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vsteveI have a curiousity about how /etc/rc.d/net and /etc/rc.d/wlan work00:24
vstevetoday I used usb teathering with my smartphone, which works if I use the hardware switch to kill my built-in wifi card and start the net script00:25
vsteveso now i'm home, and I messed with my laptop for a good 30 minutes to get internal wifi to work again00:26
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vstevethe only way I could get it to work was to reconnect the smart phone, reactivate usb teathering, then ...for some reason...that woke up my wifi card00:26
vsteveI disconnected the phone to make sure it was actually using wifi, it was, so I rebooted...and since then it's been fine on wifi again00:27
vsteveso I have no idea why rebooting....or reenableing the wifi in the bios...or anything fixed it...for some reason reconnecting the phone brought it back to life...00:28
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j_vvsteve, while i can't answer your questions, i would suggest looking at /var/log/messages and /var/log/kernel (might need to be /var/log/old/kernel.0 because of the reboot) for the times when you where trying to reenable the plain wifi sans tether01:20
vsteveI'll make note of that01:20
vstevethank you01:20
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SiFuhpedja:  That link was interesting..04:17
SiFuhCaine must have been the worst, since he killed off 1/4 of the human race. ;-)04:21
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frinnstah.. the biblical thingy08:56
frinnstyeah that hit-ratio is impressive :-)08:56
SiFuhBut then again. Genesis 4:15 But the Lord said to him, "Not so; anyone who kills Cain will suffer vengeance seven times over." Then the Lord put a mark on Cain so that no one who found him would kill him.09:12
SiFuhWho are the others? He obviously wasn't referring the parents of Cain.09:13
SiFuhOwnership of lock picks in Hungary is completely prohibited, even for professional locksmiths. Lock picks are classified as military equipment, and may only be legally obtained or used by Hungary's armed forces.09:41
joacim"hello is this the army? there is a terrorist inside my locked house."09:56
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cruxiHi there10:00
cruxiI want to install a 32 bit crux on a 2008 macbook, is this possible?10:03
cruxiI'm supposed to get help here, is anybody getting my messages, please confirm.10:11
abenzcruxi: yes your messages are arriving fine.10:12
abenzthis channel is an example of "good things come to those who wait"10:12
abenzso pls hang around and good things will come10:13
joacimi dont think there are any updated 32-bit images of crux anymore10:15
joacimwas a 586 iso somewhere, but i dont know the status of that10:15
joacimand the old 686 is pretty outdated now10:15
frinnstI think there are actually10:15
frinnstiirc jaeger has rolled one10:15
frinnstlet me check10:15
joacima 2008 macbook should have a 64-bit processor tho (32-bit uefi), so the current amd64 build should work just fine10:15
joacimoh nice10:16
frinnstthat ISO is "not official" but built by the same person that does the official isos. So you should be fine :-)10:16
joacimwhat happened to your 64-bit builds?10:23
joacimi dont remember if i started on those, or if i first started using crux using the 32-bit isos10:23
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SiFuhHaha not official but built by the same person whom made the official images.10:28
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abenzthe guy left .. so..10:28
joacimaround 12:2010:29
SiFuh[20 32 21]� joacim> around 12:2010:29
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cruxi@abenz@joacim@frinnst@SiFuh,Ididn't left, sorry it's only my wifi which disconnected me, I'm still here.11:06
joacimits ok.11:06
pedja'die, Ethereum, die' seems to be the general feeling on r/AMD11:11
pedjajust got an e-mail from one of the retail chains, with the offer to legalize my OS 'for just ~250 euros'11:13
pedja30.000 RSD, give or take11:14
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joacimwhat os is that?11:14
joacimnot even amigaos is that expensive11:14
pedjaWin10 Pro11:15
joacimit is on kinguin for 30 dollars11:15
cruxiuntil now I used the official 2.7.1 and 2.8 iso, it's old but fine for me, I'm studying some old books so it's OK, installing 2.7.1 on a desktop with a BIOS is straightforward, but the macbook has in fact a 32-bit uefi, does crux-3.3-i686.iso from isos are for bios or uefi?11:16
pedjaOLP-GGW, whatever the fsck that is11:16
pedja'Global DRAM sales set an all-time record of more than $16.5 billion in the second quarter'11:19
joacimi think it's been common to run 64-bit operating systems on those macbooks, so i dont think you need a 32-bit version specifically11:20
pedja'DRAM prices in general to remain on an upward trajectory for the remainder of the year' yay11:20
joacimi regret not hoarding RAM 4 years ago11:21
joacimwhen it was cheap11:21
pedjacruxi, which one of these?
frinnstisnt uefi 64bit only?11:24
cruxiit's a 5.1 2008 macbook (not pro)11:28
joacimi could try it on mine, but it stopped taking a charge ages ago11:29
SiFuh1 bit computer :-)11:29
SiFuhcruxi: this one  ?11:30
SiFuhDamn it, i pasted the wrong link11:32
cruxiI have no problems running a 64-bit os, I can run all windows os xp, 7 , 8.1 and server 2008 and 2012, and also 64-bit OSX mavericks(64-bit kernel), live linux 64-bit work fine but no 32-bit linux distro is working.11:38
pedjaif 64bit works, why would you use 32-bit one?11:39
cruxiif you want to study kernel internals, all books are at least more than 10 years old, so better stick with 32-bit, or do you have a better idea?11:43
pedjaI don't see the connection between architecture and kernel internals11:44
SiFuhstart with minix ;-)11:45
cruxiexamples source code of a 32-bit kernel will not compile so easily on a 64-bit kernel, different memory layout, different function and so on... but that's not the question here, maybe I must prepare first a usb stick that boots a 32-bit crux to install first and then tweek grub2 to boot it, if I don't find a ready iso.11:53
pedjayou are familiar with the concept of virtual machines, I gather?11:55
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: cups-filters: update to 1.16.311:57
pedjaanyway, do as you please :)11:58
SiFuhcruxi: slackware ?11:59
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: unbound: update to 1.6.512:00
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: squid: update to 3.5.2712:00
cruxicrux is nice, no SystemD, slackware has SystemD(partially)12:12
SiFuhcruxi: no, there is no systemd on Machupo (My slackware box)12:14
frinnstslackware is/was awesome12:14
SiFuhWe actually have no intentions of using systemd either.12:15
SiFuhpedja: was even whinging about the kernel on it being quite old.
SiFuhpedja: 4.4.14-smp, 4.4.75 and 4.12.8. I have been to lazy to reboot ;-)12:18
cruxiif I leave crux I will only go to LFS.12:19
onoderadoesn't slackware ship with pulse now?12:22
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SiFuhcruxi: I am going to try archlinux. I have never used it before. It is currently installing on n HP Probook 4420s.12:22
SiFuhonodera: it does12:22
onoderaSiFuh: I'd suggest you check out void as well, it's really nice, a bit like crux12:22
SiFuhonodera: Oh cool, I will. I still have 2 computers left running nothing.12:23
onoderathey have a version using musl as well12:23
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cruxiso Thanks guys for the help, and see you soon.12:28
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SiFuhonodera: cool, something new to test12:30
pedjaI am still at 4.12.6. and since nvidia's driver builds fine on 4.13-rc (for now), I'll jump straight to it when its out12:44
pedjathe moment I build and boot to 4.12.8, 4.12.9 would be out, so why bother :)12:44
SiFuhexactly my point12:45
onoderapedja: still on 4.12 lol?12:46
onoderathat's not that old12:46
pedjaI check the Changelog, though, so if it has fixes for stuff I use/have, I update to it12:46
pedjathis is 10 years old hw, so new shiny isn't a priority :)12:48
SiFuhI have a Toshiba Tecra 510 CDT running OpenBSD. Glad OpenBSD has a fast track record to supporting hardware.12:50
SiFuhThought I would never be able to use my Tecra at full potential12:51
pedjathat's quite a machine :)12:53
SiFuhYeah that one12:53
SiFuhI took accross asia with me back in the 90s when I was working as an Engineer in Thailand12:54
SiFuhi use to hate how heavy it was, but always worried someone may try to steal it ;-)12:55
SiFuhmine has a whopping 32MB of ram12:56
SiFuhand mine has no CD or Floppy drive.12:58
SiFuhthat is bootable12:58
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ryu0Intel's releasing a Cannon lake series? Let me guess. It comes with free pirates too.14:32
SiFuhCross the icelake and shoot the tigerlake14:39
SiFuhI will drink a coffee lake to that14:39
ryu0ACTION watches SiFuh explode from drinking too much coffee at once.14:40
SiFuhI am drinking beer14:44
SiFuhbeer lake :-)14:44
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onoderais there a way to make a build not fail if a command exits with exit code 1?16:43
tsaopmake || dosomething16:43
tsaopcould work16:43
onoderahmm i tried make || true but that didn't work16:43
tsaopthen I'm out of ideas16:45
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onoderaoh it did wok16:48
SiFuhof course16:50
SiFuhcuriously, what are you attempting?16:50
onoderaSiFuh: trieing to build libinput with wacom support, but it fails for some reason16:52
SiFuhI was doing something like that a few days. I can't reember what OS or why..17:01
SiFuhnot OS, I mean Distro17:01
SiFuhahh no    wayland not wacom sorry17:06
SiFuhbecause it reminded me of the song Josh Thompson - Blame It On Waylon17:07
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crash_haha kernels are fast these days i run the 4.9lts but when i have compiled a new kernel and then some days later a new one is out :P21:12
j_vonodera: i'm looking into the libinput/libwacom issue... i've found syntax errors in libinput's configure script that I think are breaking the build with libwacom... i'm working on a patch21:18
frinnsthave you checked upstreams repo?21:19
frinnstmight be a patch available already21:19
j_vfrinnst: good point, checking now21:24
j_vno fixes for this, but thanks for suggestion... was worth a look21:27
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frinnstif you do fix it, i'd suggest you make a git clone and then provide a git-formatted patch for upstream21:34
j_vfrinnst: thanks. i will do so, once i get it.21:41
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j_vok, issue is more trivial22:15
j_vonodera: this fixed libinput build for me:
onoderaj_v: config_shell?22:22
j_vyes, so long as you have libwacom installed and it's version >= 0.2022:23
j_vi had 0.25 for the build. i can paste my libwacom port if you like. i haven't published it yet.22:24
onoderaawesome, thanks a lot j_v22:24
onoderaI was using some terrible hack22:24
j_vah, yes, that was where i was heading until i reviewed the failure point one more time and realized it was a bashism22:25
j_vno problem... glad to help. was meaning to hook up my wacom tablet again would have had to get this figured out eventually22:26
j_vhere's my libwacom port, if you are interested:
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j_vi still need to update my xorg-xf86-input-wacom port, but i can paste that also if you would like22:30
j_vonodera: here is my xorg-xf86-input-wacom port:
onoderaI already ported both, im pretty sure mine looks exactly like yours22:41
onoderaon a side note, why is xorg-xf86-input-wacom even needed when using libinput with wacom support?22:41
onoderaim painting with only libinput now and it works great22:41
j_vnot sure... i haven't used my wacom tablet in a while... i'll mess around with it with only libinput, like you say, and see how i like it22:43
j_vthanks for the input22:43
onoderamake sure to enable you wacom things in the kernel though ;)22:44
onoderaI forgot and was wondering why libinput didn't work for almost an hour22:45
onoderaanyways i've got to go, thanks for the libinput fix :)22:46
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frinnstah it was bashism that caused the problems?23:01
j_vyeah, in the configure script, had 'if test "x$some_variable" == "xyes"; then'23:09
j_vshould have been single '=' to be portable23:09
j_vcaused the wacom includes and libs to not get propigated into the the Makefiles23:10
j_vsince they are moving to meson build, i doubt they interested in the issue23:11
jaegerj_v: what's a quick way to test for the docbook-xml issue in FS#1459? Something that triggers the error23:30
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jaegerpedja: in what context was CRUX mentioned in BSDNow?23:34
*** Workster has joined #crux23:34
pedjamandoc developers thank someone that tested it on CRUX23:34
jaegerah, nice23:41

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