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fyreyeah i gotta try and get im on my other screen too, something to do with how I've plugged it in probably00:00
fyredefaults to the second screen00:00
jaegerew.. my water blocks are NASTY right now00:01
fyrecomments like that is why I will never touch water cooling00:01
jaegerFor the most part it's been fine. I got a bad batch of liquid this time around00:01
fyretoo much maintaince00:02
fyrenot enough benefit over a proper air cooler00:02
jaegerYeah, it can be some work. I enjoy it00:02
jaegerI did it for fun, it's certainly not necessary at all00:02
fyreexpensive too :(00:02
jaegertrue. But I already spend a lot building computers00:03
jaegerI generally sell them somewhat frequently00:03
fyreI am a big cheapskate, I'll buy a thread killer but buy the bare minimum to go along with it hehe00:04
jaegercurrently I have an i7-6700k build, i5-6600k build, and ryzen 7 1700x build. going to sell the i5-6600k one soon, probably00:04
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fyredamn git fails to compile00:09
fyreah forgetting to use depinst!00:19
jaegeryep, just found a buyer for the i5-6600k box :)00:32
joacimis that the one you had watercooling on?00:58
joacimi probably should be selling mine too. but having a spare is nice00:58
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Romsterthanks to ryu0 for zef (module installer like gems pip npm) now we have perl6
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jaegerjoacim: I did previously. Converted it back to air cooling a week or so ago05:30
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ryu0Murder! JanC's clone was killed!07:40
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pedjaACTION boots freshly built 4.12.6 kernel15:50
pedjaACTION checks kernel.org15:50
pedja'Vega will have full open source drivers support on launch'. but you will have to pull bleeding edge code from several git repos15:53
pedjamesa, llvm, amdgpu staging kernel branch15:54
pedjaprovided you can actually buy one before miners buy ALL of them, that is15:57
pedjait does look gorgeous15:57
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ryu0pedja: bleeding edge hardware requires bleeding edge software. Whoda thunk it?16:05
pedjaI understand that, but how many users will actually go thru all that?16:07
pedjaand if they can't use AMD's AMDGPUPRO, then what?16:08
j_vpretty paper weights?16:09
pedjadon't get me wrong, huge respect to AMD for doing all that work16:10
ryu0pedja: chances are they'd be using windows and not be faced with the issue.16:11
pedjaI see a lot of Linux users on r/AMD hyped about Vega and possible SR-IOV16:12
pedjaSR-IOV on a 'consumer' card would be fcking awesome. not likely to happened, thou16:14
pedjaI am looking forward to Level1Techs review16:16
ryu0pedja: i stopped getting hyped about cutting edge hardware some time ago. it always has issues that spoil the experience.16:17
pedjaI can't afford even non-cutting edge hw atm, but I still enjoy reading about it :)16:18
pedjatechnology is one of the rare things that gets me excited these past few decades16:20
SiFuh_os[Linux 4.4.75 - ] up[ 6 days, 9 hours, 49 minutes] cpu[Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6820HK CPU @ 2.70GHz SMP (8 processors), 899.964 MHz (43395.92 bogomips)] mem[ 34829.35/64275.73 MB (54.2%)] video[NVIDIA Corporation Device 1be1 (rev a1) at 5280x2160 (32 bits)]16:24
SiFuh_excited pedja ?16:25
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pedjathat kernel is way behind :)16:29
pedja4c/8t is nothing special in the age of Zen16:31
SiFuh_It's my notebook :-)16:33
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pedjayeah, I figured that
joacimdont think i've ever had a quad core laptop16:35
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pedjaSiFuh_, is update for out yet?16:36
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pedjaah, there is a microcode update.16:38
pedjathat's some uptime for a notebook :)16:39
SiFuh_notebook usually runs 24/716:40
joacimmine tend to cound several months due to me using sleep modes instead of turning it off16:40
ryu0if our laptops ever attain sentience, will they complain about us leaving the light on and rendering them unable to sleep? lol16:44
SiFuh_At least when I wake up in the dark, I don't light up the entire room...16:45
ryu0SiFuh_: oh, i guess it means you're not "bright" enough. :P16:45
pedjaI have to reboot Win10 laptop every few days, it doesn't like sleep/hibernation very much16:45
ryu0Ah, so microsoft finally caught up to Linux in terms of hibernation.16:46
SiFuh_I think I have disabled hibernation on my notebook16:46
pedjaWin10 gets all weird after a few sleep/wake up cycles :)16:46
ryu0wouldn't you if you had people waking you up all the time?16:46
SiFuh_I just black the screen. If I move it, I just power down.16:47
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pedjayou power down if you move the notebook? that's kind of weird16:51
SiFuh_When I move the notebook, I am going from Australia to Kyrgyzstan or Malaysia....16:51
joacimmy customers doesnt know how to turn off their computers anymore16:52
joacimthey press the powerbutton and thinks that's turning it off16:52
joacimthen they come to me when it doesnt wake. saying it doesnt charge and stuff like that16:52
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pedjaisn't powerbutton configurable in Windows?16:57
pedjaiirc, I set lid close to hibernation, power button press to poweroff16:58
SiFuh_i pressed my power button, it does nothing... I disabled it ;-)16:59
SiFuh_see what happens when I shut the lid16:59
SiFuh_screen blank only17:00
SiFuh_exactly how I like it!17:00
TheCephalopodMy laptop doesn't even blank the screen :รพ17:00
TheCephalopodI was too lazy to set up any acpi events.17:00
SiFuh_If I am holding my powerbutton down for about 8 seconds the computer will shut off.17:01
SiFuh_right now, I am testing that oracle solaris on another laptop and the screen blanking is annoying me already17:02
john_cephalopodaYeah, that hard power-off is a hardware function though, and not an ACPI thing.17:11
SiFuh_Yes, I need it for multi thread intel that pedja warned me about17:18
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SiFuh_pedja: intel-microcode 2017070717:22
pedjayup, I updated my intel-ucode port17:23
SiFuh_me too because I didn't even have it installed ;-)17:23
pedjanot that I need the latest fw with my Core2Duo :)17:24
SiFuh_I just wish my notebook had an ExpressCard/54 slot17:24
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pedjaI've read about LTFS yesterday when I was looking at tape storage. very interesting. LTFS has to be supported by tape drive or?18:01
SiFuh_Don't know, I still do it the old fashioned way..  I am reading into it now, and hopefully be able to run a test18:01
SiFuh_I thought the idea of use a tape drive the same as USB was not possible, but it appears it is..18:02
pedjaonly downside I can see is that the deleted blocks aren't really deleted, just marked unavailable. but, that's a minor thing18:03
pedjasure helps when you need that one file from 2Tb backup :)18:04
SiFuh_well it depends18:08
SiFuh_what if the block is 2TB and you replace it with a 2KB file?18:08
SiFuh_all this I am curious about18:09
pedjaapparently, you can rollback
SiFuh_I was referring to wasted space18:14
pedjaah, sorry18:20
pedja"to delete a file and free up space it is necessary to delete all the previous files and rewrite them back to tape again"18:28
pedjathat makes sense, since tape is linear18:29
SiFuh_So if I have 2TB worth of files in a 2TB block, and I replace all with a 2KB file that means I have a 2TB block that only uses 2KB of space18:31
SiFuh_I have always used tar and now I am curious to look into LTFS.18:32
pedjayou'll have 2Tb of used space and 2kb block at the end :)18:35
pedjathere is no replace, afaict. mark the old file as invalid, append new file at the end of it18:36
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fyreright, so I can get grub to go into the proper resolution of my screen, but as soon as it goes to boot crux it just becomes black. Framebuffer not supporting 1920x1080?20:56
jaegervesa or uefi?21:01
fyrepretty sure just vesa21:01
jaegerJust wondered because I've never seen that happen with vesa but it's common with uefi. :)21:01
fyrei had a poke around my mobo and it looks like ot supports efi but it's disabled21:02
jaegerwhen you boot, try adding vga=ask to your command line, see what modes it says are available21:02
jaegeror, hit 'c' to open a grub command line and run videoinfo or vbeinfo, can't remember which it is21:02
fyrei tried videoinfo, but wasn't helpful at all21:03
fyrejust trying the nvidiafb as it is a nvidia card21:03
jaegeralso try adding 'vga=0 nomodeset' to the command line, see if you get any output21:04
fyreyeah get output with it jaeger, but it is the same as before21:12
jaegerSo what do you mean by "videoinfo wasn't helpful"? And what did 'vga=ask' show you?21:13
fyrevga with grub just sets gfxpayload, gonna try setting a lower resolution and see if it works.21:13
fyreit didn't show anyninfo to do with resolutions, just listed about 4 colours21:14
jaegerDid you run videoinfo or videotest?21:14
fyrevideoinfo actually gave me useful info now21:16
fyrevga=ask didn't return anything21:17
jaeger'vga=ask' isn't a grub command, for what that's worth. it's a parameter you add to the boot command line21:17
fyregot it21:18
fyreright, settingn a lower resolution didn't work21:19
fyrevga=ask didn't do anything special, just the same as using vga=0 nomodeset, brings the framebuffer up in low gfx mode21:21
jaegervga=ask pauses and asks you for input, you can give it an option to scan available modes21:21
fyrehm maybe I put it in the wrong place21:21
jaegerMaybe 'vga=ask' doesn't work with non-vesa FB drivers? I'm not sure21:22
fyreno I think it's grub being rubbish21:22
fyregone back to just using thr vesa driver btw21:23
jaegerwell, if you think that's the case, try lilo and see21:23
jaegerPretty easy to switch between them21:23
fyrenever used lilo ever..21:23
jaegerinstall lilo, configure it, and run it - it'll overwrite grub in the MBR21:24
fyreoh ok, want to try a couple more things with grub before I do21:24
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frinnstfyre: have you gotten it to work with some other distro?21:53
frinnstif you have a livecd or something you could just see what /proc/cmdline says21:54
frinnstas in: "fedora boots just how i like it"21:55
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fyrewell ths crux iso for example has no problem loading with fb128022:18
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brian|lfscurious what is the longest package to compile we have on CRUX?23:29
][_R_][ACTION suspects FF or Chrome23:43
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jaegerff or qt5?23:54

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