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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.3]: mesa3d-32: 17.1.5 -> 17.1.602:37
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cruxbot[core.git/3.3]: [notify] curl: update to 7.55.009:31
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: pmwiki: update to 2.2.10210:24
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: samba: update to 4.6.710:27
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: mpg123: update to 1.25.510:27
tsaopsignature mismatch on curl10:27
cruxbot[core.git/3.3]: curl: fix signature10:29
juewelcome, thx for the report10:30
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nullspoonIs there a preferred place to put man files? I notice I have a sizeable number in /usr/man and /usr/share/man. I know with MANPATH it doesn't really matter, just wondering if one of those two is preferred over the other.15:46
frinnstit was changed to /usr/share/man for 3.3. it used to be /usr/man - thats why you have both16:13
frinnstports should be updated to use /usr/share but its not considered too important so maintainers to it at their own pace16:13
nullspoonfrinnst: Thanks very much! I'm updating my gnupg right now and noticed the man pages moved for it. Wanted to make sure I was doing the  right thing.16:16
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nullspoonryu0: Sorry - didn't see your message there. Thanks much. I'll read that whole thing.16:21
nullspoonryu0: Just saw that bit about building as an unpriveleged user. That's super useful. That said, the page for how to do that appears to be a bit incorrect. How should I go about getting a wiki account and updating it, or who should I ask about it?16:32
ryu0nullspoon: no idea. i'm not a regular user.16:42
nullspoonfrinnst: You know?16:43
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frinnstI generally build as my own user with prt-get and this in my prt-get.conf:17:40
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nullspoonfrinnst: That's also a really cool idea. I haven't customized my prt-get.conf file very much. I think I will implement all of these. Especially with executing all of those commands through sudo, you get a nice log of all prt-get pkgadd and pkrm command executed in the sudo file.18:14
nullspoon*in the sudo log file18:16
tilmanif you wish to insulate yourself more against potentially harmful things going on as part of the build, you can also set up a dedicated user just for building packages18:28
tilmanmeaning if shit hits the fan, it will only be able to do damage as that dedicated user instead of your own account18:29
pedjashit rarely hits the fan with fakeroot, in my experience18:32
pedjaand when it does, it's often my fault :)18:33
tilmanrunning untrusted codes from the internets is a bad habit though18:35
pedjawhat, so 'curl | sudo bash' is not safe? who knew18:36
pedjait's hilarious when they list that under 'install methods'18:36
pedjawell, technically, it *is* a way to install stuff, but a shitty one18:38
pedjabut, I am guilty of pulling Docker images from random repos on Docker Hub, so who am I to judge?18:41
frinnstyeah a dedicated user is generally a good idea. though im confident in my backups and it's better I hit something nasty than some random crux user :-)18:41
frinnst(famous last words)18:42
pedjasome would say that by using btrfs you live on the edge, anyway18:43
pedjasome cynical bastard, so totally not me18:43
tilmanfrinnst: i know, i just felt like spreading some wisdom ;))18:46
pedjaso, dedicated user with access just to pkg* and prt-get?18:49
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pedja'git shortlog -n -s' in opt repo yields some interesting results.18:58
pedjaI wonder who made a commit as 'root' :)18:59
pedjathis k/b doesn't look that bad for that kind of money
jaegerpedja: purely guessing based on the author address it might have been me19:08
jaegersince I use .intranet19:08
john_cephalopodaAhrg, Poettering >:|19:09
john_cephalopodaLibcanberra is acting in a very annoying way again...19:09
pedjaI get why pavucontrol depends on it, but gnome-disk-utility?19:21
pedjathat reminds me, new gparted is out.19:26
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john_cephalopodaUnfortunately hexchat wants libcanberra for playing beep sounds.19:28
pedjaso what's the problem with it?19:30
john_cephalopodaIt plays a weird, buzzing sound after it beeps.19:31
john_cephalopodaReally annoying.19:31
pedjanot here19:31
tilmanpedja: "The Vortex G104 ISO supports all standard ISO layouts and is sold without keycaps installed"19:36
tilmanbelow it says: Without Keycaps   False19:37
pedjaand that's what's confusing me :)19:37
tilmani was about to say it's too expensive19:38
tilmanthen i looked up how much i payed for my filco majestouch ;{19:38
pedjathey don't ship to Serbia (and I can't afford it atm), but it looks interesting. no 'look at me, i am shiny!' nonsense19:43
tilmanamazon germany has one and its product description says "kirsche blau-achse"19:48
tilmansomeone punched "cherry blue" into google translate :]19:48
pedjanice :)19:48
pedjadoes it say it comes with keycaps?19:48
tilmanif you dont want to spend a lot of money i think your best bet is one of those gamer keyboards19:51
nullspoonjohn_cephalopoda:  I recently experienced a similar issue with buzzing/clicking after a sound plays. I had turned on power saving for my sound card, so it shuts off automatically after something plays. The click is due to the port losing power it seems. Might be different for you though.19:51
tilmanat least when i did some "research" a couple years ago that was the case19:51
pedjatilman, most of them are just...butt ugly.19:54
pedjawith multimedia keys, funny curves, or whatever19:55
pedjaand here in particular the choice is rather limited19:56
pedjasmall market, relatively poor population19:58
pedjamost of the stuff is either cheap crap, or high-end19:58
pedjawhich is annoying19:58
john_cephalopodanullspoon: Everything else works. I am doing audio processing with my computer, using jack and ALSA. But for some reason, hexchat with libcanberra gives me problems.20:00
john_cephalopodaIt happens every few months, then it stops again.20:00
nullspoonWeird. Well, that was my $.02. Thought I'd throw it out there in case it was causing your issues. Don't have anything but alsa on my system.20:02
pedjaI had no issues with either alsa or pulseaudio and hexchat. not that I noticed any anyway :)20:03
pedjait beeps20:04
pedjawhich is good enough for me20:04
nullspoon<snob>I only use a terminal-based irc client</snob>20:05
nullspoonWait, I can do one better.  <snob>I only use irc via telnet, ping pongs and all.</snob>20:06
pedjaI played with weechat and irssi, but I prefer GUI ones :)20:09
nullspoonThe gui clients are nice for sure. Definitely my goto on Windows. The biggest reason I'm on the cli ones is because I don't run a bouncer. Just have irssi inside of tmux on a vps in amsterdam.20:13
pedjanullspoon, which VPS provider?20:16
pedjaLinode.Ramnode,Vultr seem to be pretty popular20:20
pedjalocal ones are pricey. economy of scale, i guess20:23
nullspoonsorry - wasn't watching.20:24
nullspoonI'm with liteserver.nl20:24
nullspoonI did quite a bit of research to find them. Also found tilaa, a very good provider.20:24
nullspoonThe thing I liked about liteserver was they would upload your requested distro's install disk for installation, hence my server with them runs crux.  :D20:26
pedjaCrux is listed as supported? nice :)20:28
pedjaany issues with the service so far?20:29
nullspoonYep. That was me. :)20:29
nullspoonI just sent them a support ticket, asked them to grab the iso off the crux site, a couple of hours later they replied back that it was done.20:29
nullspoonNope. Their services are solid. If I didn't restart my server occasionally, I'd have 100% uptime over the last year or so.20:30
nullspoonI thought about sending an email to the mailing list about them, since I'm sure there are some users of crux who want a vps provider who will let them use crux.20:31
nullspoonFigured it probably not best to send effectively an advertisement email to the list though.20:31
pedjawell, it's not an ad if you don't get paid for it :)20:32
nullspoonWell, if anyone is interested, I guess I could write one up and send it out. Just don't want to do anything to get in trouble with our benevolent overlords.20:32
pedjaI don't think there is any harm in sharing your experience with them, imho.20:35
pedjaand their prices are pretty nice20:35
nullspoonI'm a big fan. Their network is amazingly fast too.20:36
nullspoonLow latency, and super high throughput.20:37
nullspoonAlso, kvm supported. :)20:37
pedjawhich server did you get?20:37
nullspoonI started with one of their storage servers, but found the storage to be a little slow, so I upgraded to ssd. Sped things right up. I now have their KVM-SSD-3072 with a discount, so I pay about €24 /mo.20:39
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pedjacredit/debit card or Paypal?20:41
jaegerI run crux on linode, too. Not officially supported but it wasn't difficult20:42
pedjaif they accept my debit card, they go on the top of my list :)20:42
pedjaand thank you, nullspoon20:43
nullspoonpedja: You bet! Always happy to help the community out.20:44
nullspoonI'll check my account and see if a debit is accepted. Not sure about that one.20:44
nullspoonAre you in the US or elsewhere?20:44
joacimif they accept paypal,debit cards should work just fine20:45
pedjathere should be a wiki page about VPS providers that support using Crux, either officially or unofficially20:46
joacimbeen thinking about getting a dedicated server from kimsufi20:46
joacimbut you only get one hdd20:47
joacimi ratherh ave two lower capacity ones20:47
pedjajaeger, something like this ?20:49
joacimnot sure how popular source based distros are with vps providers =)20:51
jaegerI don't do any compiling there, for what that's worth20:51
nullspoonheh. I definitely do. They'll cap or notify you if they have a problem with it. :)20:52
nullspoonThough I also asked the support staff before signing up. They basically said, "Nothing illegal, otherwise have fun!"20:52
pedjaI wonder if quad core VPS would compile stuff faster than my dual core system :)21:01
pedjaless RAM, more (virtual) cores21:02
j_vjaeger: on linode, did you deploy something like slackware, then convert it crux? i don't see anything like 'use custom iso' like i get at vultr.21:03
pedjathey accept credit cards, Paypal, bitcoin and bank transfer.21:03
jaegerj_v: I built a simple crux rootfs using pkgadd and the ISO, then booted into their recovery ISO (finnix or whatever) and untarred crux into the right place21:03
j_vnice... i'm going to make a note of that. thanks.21:04
j_vi'm happy enough with vultr for now, but linode provides a bit more bang for buck, so worth concidering.21:06
jaegerI've used linode for quite a few years now, been happy with it.21:07
pedjaACTION is tired of the heat wave21:08
pedjarain already, dammit21:08
j_vACTION would send pedja some rain, but the shipping costs from here would ruin me21:10
j_vwe have had excess this season21:10
pedjaheh. thank you anyway :)21:11
pedjait's insane21:11
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j_vjaeger: also found this in the linode guides:
jaegerSame one pedja linked, no?21:22
j_vyeah :) man... i've been so spacey lately21:22
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: zsh: 5.3.1 -> 5.4.121:39
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: bind: 9.10.5 -> 9.10.622:12
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