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j_vjaeger: zziplib-0.13.67, xmlto fails when building docs... it can't find dbnotnx.mod because it's added to the catalog as dbnotx.mod00:19
jaegeryeah, I read the description00:20
j_vjaeger: the Pkgfile that i'm using:
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j_vjaeger: here is minimal xml file to reproduce issue found in FS#1459:
j_vjaeger: to reproduce error, i used `xmlto man testcase.xml`01:04
j_vcan also specify other output formats, like dvi, html, pdf01:06
j_vcan also change the dtd version in the xml file to any of the versions installed01:08
j_vshould i put this stuff in the FS?01:10
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jaegerno need, I'll just grab it here when I have a chance to test01:11
j_vit pasted wrong file...01:11
j_vthat was just the header...01:12
druid_droidI think next week I have things more "well done" to share on github how I implemented some "hardening" stuff that I found on the internet01:15
druid_droidI know I'm slow XD ...01:15
j_vjaeger: here is complete xml test file:
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frinnstfuck english06:17
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: whois: update to 5.2.1810:04
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: cups-filters: update to 1.16.410:04
dlcusafrinnst, even the complete rule, "i before e except before c or when sounded as a as in neighbor or weigh" is not comprehensive.  Many have observed it's a poor mind that can't think of more than one way to spell a word.  Attepmts to design easy languages have met with adoption resistance.  It's likely AI will have to solve these problems, but then it may only produce language that machines can communicate  with.10:18
dlcusas/before/after/ -- where's my coffee?10:18
dlcusas/before c/after c/10:19
SiFuhit is in my beer10:41
frinnstbtrfs send / recieve.. or is it receive?10:54
frinnsti'll never learn10:54
frinnsti should post a patch: btrfs get / btrfs put :-)10:55
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SiFuhvirtual mount points is where i draw the line of stupidty11:41
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jaegerfrinnst, dlcusa: <-- 'i before e' rule13:43
frinnsttl;dr fuck english13:54
SiFuhplural of moose is moose14:09
SiFuhand it isn't a flock it is a herd14:10
jaegerIt's comedy14:22
SiFuhTHanks headhunter, I didn't know :-)14:23
SiFuhjaeger: comedy?
dlcusaIn English, we drive on parkways and park on driveways.  What English has going for it is just about everyone has some facility with it.14:33
pedjasome people are appalled by the, in their view, weird combination of our native language and English people that work in IT use14:37
pedjathe fact is that native Serbian phrases and words for IT stuff just sound weird if you spent any longer amount of time using English phrases and words14:41
pedjabut they see it as an attack on the 'purity of the language'14:43
pedjawhich is hilarious, because Serbian, as every other language, has a lot of foreign words folded into it14:44
pedjafrom German, Turkish, etc14:44
pedjatwo of the English words, allegedly, came from Serbian, so we are, in fact, just returning the favor :)14:47
pedjaI am looking at specs for Supermicro Epyc servers, and I see that they support 3DS and NVDIMM types of memory, along with usual suspects14:50
pedja3DS is particularly interesting concept14:51
pedja128Gb modules. damn14:58
SiFuhEnglish is the prostitute of all languages15:41
SiFuhi find Mandarin to be a nicer language15:41
SiFuhpedja: what i find intersting is the lack of English speakers born in English speaking countries.15:43
SiFuhAMD EPYC? there is an example15:44
pedjathis man is awesome
pedjaplenty of room in Australia to fly drones, I gather :)15:53
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SiFuhmaybe but Australia is a shit country, been there a few times and hate it with a passion.16:00
SiFuhI even curse the fact that I was born there16:00
SiFuhI hate the accent too16:01
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liwakurai extracted the tarball from the iso to my future /17:04
liwakurachrooted in17:04
liwakurabut pkgadd fails with /var/lib/pkg/db not found17:05
liwakuraand yes, this is the first time with crux17:05
frinnstjust touch the db17:06
liwakurafrinnst: thanks works17:07
liwakurahah lol thats just an simple text file17:08
liwakuranot sure what i expected17:08
liwakuraalso i put some script together that opens a new mount ns, mounts the iso in it, extracts the rootfs and chroot's into it18:35
liwakuraso you can get the installer running from some other linux system18:35
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druid_droidAbout languages, I start learning German, then Russian and now VietNamese, but I never finish any of them, just few words. But I feel I should know Mandarin.19:03
liwakuraMein Name Sein Kartoffel19:04
druid_droidI'm happy with English and Portuguese (Portuguese allows to understand Italian, Spanish and understand a conversation in French)19:04
druid_droidhallo liwakura, mein name ist S1lvino on github.19:04
druid_droidalles gutte ?19:05
frinnstliwakura: what are you installing it on?19:05
frinnsti remember pkgadd failing with that exact same error.. for my first crux experience :-)19:06
liwakurafrinnst: it happened when i ran `setup` from the rootfs tarball, with "/" as target19:06
druid_droid<3 crux, thank you all19:06
liwakuraalso, my setup is sorta like custom kernel + custom initramfs -> cryptsetup -> lvm -> lvm volume X, Y or Z19:07
liwakuraand the different distros live in X, Y and Z then, respectively19:07
liwakuracrux is the 6th bootable rootfs on that system then19:08
frinnstI installed pkgutils from source on my slackware box way back :)19:08
liwakuraslackware will be 7th19:08
liwakuragonna install them all19:08
frinnststill love slackware19:09
liwakurawhy "still" ?19:09
frinnsti think v9 was my last version19:09
frinnsti will always love slack19:09
liwakurai'll always love lain, but thats not an distro (yet)19:09
liwakuradruid_droid: FYI, i had to maintain some opencart install for a friend19:10
liwakurai did not enjoy it19:10
joacimnot sure what is better, CRUX, or Kurt  Russel19:11
joacimI quite like both19:11
frinnstkurt was evil in the latest guardians movie. so I dont like him anymore19:12
liwakuraCRUX sounds like a distro for people who need jesus19:13
joacimi think they tricked him19:14
joacimlike judas and jesus19:14
liwakurafrinnst: thats my fav kind of shop19:24
frinnstI need to rewatch black books19:24
liwakuraare you a brit?19:25
frinnstno, swede19:25
liwakuraah right, seems sorta obvious now19:25
liwakurasince your name sorta spells finland19:26
liwakura[mandatory monthy python reference]19:26
frinnstfirst letter from my first name and the 6 first from my last19:26
frinnstwith a spin19:27
liwakurahah! do s/6/7/ and you got my nick19:27
liwakurabut even thats not my real name tho19:27
liwakuraim just a lain19:27
liwakuraone of many19:27
liwakuraokay, i made this kinda thing19:46
liwakuraits like booting the crux iso, except its in a chroot19:46
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liwakuracrux is custom kernel per default?20:08
liwakurathis seems to intergrate really cool with my existing stuff20:08
joacimyeah there are no prepackaged kernels20:09
joacimi guess you can steal the config from the iso20:09
liwakuralike, i already had my own custom kernel before i knew CRUX20:10
liwakuraand i want to keep it20:10
joacimjust mentioned that since a lot of people show up here and don't want to configure the kernel on their own20:10
liwakurai think it was mentioned somewhere that crux is for experienced users20:11
joacimgotta learn somewhere =)20:11
joacimfew people care about compiling a custom kernel for fedora/ubuntu/suse20:11
liwakurai was working with void linux and sabotage linux before20:13
liwakuraalso doing some contributions for both, but more for the latter20:13
liwakuraalright, so if i want the i3 package manager i need to install it from the ports?20:19
liwakuraor do it myself?20:19
just_funDon't you have a static build? :)20:22
liwakurai could take one from sabotage linux tho20:26
liwakuraalso FYI im online via the CRUX vt right now20:26
liwakuraill figure out how to start an xorg tomorrow20:27
jaegeri3 is available in at least one or two ports repos. check
liwakuraim actually playing with the thought of carrying a static version around with my homedir20:43
liwakurai do that with busybox on some systems already20:43
jaegerShould work fine, I imagine20:43
liwakuraah fuck, i need git20:44
liwakuraso yeah, imma try ports tomorrow20:44
liwakuraneed to sleep now, gn820:44
just_funinstead of we could change it to ...archive/tag/name-tag.tar.gz20:49
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jaegerthat's handy. We've talked about using the content-disposition header once or twice in the past but it would likely be pretty annoying21:04
jaegerSo I like that second option21:04
pedjanice find, just_fun21:09
just_funI feel lucky. I should make a bet.21:11
pedjathat will save me the confusion when several ports have same tag/version, as in '$version.tar.gz', so I wonder wth build fails :)21:12
just_funWaw! So fast!21:16
frinnstwe actually already use that url for libepoxy. but I never thought about it21:16
frinnstyeah thought it was best to get it written down asap. Someone that can tell the difference between ie and ei, feel free to rewrite it :D21:18
pedjawe don't have a resident grammar nazi, afaict :)21:21
pedjaI alone would keep him pretty busy most of the time21:22
frinnstI think my english is getting worse the older I get21:24
pedjayou Swedes set a pretty high bar for the rest of us non-native English speakers :)21:28
pedjaMandarin is the next lingua franca, anyway21:30
joacimi would get my dicktionary, but i dont really care too much anymore =)21:32
j_vthat github url syntax also seems to work the same with the commit sha1 (can also use first seven as short form)21:38
pedjaso it creates tarball with specific commit as HEAD on the fly, or?21:40
pedjathat would be cool for sw that depends on specific commits of its dependencies, such as vulkan-sdk21:42
j_vseems to, i even gave it a different $name and that works too... awesome find just_fun, makes bunch of my ports easier to maintain21:42
just_funnow we need some policy to avoid "foo/../bar-ver.tar.gz" vs "bar/../foo-ver.tar.gz"21:43
pedjaspeaking of 'PITA to update sw', jaeger, I modified docker port to use docker-ce repo as upstream. interested?21:45
pedjatime to feed the cat, she's been whining for a while now21:47
jaegermaybe, heh. I'll admit I've left docker alone for a little while while they make up their minds about names, branches, and releases21:56
onoderawhat does "stripping" a file exactly do?22:17
just_funRemoves some (debug) sections?22:20
onoderaah alright22:21
onoderaah it runs strip, man strip should tell me more :p22:22
pedjaheh, totally understand that, jaeger, they are all over the place :)22:34
pedjaafter recent 1.3B$ valuation, folks at Docker must be busy partying :)22:38
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jaegerperhaps some alcohol is to blame for the confusion, hehe22:54
pedjadeveloper calls forking his (GPLv3 licenced code) 'stealing' because he 'doesn't like it'? I am not sure he actually knows how licences work22:55
pedjaand I am not sure can he legally close source his fork after it was GPLv322:57
pedjathe most insane thing is that *his* 'original' code is a fork of a unmaintained GPLv3 project22:59
pedjaDocker has :deep breath: 17.03/17.06/17.07 and the master is 17.08. confusion is an understatement, imho, jaeger :)23:02
jaegeryeah, it's a little ridiculous right now23:02
pedjathe good thing about breaking it in pieces is that FreeBSD might get a 'native' port of Docker in not so distant future23:04
pedjadaemon/cli would be the same as on other OS, but it would use FreeBSD specific infrastructure (jails, etc)23:06
pedjaafaict, FBSD is way behind Linux virtualisation (kvm/qemu)23:10
pedjabhyve is usable, but still very rough around the edges23:12
pedjaor I am spoiled by the awesomeness that is libvirt :)23:13
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