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ryu0pedja: if he is the sole copyright owner, then yes he can.00:36
ryu0or something.00:37
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joacimfrinnst: another firmware update. 081001:53
joacimwell, it's a week old now01:53
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frinnstjoacim: yep already running it07:36
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.3]: mesa3d-32: 17.1.6 -> 17.1.708:58
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.3]: expat-32: 2.2.3 -> 2.2.408:58
liwakurais this 32 bit packages?08:58
frinnstcompat-32 repo09:17
frinnstits for evil 32-bit stuff like steam and other non-free packages09:17
SitriIs WINE finally 64bit?09:51
Sitri(Also OpenParsec is stuck with 32bit code too)09:52
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SiFuhWhomever recommended that I should check out Void Linux, then thank you. It is interesting.13:50
liwakuraSiFuh: i just mentioned it13:57
SiFuhFor some strange reason, that entire day doesn't exist in my logs ;-)13:59
liwakuraVoid is still some sort of fully-features14:01
liwakuralike, kernel + dynamic initrd generation14:01
SiFuhI was testing the Englightenment version of Void14:02
SiFuhseems more stable than any other Distro that runs Enlightenment14:02
liwakuraoh, that DE?14:02
SiFuhYeah I downloaded most of the iso images14:03
liwakuraYou can install directly with xbps-install TBH14:03
liwakurathere are static binaries on the mirror14:03
SiFuhI am doing that now14:03
liwakuralike, i mean, without ISO14:03
liwakuraxbps-install has an option to target a directory of your choice for "/"14:04
SiFuhI know I did a standard install with no xorg or wm14:04
SiFuhand I am currently installing a wm14:04
SiFuhI already started sshd using the ln -s and sv14:05
SiFuhI remember someone complaining about Slackware having pulseaudio14:05
SiFuhI still don't know why pulseadio is a problem. But then again I was away from Linux for almost 15 years. OpenBSD :-)14:06
onoderait's terrible imo14:10
onoderaif you want a sound server i'd suggest ;)14:11
liwakurai just used plain alsa14:11
onoderathe thing is, it add so much complexity, while for 99% of the users alsa should just work fine14:11
SiFuhI don't like Alsa, and I don't like Xorg14:12
onoderaI even tried OSS4 on crux :p, it's really nice but doens't play nice with suspend14:12
liwakuraSiFuh: what do you use for application multiplexing? tmux?14:13
SiFuhI use fluxbox and screen14:15
SiFuhtmux I like but I don't use it all the time as i find screen just as efficient14:15
SiFuhsame with audio players. I love cplay, but these days stuck with cmus. I prefer cplay because simple and easy.14:16
druid_droidliwakura: I'm just starting a fork again.14:24
liwakuraforking what?14:24
druid_droidliwakura: talking about opencart, but first I really want to clean my ports.14:25
druid_droidIn the past I have a heavy fork, only pdo, both postgres and mysql, better performance, security and "simple"14:25
druid_droidI will start all over again, but this time I know few things that will allow me to speed up a bit, I hope.14:26
druid_droidI'm thinking now the best way to have specific flags for some ports without poluting pkgmk.conf14:26
druid_droidbut keep some flags from pkgmk.conf, like -x86-64 or native and so on...14:27
druid_droidliwakura: I'm using spectrwm because was on ports and tmux...14:28
druid_droidand I use qemu with devuan to have firefox working with a host grsecurity kernel,14:28
druid_droidbut I'm not sure of what I'm doing, I learn all my life by doing/testing regret14:28
SiFuhI remember when I first started using linux. Caldera. I inspected every single file, and modified for fun, deleted and so on.. Killed it several times14:34
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SiFuhliwakura: Is there a website that provides a list of all their binary packages?14:42
liwakuraSiFuh: void? there is repo.voidlinux.eu14:43
liwakurabut you can build it yourself if you clone
SiFuhoh cool!14:43
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SiFuhliwakura: this compiling from source using templates in Void Linux seems a bit akward16:11
ryu0SiFuh: FW uses templates extensively. It's very helpful when maintaining package sets with a bunch of repetitive operations.16:23
SiFuhyeah, but I can compile anything! But the only one I want is mt-st and it won't compile. Haha16:24
ryu0Isn't that a contradiction?16:25
SiFuhNot really it depends how you read that16:25
SiFuhAll packages I compile on Void compile quite well. The only package that refuses to compile is the one I need the most 'mt-st'16:26
ryu0so you really should say16:26
ryu0Most packages16:26
SiFuhIt's how it is read16:27
SiFuhand I used the word _But_16:27
ryu0I always kick SiFuh in the nuts but not always.16:27
ryu0ACTION snickers.16:28
SiFuh I always kick SiFuh in the nuts but not always successful.16:28
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SiFuhI have a new message   wtf?16:31
ryu0ACTION sent SiFuh a kick-in-da-pantz.16:31
SiFuhhow to read a message?16:31
SiFuhit has been decades since I did that16:31
ryu0Who sent you the notice?16:31
SiFuh[02 05 06]>> You have 1 new message.16:32
ryu0 /mng memoserv list16:33
ryu0 /msg memoserv list16:33
SiFuhapparently now16:33
ryu0maybe it's a PM.16:34
SiFuhoh idiot me...  that's connected to my local mbox16:34
SiFuhI already read that email16:34
ryu0At least it wasn't done in AOL.16:34
ryu0ACTION screams "YOU'VE GOT MAIL!"16:35
SiFuhI am the only one on my Aol Contact list that is online :-(16:35
SiFuh[02 41 43]� SiFuh> send ryu0 Holy shitake it works16:38
SiFuh[02 41 44]-MemoServ(MemoServ@services.)- ryu0 does not wish to receive memos.16:38
SiFuh[02 41 59]� SiFuh> send ryu0 Holy shitake it doesn't work!16:38
ryu0i turned off memos so too bad.16:39
SiFuhyou still got message ;-)16:39
ryu0Box box = new Box();16:40
SiFuhI don't speak that language16:40
ryu0ACTION stuffs SiFuh into a box, closes the box, and then seals the air holes.16:41
SiFuhShroedinger :-)16:41
liwakuraSiFuh: i thought of this at first:
SiFuhI didn't :-P17:07
SiFuh=> ERROR: mt-st-1.1_2: failed to run do_build() at line 13.17:10
SiFuhstinit.c:78:14: error: 'PATH_MAX' undeclared here (not in a function)17:10
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druid_droidI have a different gitolite port, it seems is now available at opt17:30
druid_droidmy version is equal, but I have some patch's, I think I got from arch or some done by myself17:31
druid_droidis anyone using from opt without problems ?17:32
druid_droidboth patch's are path of find bin17:35
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frinnstdruid_droid: :)18:57
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druid_droidfrinnst: yes I think about that, "humm, they must use this on their server"21:12
druid_droidI made a server like at my laptop XD same wiki, I use gitweb and flyspray21:13
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pedjawell. that's an interesting way to set up 2FA22:32
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