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j_vseems env uses evecvp, which handles path search even if PATH is empty (using value found by confstr(_CS_PATH))... sorry for noise00:20
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joacimlooks pretty sweet.02:47
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SiFuhpedja: I wouldn't be suprised if I had similar old codes laying around since I backup everything and have kept everything I have ever done, received, got or found.03:32
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pedjaI don't speak German, but the temp chart is interesting13:06
pedjais 2C difference really worth double the price of AIO water thingie?13:09
pedjawell, apart from noise13:10
pedja31 vs 36dB13:11
SiFuhAnyone running Crux + UEFI?13:14
SiFuhI have never used UEFI before. I enabled it in the BIOS and I have done the normal CRUX install. But everytime I try to run the command grub-install /boot/efi. It whines about the directory not existing. I am doing something wrong and I have no clue as to what it is. I have a vfat EFI partition as sda1.13:17
frinnnstthe docs on uefi boot is actually very good13:19
SiFuhThanks, I just found out the problem. I will read those docs because this is something new for me13:21
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frinnnstSiFuh: what was the problem? /boot/efi not existing at all or was it not mounted?14:40
ryu0SiFuh: grub still installs to /boot, but it assumes /boot/efi has the ESP mounted there.14:47
ryu0SiFuh: Also, you need to be booted into EFI for it to work well.14:47
ryu0grub still places its usual files in /boot/grub, but places an EFI blob on the ESP.14:48
ryu0to act as a payload to load the regular grub.14:48
ryu0same as it does with MBR mode.14:48
ryu0but it places it in the MBR and the unused after the MBR14:49
ryu0Or, if using GPT, it'll use a dedicated partition, the BIOS boot partition.14:50
ryu0though that has issues too. the fake MBR partition needs to be labeled bootable for some BIOS to even try to load from them.14:50
ryu0HP loves that.14:51
SiFuhfrinnnst: first problem is /boot/efi not existing. Second problem, I am still not sure of.14:58
SiFuh 14:59
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SiFuhryu0: and it is an HP15:01
fede_runHi, I'm having a bit of troubles with firefox, if I launch it as regular user it says in loop [GFX1-15:03
fede_run] Failed 2 buffer15:03
fede_runand all the windows are black15:04
frinnnstdid you upgrade/reinstall glibc?15:04
frinnnstis /dev/shm mounted?15:04
ryu0obligatory: did you reboot?15:04
fede_runif I started it as super user It sort of works (sometimes tabs crashes)15:04
frinnnstanywayas, i've come across that a couple of times when testing toolchains. to fix: umount /dev/shm && mount /dev/shm15:05
frinnnstor if it works only as root it might be your permissions on /dev/shm that are wrong15:05
fede_runI've unmounted and mounted /dev/shm and now it works15:06
fede_runIt's strange15:07
frinnstyeah not sure why thats needed. simply remounting with -o remount doesnt work15:07
frinnstdont know enough about it im afraid15:07
fede_runthanks for the temporary solution, I'm going to investigate15:08
ryu0i assume firefox is growing more dependent on SHM with its move to multi process.15:09
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fede_runWell maybe but I can't understand why before I updated firefox it worked.15:16
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SiFuhfrinnnst: second problem was 'mount -t efivarfs none /sys/firmware/efi/efivars'15:51
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pedjaone of the (sadly, rare) YT review channels without lame gimmicks and BS
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pedjalooks like Samsung is the go to brand for SATA/NVME SSD's, at least for consumer/prosumer part of the market.16:29
pedjayo, you who work in the enterprise, what's the situation there?16:30
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.3]: mesa3d: updated to 17.1.718:02
SiFuh  WTF?18:26
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frinnnstusa is awesome19:21
SiFuhUSA's awesomeness ended in 196319:23
SiFuhIn fact, the entire evolution of the human race reached it's pinacle in the US during the 1950s.19:25
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pedjaBS, human race has yet to reach it's full potential.20:01
pedjaor self-destruct, we'll see :)20:01
john_cephalopodaIt all depends on how fast Elon can shoot some of us to Mars :D20:02
pedjahe will send 'the best and brightest'. you think you'll make the cut?20:03
pedjait's a one way ticket20:04
john_cephalopodaWith "us", I meant humanity in general.20:05
john_cephalopodaI don't really want to live on Mars.20:05
pedjas/humanity/a select few/20:05
john_cephalopodaWhen you send up enough select few and blow up the earth, then those select few will be all of humanity.20:06
SiFuhpedja: we reached our full potential already. We are already on the path to self destruction.20:06
SiFuh1950s USA was the best, healthiest, happiest, and most free time in all of human history..20:07
pedjafor white Americans20:07
SiFuhafter that we started to decline at a fast rate20:08
tilmanSiFuh: uh, the red scare? mccarthy?20:08
john_cephalopodaSiFuh: We are further away from a nuclear war right now than we were in 1950.20:08
SiFuhwe didn't have a nuclear war20:08
SiFuhmccarthy was just paranoid20:08
john_cephalopodaBut nearly. Several times.20:08
john_cephalopodaThere are WAY less wars than in 1950.20:08
pedjathis might come as a surprise, SiFuh , but USA =! all of humanity :)20:08
SiFuhpedja: that is not the point20:09
SiFuhjohn_cephalopoda: what?20:10
john_cephalopodaSiFuh: Homosexuals, colored people, people who considered communist and transgenders, amongst others, had a bad time in 1950 USA.20:10
john_cephalopodaSiFuh: What "what?"?20:11
SiFuhyou gave me your definition of a war so you can erase my 'what?' now ;-)20:11
pedja'Mad Man' is a nice documentary on that times20:11
john_cephalopodaSiFuh: In 1950 the Korean war started, in 1955 the Vietnam war started, going over 19 years.20:13
pedjawell, it's a TV show, but with pretty accurate portrayal of culture on that time20:13
SiFuhpedja: need more info that documentary doesn't seem to exist :-(20:13
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SiFuhjohn_cephalopoda: that is 2 wars...20:13
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john_cephalopodaSiFuh: 2 wars that the USA was actively fighting in.20:14
SiFuhand today ?20:14
SiFuhjohn_cephalopoda> There are WAY less wars than in 1950.20:14
john_cephalopodaBut not really much more.20:14
SiFuhdude, you need to read the news20:15
SiFuhthere are more wars going on today (involving USA) than any period in human history20:15
SiFuhpedja: I want to see that TV Series, can you give me something more direct?20:18
john_cephalopodaSiFuh: Pretty much all wars today are related to the middle east conflicts.20:20
john_cephalopodaIt's a confined area.20:20
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SiFuhAll wars today are related to third world countries...20:21
SiFuhits confined to a large portion of this planet20:21
SiFuhwhy? because first world countries love to rape 'em20:22
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SiFuhpedja: haha20:22
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TheCephalopodAll wars of the 21st century that the USA is involved in are taking place in the same area. And are interlinked.20:24
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SiFuhif you look at all countries we fought, and what they were missing, and afterwards what they gained. You will see some similarities.20:25
SiFuhEven countries whom never had war with us, say they want to join our way of life by introducing a...... suddenly become friends of ours..20:26
SiFuhand yet only one real country refuses to introduce our ..... and now they are front page news again20:26
SiFuhWhat is that  ...... ?20:26
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TheCephalopodNo clue what you mean.20:27
SiFuhLook up central banks20:28
SiFuhand correlate them with wars (before and after)20:29
SiFuhand you will see why20:29
TheCephalopod"Central banks were established in many European countries during the 19th century."20:29
SiFuhim talking world wide20:30
TheCephalopod"On 23 December 1913 the U.S. Congress created the US Federal Reserve through the passing of The Federal Reserve Act in the Senate and its signing by President Woodrow Wilson on the same day."20:30
SiFuhwatch the way the expand20:30
SiFuhand all enemies didn't have central banks20:30
TheCephalopod19th century goes from 1801 to 1900 btw.20:30
TheCephalopodThe USA just copied the concept, that many European countries already had.20:30
SiFuhU.S. Congress created the20:30
SiFuhUS Federal Reserve20:30
SiFuhNo they did not!20:30
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SiFuhevery country we have attacked has never had a central bank20:31
SiFuhafter we took them to war, then we established that bank20:31
SiFuhCuba on the other hand refused, but during the Obama adminstration decided that they would like to join the central bank20:32
SiFuhsuddenly we are at peace with them.20:32
SiFuhtiny countries that rely on other countries currency are exempt20:33
SiFuhcountries that have a central bank but the central bank thinks created an act of fraud (IRAN) are targets of war20:33
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TheCephalopodThere was a big national bank in Germany.20:34
SiFuh_A_ country that is left that still has no central bank or even considers to have a central bank.. the lone standing warriror (NORTH KOREA)20:34
TheCephalopodIt crashed at the start of the second world war though.20:34
SiFuhafter Germany was raped because of the agreement that ended WW120:35
SiFuhand who fixed the problem? Hitler!20:35
SiFuhHe disposed of the system and created a state bank20:35
SiFuhand bam  WW220:35
SiFuhand they raped Germany again20:35
TheCephalopodActually not really.20:35
SiFuhYeah, Germany still produces awesome stuff20:36
SiFuhcheck this    Adolf Hitler the greatest story never told20:36
TheCephalopod"Made in Germany" is the most recognized sign for quality.20:37
TheCephalopodThe problem of a central bank is, that it can easily crash the whole system.20:38
TheCephalopodA housing bubble in the USA caused a worldwide financial crash.20:39
SiFuhAll reserver banks are connected to the central bank20:40
SiFuhall countries pool their wealth into the International Monetary Fund and the Bank of International Setlements.20:41
SiFuhits basically one giant bank that has many subsidary companies/organizations/governments/banks/corporations/products/etc20:42
SiFuhbelow it20:42
SiFuhA coutnry fails, who cares... They now own that country. THey follow no flag and have no borders.20:43
TheCephalopodThe USA failed.20:43
TheCephalopodThe whole system collapsed.20:43
TheCephalopodIt wasn't as bad as it could have been, but it was pretty bad.20:43
SiFuhAustralia already did in 200520:43
SiFuhbut few people know about it20:44
TheCephalopodAustralia isn't an important economy.20:44
SiFuhI can't do a thumbs up here20:45
SiFuhi think the only importance Australia has is mining, meat and military bases.20:45
TheCephalopodACTION imagines Australia exporting military bases and getting really confused because they don't work when installed upside-down20:46
SiFuhother nations using Australia as a military base because of strategic location..20:47
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