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brian|lfssounds about right or chromium00:11
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jaegerI used to think llvm was a long one but after doing all those build plots firefox was much longer00:23
brian|lfsI can do firefox in 20 to 30 minutes chromium takes a good hour00:35
jaegerI'd like to do another set of build plots for firefox but the ryzen box crashes too much :P00:37
jaegerI guess I could script it to keep trying until it has X number of successful builds, hrmm00:38
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nullspoonHas anyone tried installing xclip lately? I rebuilt my system, to 0.13 had to be downloaded and I'm getting a 404 on the source.01:23
nullspoonThe source shows the file exists under the home directory of rehabdoll, under the domain.01:24
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jaegerfrinnst: ^01:38
jaegerI think he changed the username so that particular path no longer exists01:38
jaegerwith that said, you can grab it from one of the distfiles mirrors01:39
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joacimgot my old windows 7 install working in qemu, with gpu passthrough02:30
joacimbut the performance is less than stellar02:30
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.3]: mpg123-32: 1.25.5 -> 1.25.602:37
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Romsteron what hardware joacim ?02:48
Romsteron the R9 for the VM?02:49
Romsterwhat is the linux side using for video? a second R9?02:50
joaciman rx 55002:50
Romsteri am guessing you got the most recent firmware and microcode02:50
joacimi yeah updated just a couple of days ago02:51
Romsteranything special to use vga pass through? i'd like to try it when i get myself a new pc.02:52
jaegeryou need hardware that supports IOMMU02:52
joacimcan be fiddly if you have two graphics cards that use the same drivers02:52
jaegeras well as a motherboard and BIOS/UEFI (UEFI recommended) which has properly-separated IOMMU groups02:53
joacimi "solved" that by reserving my graphics cards at boot, and keep amdgpu loading as a module02:53
Romsteri heard some boards even if they support IOMMU wont dedicate a PCIe slot for the VM02:53
joacimryzen computers had horrible iommu groups, everyone fell into one of two groups. but the update that released this summer solved much of that02:54
Romsteri can't think of any reson why the windows driver for video would be an issue. must be a qemu vfio issue?02:55
joacimwill probably need a kvm switch too, if you want to switch between controlling the host system and the guest02:55
Romsteri was reading about that02:55
Romsterby the time i can afford one i should be okay (i hope)02:55
joacimi just got one of those cheap usb only ones =)02:56
Romstereh a second keyboard and mouse and point them to qemu?02:57
joacimthat would work too02:57
Romsterbe like having two computers with 2 or more screens02:57
Romsterif you got the desk space02:57
joacimi want to use passthrough for games, so i dont have to have two sets of input devices on my desk anymore02:57
joacimbut i could just have two computers and a kvm switch02:58
Romsteri'm getting sick of dual booting and i want to do the same as you joacim02:58
joacimyeah thats why i ended up with two computers. got tired of how inconvenient dualbooting was02:58
joacimi often found myself wanting documents or something that was on my other partitions, stuff i couldnt access from windows02:59
Romsterwonder what hypervisor you are using03:00
jaegerMy old haswell setup did qemu vfio really well, haven't tried it on the skylake03:01
Romsteri was thinking of a NAS to solve that.03:01
jaegerand the ryzen box doesn't have room :)03:01
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RomsterThe long story is that according to Microsoft's documentation "On systems03:02
Romsterwhere the TSC is not suitable for timekeeping, Windows automatically selects03:02
Romstera platform counter (either the HPET timer or the ACPI PM timer) as the basis03:02
Romsterfor QPC." QPC = QueryPerformanceCounter() which is a windows api for getting03:02
Romstertiming info. Some redhat documentation say: "Windows 7 do not use the TSC as03:02
Romstera time source if the hypervisor-present bit is set". Instead if falls back on03:02
Romsteracpi_pm or hpet if hpet is enabled in the xml.03:02
joacimi dont know too much about these things, so i cant tel you which hypervisor i'm using =)03:02
RomsterThe hypervisor present bit is a fake cpuid flag qemu and other hypervisors injects to show the guest it's running under a hypervisor. This is different from the KVM signature that can be hidden with <kvm><hidden state='on'>. With the hypervisor flag disabled in libvirt xml windows 7 started using TSC as timing source for me.03:03
RomsterThe performance for those games are basically limited by how fast the host can do context switches.03:04
Romsterso i dunno might be wroth looking into.03:04
joacimthis is what im using to start qemu03:05
Romsterhmm ia m pretty sure this pc has VT-d, but i am limited to 8GB of ram so i wont even bother on this pc03:08
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Romsteri would assume you are using the ACPI timer and not HPET with that configuration03:09
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joacimi can at least use qemu to get updates for windows. i think crux should also deny updates to users of newer processors03:30
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SiFuhpedja: Fri Jul 28 14:03 - 16:09 (17+02:05) & Thu Jul 13 00:53 - 14:01 (15+13:08)06:10
SiFuhI just checked the previous uptimes06:11
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pedjajoacim, you might try this
pedjatl;dr is to add 'hv_relaxed,hv_spinlocks=0x1fff,hv_vapic,hv_time' to cpu section of qemu invocation07:04
pedjavirt-manager does that automagically with Win guests07:04
frinnstmy biggest issues with win under qemu is the lack of working audio and shitty gfx performance07:56
frinnsthell, even running a linux vm without X results in shitty gfx. A scrolling terminal consumes 100% cpu07:59
frinnstnoticed that the other day07:59
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joacimi passed over the audio part of my graphics card too, so i get the displayport audio08:16
joacimpedja: works a lot better for eve online08:27
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joacimperformance with more demanding games is much lower still08:46
joacimin games where i would get 50 and up when running normally, i seems to get 20-30 FPS in qemu08:53
pedjamaybe AMD Windows drivers suck :)08:56
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pedjafrinnst, Win7 with ac97 and spice?09:09
pedjasome people say that qemu is still behind Virtualbox with Windows guests.09:10
pedja2d/3d performance09:11
frinnstwin7 x64 - no ac97 available on that arch09:11
frinnsthda is what's used and that seems to "kinda" work - i get audio noise in the speakers but its very distorted09:12
frinnstand yes, spice09:12
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pedjaand, when you are really bored,
pedjaserver 2k16 only10:49
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pedjathere are still a few bugs with AMD cpus, but it works10:55
pedjathe consensus seems to be that for the best Windows VM performance with Qemu you have to passthrough ALL THE THINGS11:00
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pedjaseparate hard disk, gfx card, preferably sound card, too11:01
pedjadual boot is much cheaper/faster/less fiddly11:02
pedjafor now, at least11:02
pedjatbh, I didn't really notice performance issues with Linux VMs, most of mine are servers which I ssh into11:04
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frinnstor just buy a another computer :)12:31
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pedjapretty much :)13:29
pedja'I was going to go with Threadripper, but I couldn't justify needing all those cores.' no imagination whatsoever :)13:34
teK_make -j1613:34
fyredoes make not get any benefit using threads?13:50
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pedjaif I am reading this correctly, not by default14:04
pedjaiow, you have to explicitly set it14:08
pedjaif there is an actual benefit is completely different question, and the answer depends on build system used, software itself14:09
jaegerfyre: I started doing some test recently along those lines just for grins:
jaegerdepends a lot on the software, yeah14:09
fyrevery interesting14:10
pedjameson claims it uses all your cores/threads to the max14:10
fyredefinite decreasing benefits14:10
teK_why did you stop at a certain number of processes?14:10
teK_i.e. how does the i7 perform for >8?14:11
jaegerteK_: saw no point it using more threads than I had available, given the expected diminishing returns14:11
jaeger"more jobs than I had threads available" if you prefer14:12
teK_would be interesting how steep the costs for overloading threads are :]14:12
pedjaif would be interesting to see if there is any difference in build time when mesa switches to meson14:13
teK_btw what did draw the graph,  it doesnt look like gnuplot14:13
jaegerit's gnuplot14:16
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teK_very nice14:16
jaegerJust had to give it some style. the default looked like this:
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teK_before looking: it must have been looking very ugly if you saved the original14:17
teK_it did indeed14:17
jaegeryes :)14:17
teK_mind sharing the style / link? :]14:17
jaegerSure. I need to boot up the machine it was generated on anyway and add the i5 to the set14:18
pedja'Vega 56 delivers around 90% of Vega 64’s performance for 80% of the price'.14:18
teK_no hurry14:18
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cruxbot[core.git/3.3]: start-stop-daemon: update version, signatures14:53
cruxbot[core.git/3.3]: start-stop-daemon.c update14:53
jaegerapparently I've lost the original command that plotted all three together but it won't be hard to recreate. The data is all there15:06
teK_not even in your shell history?15:06
joacimnowhere in your shells history?15:07
jaegerIt might be but it'll look like './plot' or something :P15:07
jaegerI still have the template I used to plot the first two, so I can recreate it from that. Just won't remember the exact color for the third data set15:07
jaegerwhich is no big deal15:07
teK_I have setopt histignorespace which will not put commands in my hist file if they start with a backspace15:08
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: gnupg: 2.1.21 -> 2.1.2315:08
jaegerI might make this stuff cleaner/prettier and upload it to github or something15:09
jaegeranyway, the template looked like this with 2 data sets:
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pedjarejoice, jaeger, looks like docker has yet another dependency :)16:51
pedjait almost seems like they are, not so gently, discouraging people not to build it from source themselves16:53
pedja'get it from the Docker store'. heh16:54
pedjathey are taking this modular thing pretty seriously, I'd say16:55
onoderaHas anyone here build 4.12 using BFQ as the default IO scheduler?17:04
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pedjawell, I set it as default in rc.local17:08
onoderahmm when I used the patch I used to set the default in menu config, but now that it's in mainline it no longer in the "default scheduler" menu for some reason...17:08
pedjaif you use multiqueue, you can't set default scheduler that way17:09
pedjanot yet, anyway17:09
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onoderaso what is multu queue exactly? I've seen it a few times now?17:10
pedjaSCSI_MQ_DEFAULT has to be enabled before BFQ and Kyber appear in IO schedulers part of kernel config17:16
pedjait's a bit confusing, CFQ is set as default, but on reboot mq_deadline was set for sda/sdb :)17:17
pedjathat's the default17:18
pedjait's a WIP, so :)17:19
onoderapedja: I enavled that setting but it still doesn't show up in the defau;t kernel list :/17:21
pedja'set default scheduler'17:21
onoderabefore when I used bfq in patch from it would show up in there17:22
onoderanow with 4.12 it doesn't17:22
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pedjaone of the kernel devs removed setting default scheduler selection for blk-mq17:27
pedjaand blk-mq will be on by default in 4.13, iirc17:28
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pedjayou can use 'elevator=whatever' in grub. for now, that will be gone soon, too :)17:29
pedjaor an udev rule17:31
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jaegerI should probably switch the docker port to the stable release rather than the edge release, maybe17:42
jaegerSince the edge releases are only supported for a month17:42
jaegerNot that they'd be supported on crux anyway, since we build from source17:42
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onoderapedja: can  you show me your rc.local please?17:45
onoderaor well, the relevant bfq line17:45
pedja"/bin/echo bfq > /sys/block/sda/queue/scheduler"17:46
pedjajaeger, but, but, what about new features? :)17:47
pedjadocker is a PITA17:48
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pedjaArch has a huuuuge pkgbuild thingie for it, all parts jammed into one17:50
pedjawhich sort of makes sense, since they all have to be updated at once, using specific commit17:52
pedjaI do something similar for vulkan-sdk17:52
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pedjait's ugly af, but it works17:53
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pedjaonodera, that line works, but udev rule is much more elegant, imho17:56
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onoderapedja: how so, you mean newly mounted drives will also use bfq automatically? or is there more to it?18:05
pedjapretty much, yes. or if you have several ssds and spinning rust disks, automagically set scheduler for all of them at once18:07
pedjasomething like 'ACTION=="add|change", KERNEL=="sd[a-z]", ATTR{queue/rotational}=="1", ATTR{queue/scheduler}="bfq"'18:08
pedja(I stole that line from jaeger, I think :) )18:10
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