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joacimfrinnst: was wondering where you found the update. turns out the listed uefi updates shown under the windows 10 and other sectiosn are different00:35
j_vpedja, you make good argument. i think maybe you hit close to truth.00:44
john_cephalopodaA real AI would be the complete chaos.00:45
john_cephalopodaPoliticians today can't even handle computers and the internet.00:45
john_cephalopodaWhen there would suddenly be a concious computer, it would break the jurisdictionö00:46
j_vpedja, i looked up the Daemon/Freedom books. looks very promising. thanks for recommending. always interested in a good read.00:46
j_vi've tried searching for Tech1 newcast, no luck finding yet.00:47
pedjaj_v, sorry, Level1Techs
j_vah, very nice, thank you for the link :)00:52
pedjaspread the word, they deserve much more subscribers :)00:52
pedjaif Lovecraft/math/IT combination sounds interesting to you, check out The Laundry Files by Charlie Stross00:55
j_voh, excellent, looks like my kind of reading. thank you again. i haven'00:57
pedjaI used to read much more fiction. It's more technical books (Ansible, Docker, etc) these days00:58
john_cephalopodaI used to read tons of books when I was younger. The last time I read a book was... months ago.00:58
john_cephalopodaOnly reading python docs nowadays :þ00:59
j_vi haven't read anything new since Neil Gaiman's The Ocean at the End of the Lane (excellent, but all of his are)00:59
pedjaGaiman is God00:59
j_vNeverwhere is my favorite01:00
j_vor Anansi Boys... dunno, it's hard to decide. Good Omens with Terry Pratchett is excellent when i need a good laugh.01:02
pedjaAmerican Gods for me, Good Omens/Anansi Boys as close second :)01:02
j_vYes American Gods was awesome, and leads correlates with Anansi Boys if i remember right01:03
j_vleads into/ and/or correlates01:04
pedjasame universe01:05
j_vyeah, good stuff01:05
pedjaWeaveworld by Clive Barker is also excellent01:05
pedjaBooks of Blood, too01:07
j_vgreat, i have a new list... and finally somethings to suggest to my wife for birthday presents01:08
pedjaI've read a lot of stuff over the years, but SF is still my favorite genre01:11
j_vit is my preferred genre, though often enough fantasy as well. i grew up reading Tolkien and Le Guin, as well as Bradbury and Asimov. the list is too long.01:15
pedjathe classics :)01:16
pedjaif you ever wondered where the word 'robot' came from, this is the answer
j_vi cut my teeth on Poe. and later Kafka (still a favorite.01:17
pedjayou, sir, have an excellent taste in literature01:17
pedjaAnimal Farm is the book I most often buy as a gift01:18
j_vthank you. i knew we might agree when you praised Gaiman so highly. he's my favorite living author01:18
j_vah, yes, and 1984 good too, but Animal Farm sits near to Farenheit 451 on my book shelves01:19
pedjaI have his Sandman series somewhere. Sadly, never could find the time to read it all.01:20
j_vi haven'01:20
j_vhad a time... maybe i will try starting this winter01:20
pedjatoo many books, too little time :)01:21
j_vyes, same here01:21
joacimi just end up buying books that i never read =)01:21
j_vwhen i do have time, $$ are short01:21
joacim:( i mean01:21
joacimwhen i had no job, i went to the library pretty often01:22
j_vi can relate to that... i am contract electrician, so sometimes work is all my time, sometimes i'm looking for next job01:23
pedjain other news, Anandtech's TR review does not disappoint. great article01:30
joacimthe new uefi update for my board lets me disable the opcache stuff01:47
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elderKHey guys, has anyone else started having performance issues with Firefox? The latest version?02:19
elderK52.3.0 I believe?02:19
elderKI used to run FF fine. Now, just using Facebook is frustrating.02:19
elderKKeeps pegging my CPUs.02:19
elderKAlso - I was wondering if anyone's yet been able to build mesa3d-32 or sshfs-fuse?02:20
elderK(sshfs-fuse relies on a later version of fuse than is in our repos.)02:20
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marakuelderK, the latest firefox works fine for me, maybe it's time for a new profile?02:25
marakuthe latest mesa3d-32 also builds fine. I don't use sshfs-fuse, but i think there's a new dep (fuse3 instead of fuse) so you might need to update that02:26
marakuit was in the mailing list02:26
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elderKAh, thanks maraku.02:40
elderKI'll retry building mesa3d-32. It still fails as of last night fo rme.02:41
elderKIs there an easy way to tell if a package, say, mesa3d-32 that's being updated, requires a newer version of some dependency?02:41
elderKLike sshfs-fuse. If it uses a new dependency (fuse3 instead of fuse).02:41
elderKmaraku: I'll try a new profile.02:49
elderKwrt to Firefox02:49
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elderKNew profile, FF still pegging CPUs.03:12
elderKThis is kind of insane.03:12
elderK(I'm just on Facebook and Mozilla addons page)03:12
elderKAll four cores :|03:12
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elderKmaraku: I'll be damned. All I did was clear my ports dirs.04:10
elderKThen retry building mesa3d-32.04:10
elderKthen it worked.04:10
elderKIt wasn't a disk issue, either. It was a linking issue.04:10
elderKBut it's gone now.04:10
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vsteveis there a reason (other than nobody made one yet) crux doesn't have a package for the ISC dhcp package?04:50
jaegervsteve: perhaps you haven't seen contrib/dhcp yet?05:00's because I'm looking specifically for dhcpd05:08
vstevewhich I didn't realize lived inside contrib/dhcp05:08
vsteveand now do.05:08
vstevethank you05:08
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Romstermpg123 version over 9000 so many god damn updates of mpg12305:43
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: cups-filters: update to 1.16.107:59
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timcowchipanyone ever watch Fortitude?08:21
timcowchipcool pun08:21
timcowchipthe guys remodeling my kitchen took wednesday and thursday off this week because it was too hot08:25
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TheGallopingFoxis bootstrap 4.0 compatible with bootstrap 3.0 html5 ?08:49
TheGallopingFoxso when i upgrade all i would need to do is update the css08:50
TheGallopingFoxwrong channel08:50
ryu0TheGallopingFox: please, do tell us more. :D08:57
ryu0almost thought this was the #learnprogramming channel for a moment.08:58
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e11evendoes crux support uefi secure boot ?09:02
frinnstnot secure boot, no09:02
ryu0e11even: if you know how to sign efi binaries and throw in your own keys, then you can do so manually.09:04
ryu0Linux can boot from this mode but CRUX would require manual work if you aren't willing to disable it.09:04
ryu0One option iirc is to use KeyTool's signed form to enroll your own keys or programs via hash.09:05
e11evenmhm , I'll rather disable it09:05
ryu0i usually suggest disabling secure boot and enabling it after installation when you know how to configure it.09:06
ryu0or, just leaving it off all together.09:06
ryu0the benefits exist but somewhat minimally.09:06
ryu0helps prevent people from booting the system in an unsupported manner.09:07
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: csfml: initial import09:30
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: extremetuxracer: 0.6.0 -> 0.7.409:30
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: sfml: cleanup09:30
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: tor: ->
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john_cephalopodaI get some md5 mismatches.09:34
john_cephalopodaOh, just one, misread it at first. inkscape.09:35
e11eveni just did grub install and got mssg Installing for i386-pc platform I got x86  and warning cannot open directory /use/share/locale09:36
e11eveninstallation finished with no error09:37
e11evenis this ok?09:37
ryu0e11even: normal for crux. they don't package locale (translation) files.09:38
e11evenwhat about i386-pc platform ,I have x6409:39
ryu0normal. BIOS MBR code is actually 16 bit while grub itself is 32 bit.09:39
e11evenok ,thx ryu009:40
ryu0it doesn't effect booting one iota. it's just an implementation detail about the early boot grub.09:40
ryu0e11even: there is no x86-64-pc platform. there is i386-efi and x86-64-efi though.09:41
ryu0-pc just refers to the BIOS MBR booting method.09:41
ryu0kernel will switch to 64 bit mode once it boots.09:42
e11evenon a setup I deleted grub-efi and left just grub2 is that ok?09:42
ryu0you only need grub-efi if you're booting from it.09:43
john_cephalopodaThe kernel usually starts in "Real Mode", which is 16 bits.09:43
ryu0john_cephalopoda: don't you mean the CPU starts in real mode?09:43
john_cephalopodaYeah, but since the kernel runs on the CPU, it's using that mode.09:44
ryu0grub switches to 32 bit mode when it can.09:45
ryu0no idea if it reverts to 16 bit before booting.09:45
john_cephalopodaCould ask people who must know :þ09:45
john_cephalopoda#osdev and the like :D09:45
ryu0grub is the swiss army knife of bootloaders.09:46
ryu0in fact it's the only way to boot stuff on libreboot systems.09:46
ryu0by default anyway.09:46
ryu0odd seeing firmware embed grub.09:47
john_cephalopodaFor some reason, I fail to get grub set up on all my systems :þ09:57
john_cephalopodaI always use syslinux :D09:57
e11evenI booted with grub2 and works but I see too many errors now10:04
e11evenI used to use lilo with less errors10:05
e11evenactually with no errors on lilo10:06
frinnste11even: you generally get a localization error when running grub install, thats safe to ignore10:09
frinnstand if you want grub-mkconfig to generate a useful config for you you need to make sure your kernel filename matches the scripts expectations10:09
frinnstit will fail to generate a useful config for "vmlinuz" but succeed for "vmlinuz-4.12.0"10:10
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tsaopI just write my grub.cfg by hand11:21
tsaopit's easier and more clear11:21
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SiFuh_:-) :-)15:54
SiFuh_I scored a HP StorageWorks Ultrium 3280 SAS for $40015:55
SiFuh_Using an ExpressCard/34 SAS adapter from Sonnet Technology, I was able to access it in linux easily. :-) So cool!15:56
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frinnstjust the drive? or a library?16:00
frinnstalso, what ultrium #?16:00
SiFuh_LTO5, External, connects by SAS Cable16:02
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SiFuh_$400 AUD ($315 USD)16:02
frinnstits the blue drives, right?16:03
frinnstright. I skipped that lto gen16:04
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frinnstgreen to purple :-)16:05
SiFuh_brown, because I bought sony tapes16:05
SiFuh_Beats my old DAT72 USB External ;-)16:06
frinnstlooks like a good deal too. I'd jump at the chance if I got a price like that16:06
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SiFuh_I was drunk when I bought it and in the morning it said "You were the highest bidder" and I almost fell of my chair when I saw what I paid for it.16:07
SiFuh_I even thought the guy would not send the drive to me. Then within the hour I got a tracking number and I thought, it must be faulty. Nothing wrong with it at all.16:09
SiFuh_The guy even said in the title, Valued between $6,000 to $8,000 AUD"16:11
frinnstseems there are lots of lto4 available for cheap16:11
frinnstwe have like 200 tapes i could "borrow" from work16:12
pedjahow do you use this?16:12
frinnsttar! :)16:12
SiFuh_mt or mt-st + tar16:12
SiFuh_pedja LTO5 is 1.5TB or (3.0TB compressed)16:13
pedjadamn, that's nice. how much is the tape?16:13
SiFuh_mt-st allows you to control the tape drive   (rewind, fastforward, offline, eject, move a block forward or back)16:14
SiFuh_tar allows you to archive your files by transferring them into blocks on your tape..16:14
SiFuh_pedja: LTO5 tapes?16:14
frinnst30EUR or so16:14
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pedjathat's not bad16:15
SiFuh_about $23 to $30 USD16:15
SiFuh_tapes are designed for longterm storage.16:17
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SiFuh_less moving parts than a hard drive16:17
pedjaiirc, I saw recently IBM/Hitachi announced that they managed to put 200(?)Tb on a tape, which is insane16:19
SiFuh_I saw one a while ago  IBM managed to put 220TB on 1 square inch of tape16:20
SiFuh_but I didn't believe it because media often has no clue about what they are talking about.16:21
SiFuh_ This advanced prototype media is a magnetic particulate tape that has an areal data density of 123 billion bits per square inch. A single cartridge can store up to 220TB of uncompressed data.16:22
pedja220tb uncompressed :)16:22
SiFuh_How fast would it be to access though?16:23
SiFuh_It took me about 24 hours to back up 1.5TB of uncompressed data on a single LTO5 tape.16:24
pedjadoes it store any checksum with data? how does that work?16:27
pedjahow can you sure that the data written is actually correct?16:28
SiFuh_Of course you can create a checksum16:30
pedjawikipedia to the rescue :)
SiFuh_HP Tape drives are pretty good, as they can check errors on transfer16:37
SiFuh_they also have compression and encryption16:37
SiFuh_I generally don't use compression but only because I have a lot of blank tapes. But when I restocked on DAT72 tapes, and realised how rare they are becomming, I decided to compress the data so as not to use up all the blank tapes.16:38
pedjaI love Windows10 'informative' messages. 'System is starting.Don't shut down'16:55
SiFuh_I put a Windows 10 CD into a HP Pavillion DV9000 laptop and the DVD drive kept ejecting it.16:56
SiFuh_To this day, I still don't know why. But all other disks are fine.16:56
pedja'you want me to run *this*? nah'16:57
SiFuh_I even tried a different copy and the same problem.  My brother (he always uses Windows) took it as a sign to never install it.16:58
pedjahe is right16:58
SiFuh_I have Slackware, Crux, Debian and OpenBSD. I was to test Windows 10, but never got a chance16:59
SiFuh_oh and Parrot OS I have on the NEC Versa which is doing the LTO5 backup16:59
frinnst fuck I love this show17:01
*** chinarulezzz has joined #crux17:02
SiFuh_frinnst: Is he talking about Windows?17:03
pedjaanyone remember Australian sitcom also set in hospital?17:08
SiFuh_All Saints?17:09
SiFuh_I can't watch Australian TV Series/Sitcoms/Movies. The accent ruins it.17:11
pedjathat one is drama. the one I remember was dark-ish comedy.17:12
pedjaif it was Australian at all...17:12
frinnstaussie tv is awesome. Prisoner was a masterpiece17:13
frinnstI like that they have made a remake17:13
SiFuh_pedja: whats your meaning of darkish?  Dark humour or Dark as in death?17:15
pedjadark humor17:15
SiFuh_Offspring  was listed under comdey-drama17:16
pedjait's useless, can't find it. I am starting to think I dreamt it :)17:26
SiFuh_Only medical series I know with dark humour is M*A*S*H and it's American17:26
pedjaMASH is Vietnam, this one was modern17:27
SiFuh_M*A*S*H is Korea17:27
SiFuh_Can you describe it? Can you name an actor/actress. Can you name a funny quote or a funny scene?17:28
SiFuh_From a partial recorded song I received in 1991, it took me 8 years to find it. Even went to radio stations and music stores. No one had heard of it. My brother sent me the tape with the partial recording and he didn't know what it was.17:30
SiFuh_He told me it was MC Hammer, and he was wrong. It was Digital Underground's The Way We Swing ;-)17:30
pedjaI used Soundhound a few times to identify a song :)17:32
pedjaonce during an episode of Blacklist17:33
SiFuh_didn't exist in the 90s17:33
SiFuh_oh  which song?17:33
SiFuh_I have the sound track    they have good songs   Gordon Lightfoot, ZZ Top17:33
SiFuh_this medical series   located where   water, land, desert?17:38
SiFuh_because have Reef Doctors and also Shortland Street17:39
SiFuh_and are you 100% sure it is Australian and not New Zealand or UK?17:41
SiFuh_Rhod Gilbert is the greatest comedian in my opinion
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pedjafound it. UK, not Australia/NZ
pedjaGarth Marenghi's Darkplace is the name18:27
SiFuh_hahahahaha  you must be a record holder of finding that which is hard to find18:28
SiFuh_this is not dark humor18:28
SiFuh_this is dry+bigotry+stupid   haha18:30
SiFuh_Did you ever watch The I.T. Crowd?  Similar humor, many same actors18:31
pedjafunny you should say that, Richard Ayoade is one of the creators of Darkplace :)18:33
SiFuh_Matt Berry is also in IT Crowd18:35
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SiFuh_anyways, off to sleep18:37
SiFuh_pedja: that is a zoomed in example of the series.... silly copyright protection crap18:37
pedjathank you, but I have a dvd18:40
pedjaSeries 1-418:40
SiFuh_me too ;-)18:42
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frinnstdark place is awesome19:46
frinnstalso watch man to man with dean learner19:46
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pedja'Christmas is worse than a puppy because you cant put Christmas in a sack and drown it.'20:19
pedjathis man is grumpy af
j_vthis guy get constipated from turkey... don't really believe he's ever really eaten any turkey20:27
j_vmy guess is he's eating turkey flavored cheese20:28
pedjawell, that's one way to solve global warming :)20:36
pedjaso, Americans, how likely is your president to engage in nuclear conflict with North Korea?20:40
frinnsthopefully the adults will put a stop to it20:41
j_vi've been concidering leaving since he was elected... unfortunately, my funds don't supports such ideas20:42
*** edvb has joined #crux20:42
j_vi still can't believe we've got a total loony in charge... how embarassing20:44
pedjaspeaking as someone who had a (alleged) war criminal run the country for more than the decade, you'll be fine :)20:44
brian|lfshe should be in jail for not paying for his hotels and golf courses20:46
pedjahe did bankrupt, what, twice?20:47
j_vsomething like that. could be more. too depressing to luck up.20:47
pedja(I get most of my US news from John Oliver :) )20:47
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: git: 2.14.0 -> 2.14.120:48
j_vnice... the comedians must be really enjoying this presidency... constant material, just follow trumps tweets20:50
pedjaas comedians, perhaps. as private citizens, not so much, I guess20:51
j_vno, not so much20:52
j_vtruly, i am still in shock20:52
j_vsanders would have been my choice20:53
pedjahe is an interesting character20:53
j_vsanders would not have been perfect, but seemed the least evil of the bunch20:54
pedjaI am tired of voting for lesser evil, but what's you're gonna do20:56
j_vanyone who wants to be in charge is someone you don't want in control20:57
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: postgresql: 9.6.3 -> 9.6.420:58
j_vjohn oliver is hilarious21:00
j_vtrump probably would call it fake news21:04
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fyrewhere the blazes are the compiled packages stored on the install media21:42
*** john_cephalopoda has joined #crux21:42
fyreforgot to include grub21:42
frinnstunder crux somewhere21:44
*** timcowchip has joined #crux21:58
timcowchiphow do I get ports -u to stop editing the same Pkgfile?22:14
just_funthe repo (showing edit for some file with every run) has an old REPO file and should be regenerated22:19
just_funin most cases22:19
timcowchipah thanks22:20
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fyrePhew slowly getting there now23:14
fyreCan't work out how to get the framebuffer to use the proper resolution though23:15
fyreStuck on 640x480 I guess... Selected the nvidia framebuffer device when configuring the kernel23:16
frinnstnot sure what the best fb driver for nvidia hardware is23:27
*** john_cephalopoda has left #crux ("Trees can see into your soul.")23:27
frinnstunless you want to run X you could perhaps use the nouveau kms driver23:27
*** Dell has joined #crux23:29
fyreyeah I'll be wanting to run X with a fair bit of power, pretty sure nouveau is still useless with a 97023:30
fyreI just realised I forgot to grab the updated iso from crux.ninja23:33
frinnstnothing a sysup wont fix23:33
fyredamn right23:37
jaegerA sysup and time :)23:39
jaegernouveau would be fine for the console but with a 970 you're better off using the proprietary driver23:40
jaegerAs for framebuffer, if you're running in UEFI mode the efifb is great. Otherwise vesafb or uvesafb (if it's still even around)23:40
fyreI have a sandy bridge mobo which is the generation before UEFI became the standard23:44
jaegerIt's possible you have it anyway, which model is it?23:48
fyrea gigabyte z67 model i think23:49
fyredont know the exact model23:49
jaegerz68 or p67, probably. I don't think z67 exists (though I might be misremembering)23:50
fyreyeah z6823:51
jaeger perhaps?23:55
fyreseems familiar23:56
*** Guest1731 has quit IRC23:57
*** onodera has quit IRC23:57
fyrebah just get a white page on android23:58
jaegerBased on that it looks like it has EFI... but we may be off in the weeds, heh23:58
fyrehmm ill have a look in the bios once this compile finishes23:59
fyredamn gcc23:59

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