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ryu0anyone remember these scams?00:22
ryu0Or even:
ryu0And of course comments are disabled.00:22
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joacimif i remember them? I see that kind of stuff every day at work =)01:04
joacimdont know why people install those "speed up my pc" softwares01:04
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ryu0joacim: 3 words. because they're stupid01:48
ryu0it's also why stuff like this exists.01:48
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: python3-streamlink: 0.5.0 -> 0.7.003:39
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: python3-pycryptodome: 3.4.5 -> 3.4.603:39
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elderKGuys, has anyone here noticed that Firefox has become super, super, super, super slow?04:37
elderKI've completely wiped my past profile, etc.04:37
elderKStill super_super_super_super slow.04:37
elderKIt's also super-super-super-super slow on Windows 10, too. Although WX itself is super slow.04:37
elderKI'm not sure why FF is so slow now but it's become near-unusable.04:37
elderKAny ideas?04:37
elderKTips to diagnose the problem?04:37
ryu0What's the hardware specs of the device in question?04:41
elderKIntel i5-5200U, 2.something GHz. 16GiB DDR4LE, 512GiB SSD.04:42
elderKIntel HD 5500 Integrated graphics.04:42
elderKI'm not running a fancy DE. I'm running i3wm, a tiling WM.04:43
elderKFF *was* working fine a few weeks ago. Before the update.04:43
ryu0no idea really... firefox 55.0.2?04:50
elderK52.3.0 ESR?04:50
j_velderK: is the Windows 10 you run also on the same machine as you are running linux? (ie, dual boot)04:54
elderKDual boot, yes04:55
elderKWindows 10 itself is a @!#$ing pig these days.04:55
elderKI can't believe how fucking slow it is.04:55
j_vi'm wondering if you are having hardware issue... i've seen laptops get really slow, especially hogs like FF, when cpu is running really hot04:56
elderK(I booted into it to see what it's like after the most recent updates.)04:56
elderKSensors tells me I'm no where near critical temp04:56
elderK50 degrees c.04:56
j_vok, just an thought04:56
elderKIt was a good thought.04:56
elderKSystem could've been throttling the CPU to try and stop overheating.04:57
j_vthat seems possible04:58
elderKStill, no throttling seems to be happening.04:58
elderKI know Windows is having serious issues with power-throttling. Apparently a driver issue04:58
j_v50c is not scarry, but i know my desktop usually runs around 35-40c04:58
elderKNote that I'm running a Laptop.04:59
elderKIt's pretty rare for the temperature to be any lower.04:59
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j_vyeah, i thought maybe... and i know that laptops usually run hotter04:59
j_vthat was why i was leading in that direction... your cpu # reads like a laptop cpu05:00
j_vsorry, afraid i'm not likely to be any other help, the throttling idea was only other thing that i can think of myself05:01
j_vif it were my machine, might take a look in bios looking for anything that might have an affect maybe05:03
j_vbut maybe FF is really slow for me too, just my expectations are really low?05:03
elderKI have a Toshiba, running some UEFI.05:04
elderKThere aren't many settings I can really tweak.05:04
j_vsorry, wish i could help more05:04
elderKHey, I appreciate the attempt man05:07
elderKThank you :)05:07
elderKj_v: To test FF, go to FAcebook, use facebook messenger05:07
elderKStart typing a message to someone.05:07
elderKHow long does it take for the keys you typed to appear?05:07
elderKOr for any keypresses to be recognized?05:07
j_vi'm facebook-gnostic... i don't even have an account05:08
elderKFor me, it's like there is a horrific latency of (guestimate) > 300ms for each letter I type.05:08
elderKIt also drops key presses.05:08
elderKThe more text there is in the messenger window, the slower it gets.05:08
elderKThis doesn't just affect FB though - using YouTube is quite painful.05:08
elderKOr anything that uses a fair deal of JS05:09
j_vare you sure this couldn't be some network latency issue?05:09
elderKI normally use uBlock Origin, NoScript, FireGestures and NoSquint.05:09
j_vi'm guessing you've already tried running with them disabled05:09
elderKj_v: It's possible. But I kind of doubt it - it's slow even with stuff that's already loaded05:09
elderKYeah, I have05:10
elderKThere's a little speed up- but nothing to write home abiout05:10
j_vi youtube pretty often... seems snappy here05:10
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elderKSee, here, it's like... you move your mouse over whatever you're playing on YT, say05:11
elderKAnd it tkaes FOREVER for the UI to respond to that.05:11
elderKYou know, show the Play and Pause buttons, etc.05:11
j_vi use uBlockOrigin also... i've seen case when slowness was it blocking requests05:11
elderKIf you have more than a single tab open, it gets really, really bad05:11
j_vbut like you say, you've tried with it disabled05:11
elderKj_v: I used to use AdBlock but uBlock was meant to be better...05:12
elderKj_v: Also, I tend to have stuff zoomed a lot - eyesight.05:13
elderKI'm starting to wonder if that might be slowing shit down too.05:13
j_vnot sure... i've tried zooming some and loading youtube... seems pretty good here05:14
j_vit's a quandry05:15
elderKI wonder if it has something to do with my kernel configuration?05:29
elderKMaybe i've got some feature disabled that I should have enabled.05:29
j_vit's something to look into, but what i keep going back to is that FF is running so bad for you on multi OS's on the same machine05:34
j_vso, by my perhaps flawed way of looking at it would be the common denominator might be hardware/bios05:35
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elderKj_v: Possible.05:47
elderKI'm not sure how to diagnose that however.05:47
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Romsterelderk have you tried my romster/firefox-rust port?07:53
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elderKj_v: I think I've found the problem man.08:25
elderKAnd it's pretty nuts08:25
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elderKAnyone heard of x86_perf_policy?08:39
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frinnstfor the perf framework?09:21
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pedjaperf cgroup?09:34
pedjaiirc, someone had weird issues with Chrome/Chromium because of the lack of cgroups09:35
pedjait might be a coincidence that the issues went away when he/she/it rebuilt kernel with enabled cgroups, idk09:37
pedjaFF has been nagging me to update it to
pedjaI did :)10:03
tsaopme too10:03
tsaopdamned rust10:03
tsaopI always have to install it using rustup and then remove it after it has finished compiling10:03
pedjaI use upstream binary10:03
tsaopbut it depends on pulseaudio10:04
pedjayup :)10:04
tsaopcan't be arsed to install it, so I have to compile10:04
pedjainstalling and setting up PA takes a lot less time then FF compile on my potatoputer10:05
tsaopthat's a good point10:05
tsaopbut still10:05
pedjahaven't had any major issues with PA, it's set it and forget it, in my experience at least.10:07
pedjabut YMMV, as always.10:09
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Romsterno pulseaudio10:27
Romsterin romster/ if you prefer to compile it yourself10:31
tsaopbut how long does it take for rust to compile?10:37
tsaopI tried it once10:37
tsaopnever again10:37
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Romstereh ~4 hours on my old pc11:21
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abenzRomster: on the phenom?12:05
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androidhello, how does crux compare with lunar and source mage?15:25
pedjait has a shorter name15:29
pedjadefine 'compare', android15:30
pedjawhat are the things you look for?15:31
pedjathere is an introduction to it at
androidall three are supposed to build source code15:35
pedjathe install is a rather minimal system, on which you can build pretty much all you want15:37
androiddo they all come with a wide scope of linux firmware for booting on the many consumer models?15:37
androidlunar does15:37
androidlunar about has it all15:37
androidor takes it all15:37
androidsome raid legacy lunar is isnt it?15:38
androidhow is wade doing?15:40
abenzbut crux is cool15:40
abenzand it works (tm)15:41
abenzwhat machine r u trying to install on.. thats what matters15:41
androidnot trying15:41
pedjaget the iso, dd it to usb, and try15:42
androiddoes it come on the iso being a prebuilt desktop env.?15:42
androidnow templeos builds asm right?15:43
androiddoes crux build asm at boot?15:43
pedjawhat's 'asm'?15:44
androidthe cpu code15:46
androidx86 has an abstraction layer15:47
androidI'd guess the microcode alters the resulting abstract layer.15:48
pedjaread this, it will give you a nice overview on what to expect on CRUX system15:48
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androidwhy did you not suggest burning the iso to disk pedja15:50
pedjasince you have a laptop, I figured you'd use a usb stick15:51
pedjaISO is hybrid, so it doesn't really matter what you use15:51
androidit looks like asm is a truncated "assembly" language15:53
androidthe three letters15:54
androiddoes the iso support multicore cpu?15:57
androidpull the kernal config15:57
androidthe laptop has a rather rare cpu16:00
jaeger;a=blob;f=kernel/linux-4.9.6.config;h=87ee0c92118a2f327ac13bea9484b9e3e22d81c9;hb=HEAD <-- you can see the kernel config on the ISO here16:03
jaeger;a=blob;f=kernel/linux-4.9.6.defconfig;h=d53b168e05272f5c48a511c9f50dd2f99cdb28e2;hb=HEAD <-- and the one that setup installs here16:03
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: docbook-xml: fixed typos in dbnotnx.mod installations - fixes FS#145916:10
androidsend a reminder for download with mwmoserv in 12-24hrs16:11
androidlooks like the standard mainline config16:11
jaegerThe ISO doesn't have a prebuilt desktop environment, you'd choose your own from the ports trees or portdb at
androidso a large network download is required?16:14
jaegerDepends on what packages you install, some have large sources, some don't16:14
jaegerIf you have a metered internet connection a source-based linux distro is probably not the best choice since you'll do a lot of downloading16:15
liwakuraits sorta fine if you have an 50 GB data plan or like that16:18
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androidnot intelligent is it16:19
androidnobody is going to audit 50gb of source code16:19
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androiddo muslims appear as it is being used?16:20
androidHello JanC16:21
androidnit very intelligent to use this unless there is some a.i. auditing it16:22
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androidwhat I picture is more of a static code base which can be altered as desired16:23
john_cephalopodaThe project I want to package ships files without extension. It's tar.xz but the sources are called "5-0". Pkgmk apparently doesn't recognize the format and doesn't unpack. Any ideas what the best way would be to handle those?16:23
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jaegereasiest would probably be to rehost the source tarball. otherwise you could unpack it yourself in Pkgfile16:24
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john_cephalopodaHmm, ok, thanks.16:27
androidis this a gift?16:27
androidwhat are you packaging this for?16:30
androidhave you identified all of the users yet?16:32
androidfor such a "gift"16:32
androiddo you plan on putting them down, or enslaving them after a mind eraser?16:34
androidso hasty john16:34
john_cephalopodaIt's a gift to be simple16:34
androidloads of unknown code is simple?16:35
androidtalking 50gb of code really is a red flag16:36
androiddo you lock them in the gas chambers while radiating thier skull before comitment to slave labor camps?16:38
androidthermite is looking like an increasingly needed investment16:39
androidevil is never necesarry16:40
androidwhat were16:40
john_cephalopodaWhere is 50GB of unknown code?16:40
androidask pedja16:44
androidif it is xz compressed much more16:44
j_vjaeger: thanks for finding time to address FS#145916:46
j_vmuch appreciated :)16:46
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androidjohn let17:04
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androidultimatley these things become reduced to binary17:06
androidwhat of bad things if good shall never end17:06
john_cephalopodaWhich things are you talking about?17:07
*** tsaop has joined #crux17:08
john_cephalopodaYou mean the entirety of source code that is downloaded when you get crux?17:08
androidthe more you let, the more good you can have17:09
androidask pedja17:11
androidpedja claims 50gb meter or more is suggested17:12
SiFuhSounds like a religious preaching17:13
SiFuhI have no idea what you are talking about17:14
just_fun50 monkeys17:14
john_cephalopodaI have got 29 GB of port sources.17:16
just_funyou must be a novice17:17
john_cephalopodaI recently deleted duplicates, so I got way less17:17
just_funpoor excuse17:17
just_funI wonder what is the size of Romster's distfiles17:18
SiFuhjohn_cephalopoda: Your house burned to the ground, your backup servers in other countries were bombed during wars, and you were in a comma for 75 years and when you awoke you only had 29GB left ;-)17:18
SiFuh/dev/sdd1       3.6T  3.2T  254G  93% /media/sifuh/MARBURG17:19
john_cephalopoda57.9% of the package source space is occupied by the 5 biggest packages.17:21
SiFuhI have 1 package, but 93% of it is a duplicate :-)17:22
john_cephalopodaandroid: First of all, a giant part of those packages is media. Videos, images, animations, resource sheets.17:24
john_cephalopodaandroid: Secondly it's not a big 50GB project, it's all distributed over 532 packages.17:27
just_funMy second most biggest source is linux. I wonder how many images are has.17:27
john_cephalopodaApproximately half of the kernel source is video drivers.17:30
john_cephalopodaWait, actually drivers in general.17:31
john_cephalopodaVideo drivers 170MB17:31
just_funone of the smallest source here is hicolor-icon-theme17:32
john_cephalopodaI don't tbelieve it.17:36
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jaegerj_v: no problem, thanks for the report17:39
john_cephalopodajust_fun: hicolor_icon_theme doesn't contain any images.17:40
john_cephalopodaIt is just the folder structure.17:40
jaegerMy distfiles is 9.1GB but that's only official repos17:41
jaegerAnd it's pruned automatically17:41
just_funYou see, john_cephalopoda, you have to grow until 9GB :)17:41
SiFuhgrow or shrink?17:43
just_funpartition or directory?17:44
john_cephalopodaTeXlive alone is over 6GB17:44
john_cephalopodaLibreOffice is over 3.17:44
just_funSomehow I've read 29GB from john_cephalopoda as 2.9 :)17:44
tsaopI just use tlmgr for texlive17:44
tsaopmy distfiles is hovering at 4.2 gb17:45
tsaopwhat does that make me?17:45
jaeger15M     distfiles/texi2html-5.0.tar.bz217:45
jaeger61M     distfiles/texlive-20170524-source.tar.xz17:45
jaeger2.3G    distfiles/texlive-20170524-texmf.tar.xz17:45
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jaegerthat's definitely the largest. No other files in my mirror are even over 1GB17:48
SiFuhMy distfiles are 19G but I haven't flushed any other the old files from last 2 months.17:49
joacimcreating the package takes a long time17:49
SiFuhjoacim: 486DX ?17:49
joacimhow much faster would making the package be with multithreaded gz/bz2/xz?17:49
joacimSiFuh: DX417:50
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druid_droidinteresting, things happen random, alsa (microphone) was working, without touching configuration, or anything,18:00
druid_droidstop working and now shows up with two bars in alsamixer18:00
druid_droidhow to solve ? tipical remove and reinstall ?18:00
just_fun"without touching configuration" includes "no kernel rebuilds"?18:01
druid_droidyes, was working with this kernel rebuild18:03
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just_funtwo bars with "All - F5"?18:05
druid_droidyes, but to be sure, I will reboot and test other kernel18:07
just_funand you have only one card? (F6)18:08
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druid_droidit seems is really the kernel, since it works with other distribution18:25
druid_droidand I don't touch alsaconfiguration, strange A.F.18:26
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joacimi keep trying to use prt-get on centos18:56
druid_droidI'm correct, this kernel is on /boot since 5 august, and I have used microphone after19:08
druid_droidstrange things also start to happen to ncurses,19:11
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