like I do17:45
tsaopafter only 6 months, some letters have already worn off17:45
tsaopthe previous keyboard remained was one I had been using since 199717:45
tsaopall keys were still perfectly visible17:46
pedjaI have a rather cheap Logitech mouse and k/b. all the letters are perfectly visible, but the keys do start to fail :)17:57
pedjafail as in 'press s, get ssssssssssssssssssssss'17:58
pedjaand mouse single click gets recognized as double click 50% of the time.17:59
joacimwhen i buy keyboards, i specifically look for ones without media keys and led features18:00
joacimi also tend to look for ones with a pure proper norwegian layout. i rather have a swedish or danish one if i cannot find a norwegian one18:01
joaciminstead of the lame nordic layouts that's commonly used today18:01
pedjame too, but it gets hard to find anything but bottom of the barrel stuff18:02
pedjawith US/UK layout, YU/RS layout is most often QWERTZ :)18:03
onoderatry getting old mech keyboards, they're pretty cheap compared to new ones and have much better build quality18:11
onoderamy friend collects them, especially the ibm model m feels great18:11
pedjaand they can be used as weapons when the zombie apocalypse comes18:14
joacimi just type on them18:20
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jaegerI like the option to turn on leds on my keyboard because I think they're neat, but to be honest, they're off most of the time18:21
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pedjamini rant on LED craze by a guy from Saphire that L1 interviewed a while back was awesome :)18:24
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pedja''keys will turn red when you're about to die in a game'. they are fscking distracting me and the reason I die in the game'18:26
pedjatbh, backlight k/b would be kinda neat18:27
jaegerI keep the leds on the lowest brightness, too, when they're on... but I admit I do like them18:29
jaegerWith that said, I wouldn't cry if I didn't have them, can still type fine. :)18:29
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: pango: updated to 1.40.818:30
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: gtk3: updated to 3.22.1818:30
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: gdk-pixbuf: updated to 2.36.818:30
pedjahow are you liking your new k/b so far, jaeger?18:31
jaegerI didn't get a new keyboard, just new keycaps for it :D So I still love the keyboard18:32
pedjawhat was it, Code something?18:32
jaeger yep18:33
jaegerI have a fullsize on my main system with the new keycaps and a TKL for work18:33
pedja907g? damn, that's robust18:33
jaegerIt's really solid, yeah. Well built18:34
frinnstpedja: I got my code board yesterday :)18:34
pedjacongrats :)18:34
frinnstbut my ducky board was a lot more solid18:34
frinnstjaeger: is the black frame plastic (just below the spacebar) a bit flimsy on yours too?18:35
joacimgot the majestouch ninja here18:35
jaegerIt has some wiggle to it, yeah. I pretty much never touch that part, though18:35
joacimmore or less the same stuff i think18:35
jaegerI've typed on a majestouch 2 (I think), it was very similar18:36
joacimmine pings tho18:36
joacimannoying, but i can live with it18:36
jaegerfrinnst: you got the swedish ISO layout, right? :)18:36
frinnstyeah :)18:37
pedjaI like how this one looks.18:37
joacimwant to replace the piercingly bright blue leds on mine18:38
joacimgot two for caps lock and scroll lock18:38
frinnstI noticed this the other day:
frinnsti'd love to try tropre18:38
joacimsome amber or green ones would look nicer i think.18:38
frinnstbit pricey tho and I cant really justify to myself getting it just to try :D18:39
pedjado it, you know you want to18:39
frinnstfuck you!18:39
pedjadinner first18:40
joacimthere is this cheaper non-topre one18:40
pedjaso I guess topre is *the* Holy Grail of switches?18:41
frinnstnah but they are rare18:42
joacimtheyre just fancy rubber domes i think18:42
frinnstmaybe they are rare for a reason (they are shit?)18:42
jaegerI've no experience with them18:42
frinnstjoacim: but as with everything:18:42
frinnstPhysical layout: US QWERTY18:42
jaegerI've use cherry and gateron switches and I like both of those18:42
pedjathe topre vendor is bankrupt?18:42
joacimim used to ansi layout keyboards, but theyre a pain when i want to communicate with people18:42
frinnstI bought varmilo caps to my code board.. fucking adore them18:43
frinnstsoo crisp and sharp compared with my thick pbt ducky keys18:43
joacimEstimated ship date is Feb 27, 2018 PT.18:43
joacimevery time i find something nice on massdrop18:43
joacimi have to wait 6 months18:44
jaeger <-- kinda interesting18:44
jaegerthat green/orange/gray combo is blinding, heh18:44
joacimi just get wasd keyacps18:45
joacimcheap enough, and i get them within a week18:45
frinnstbut abs?18:45
joacimand i get my super key, instead of a windows key18:45
pedja'subtle tones that breath class and sophistication with every press'? wtf18:46
jaegerbeware, the marketing speak has gotten you18:47
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pedjaI am torn if it is sad or hilarious that there are people that actually believe in that crap18:49
jaegerI love the look of those sets but they're really expensive18:50
joacimlooks nice with the regular modifiers18:50
joacimgets way more expensive once you add the iso and nordre kits18:50
jaegerMaybe I should ask a friend with a 3d printer to make a knockoff set of them :D18:51
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pedjawouldn't that be even more expensive?18:51
jaegerI doubt it, the material is really cheap18:52
jaegerObviously they wouldn't be high quality keycaps but I did say "knockoff" :)18:52
pedjaadvertise them as 'unique' :)18:53
pedjaor 'one-off'18:53
pedjawho needs that mass-produced crap18:53
pedjathat is awesome :)18:55
pedjaI sometimes troll Mac users with the fact that Linux desktop is much more exclusive than macOS18:56
pedjaI had a ongoing discussion with one of the 'regular' people I know about spending money on tech vs spending money on car modding/tuning/whatever19:01
pedjaover many years and bears19:01
pedjaonly thing we could agree on is that one of us is right, and the other one isn't.19:05
pedjasadly, he is dead now.19:07
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pedjatalking with intelligent humans is fun, too bad there are so few of them19:12
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: nginx: updated to version 1.13.419:15
pedja'if you are the smartest men in the room, you're in the fucking wrong room', as the ancient Serbian proverb goes (not really)19:15
cruxbot[core.git/3.3]: openssh: added ssh-copy-id script and man page19:30
just_fungood job, cruxbot19:30
jaegerhe's a good boy19:30
just_funlast 'rc' update replaced "my" /etc/rc and I'm wondering if it will be OK (with future updates) to put my cryptsetup script (for /home) as the first service in rc.conf.19:57
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pedjait took me a while to realize that d in dRAID stands for 'distributed'20:01
pedjathis is an interesting way to try new hardware
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j_vshould ssh-copy-id be removed from opt/bash-completion now that it included with openssh? i realize that the path is not the same, but seems the 'right thing to do'21:03
j_vboth copies have the same md5sum21:05
jaegerhow do they have the same md5sum? they should be very different21:05
jaegerthe one in openssh is the actual script, the one in bash-completion tells bash-completion how to use it21:06
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j_vahh, my mistake... reviewing my shell command history i see that checked the same file twice... how embarassing21:08
jaegerAh, ok. Happens. :)21:08
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: gdk-pixbuf: added missing dependency shared-mime-info21:52
j_vgtk3 is also missing shared-mime-info as dependency22:17
jaegerIt's picked up through gdk-pixbuf, which is a dependency of gtk322:18
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j_vgood catch22:20
brian|lfsomg 75 people nice22:35
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john_cephalopodaSo popular :D23:48
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