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androidhello alex00:23
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androidcrux looks to keep its iso updated00:28
androidfrinnst what is that?00:31
androidtwo steps behind live?00:32
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frinnstwas trying to close down openssh without killing my term01:07
androidrun it at the prompt01:08
androiduntil it backs out into the local shell01:08
androiddoing turtle races01:09
frinnstdoesnt really work that well when the network is down01:09
androidleave it open when the network comes up it is on01:10
androidwhat are you doing frying your moms skull?01:10
androidor did you trap a random prostitute?01:11
frinnstwhy not find someone else to talk to?01:11
androidnihil obstat01:11
androidhassa "magic" 8 ball01:13
androidno harm in it01:14
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marakufrinnnst, how do you kill openssh after reconnecting to internet after a while? i usually use ps aux + grep & kill02:40
marakusometimes it gives the read error, but usually i do the above02:41
Romsterabenz, phenom II 965 3.4GHz 8GB ram03:02
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joacimgot two am3 boards here now, with 965 CPUs03:05
joacimno idea what to do with them03:05
jaegersell them, I'd say03:12
Romsterthey still run most things fine03:12
Romsterbut i am hitting the ram limits03:12
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Romstercruxbot didn't work when i pushed to contrib, also my last compat-32 push of 3 commits, it only showed 2 of them03:14
jaegersome of my opt commits didn't show either, looks like it needs some tweaking03:15
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.3]: sqlite3-32: 3.20.0 -> 3.20.103:34
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.3]: libpng-32: 1.6.31 -> 1.6.3203:34
Romsterand missing commits cruxbot also timeline is missing commits. race/scripts/something is wrong03:38
androidwhat is wrong romster?03:43
Romsternothing that the devs can't sort out03:44
Romsterjust some minor issues since the server migration03:45
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Romsterjust_fun> I wonder what is the size of Romster's distfiles <- about 18GiB04:04
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brian|lfsdid I miss an update today that flew by my mic settigns were all messed up04:31
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: wine: 2.14 -> 2.1504:41
j_vbrian|lfs: should there be a question mark between 'flew by' and 'my mic'?04:41
j_vi'm not clear if you are saying you think an update could have 'messed up mic settings' or 'fixed previously messed up mic settings'04:43
j_vperhaps i'm being obtuse... it's been known to happen, but it's not deliberate04:44
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j_vbrian|lfs: either way, perusing through recent commits on, i don't see any updates lately the seem like they would affect mic settings04:52
j_velderK: did you have any progress with the FF issue?04:53
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elderKj_v: Hey j_v! Just the guy I was looking for :)04:54
elderKTurns out you were right regarding overheating.04:54
elderKThe CPU/chipset was being very smart - the temperatures never got that high because it was *always* being throttled.04:55
elderKI tore the laptop apart - took out the motherboard, removed the heatpipe, fan, etc.04:55
elderKFound out that the fan was mostly blocked with lint-like material, as were the intakes into the outward vent.04:55
elderKAs for the heatpipe, the thermal paste joining it's... pad... to the CPU was also kind of... stale.04:56
elderKSo I added new thermal paste.04:56
elderK:P The lint I removed was crazy. It was burned almond color :P04:56
elderKj_v: I'm still getting odd warnings in Linux and Windows regarding frequency scaling - about the firmware not giving up control. That seems to be something to do with my UEFI.04:56
elderKOtherwise, the machine is running at full speed now.04:57
elderKSo, Firefox is running fine.04:57
j_vvery cool!04:57
elderKTurns out I've been running ~800MHz for a few months without noticing....04:57
elderKAll I noticed was Firefox being slow.04:57
elderKI noticed builds took longer but I didn't really twig...04:57
elderK:D Now at 2.6GHz :)04:58
j_vwell, maybe having a hog like firefox running like a 3 legged dog can be seen as a canary in some cases04:58
elderKYeah, I'd say so.04:58
j_vglad it's ironned out04:58
elderKMe too!04:58
elderKI was getting really frustrated.04:58
elderKFacebook is still a pig. But, it's at least usable.04:59
elderKAnywho, just wanted to drop by and let you know how it all went.04:59
elderKIf someone here comes along with a similar problem, you might want to let them know that just because their temperatures aren't out of control, doesn't mean the CPU isn't overheating.05:00
j_vhey thanks for the good news05:00
elderKThe firmware / chipset might be smart enough to automatically limit it before temperatures EVER get crazy.05:00
elderKI'm kind of amazed how the system did it, tbh. As per our last discussion, my temperatures were well within sane limits.05:01
j_vyeah, it's definitely a good thing to be aware of05:01
elderKBut somehow, the machine figured out hey, there's a serious blockage - downrate.05:01
elderK:) You were right all along.05:01
j_vwell, just a guess from previous experiences, but glad it helped lead you to the fix05:02
elderKIt was you and a warning in the Windows event log, believe it or not.05:02
elderK"Kernel-Power-Thermal: Rate limited by firmware. Error bla bla bla"05:02
elderK:) Anywho, take care!05:03
elderKThank you for your help.05:03
j_vyou too05:03
j_vyou bet, np05:03
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cruxbot[core.git/3.3]: openrdate: use correct leap datafile13:35
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druid_droidhello crux'rs, I don't know how to figure out what's wrong with my microphone/alsa configuration20:09
onoderadruid_droid: I heard someone talk about some mic problem on here a few days ago20:11
onoderamight have been you though20:11
druid_droidyes onodera was me20:13
druid_droidI think, hope no one have the same problem,20:13
druid_droidI don't know if kernel problem or alsa, but I think I have used microphone since I build and installed this kernel.20:14
druid_droidbut at the same time I don't have changed alsa configuration or any port.20:14
druid_droidcan a virtual machine change configuration of alsa host ?20:15
j_vdruid_droid: have you rebooted since last time it worked properly?20:15
druid_droidI think yes, I'm starting to think is a kernel issue20:16
druid_droidI mean, my configuration issue20:16
j_vperhaps it's muted. if so, could try to enable via alsamixer?20:16
druid_droidthat was my first try, I notice that now microphone shows two bars and in the past only one20:17
druid_droidI will review my kernel configuration, I also need to update my kernel, there is a minor revision outhere20:21
j_vi remember having troubles with alsa in past and it was alsactl that was messing it up for me20:22
j_vwish i could remember the details20:23
j_vwas quite a while ago20:23
druid_droidI have my old kernel configuration, I will see what I have change in sound section,20:24
j_vi wonder if these would help:20:34
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frinnstdruid_droid: I had some very odd problems with alsa once - i had restored a backup21:06
frinnstturned out that the old alsa.state or whatever the file is called was "out of sync" with the runnign system21:06
frinnstasound.state under /var/lib/alsa21:07
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j_vfrinnst: i was just looking at manual page for alsactl; perhaps 'rm -f /var/lib/alsa/alsa.state; alsactl init; alsactl store' would fix?21:15
j_vor whatever21:16
frinnstyeah Im not really sure what I did.. it was maybe 5 years ago21:21
frinnstbut i'll never restore that file if i ever restore a backup again :-)21:22
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j_vi remember having to delete the state file, but it was too long ago to remember more21:45
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androidis CRUX the only distro which privides the reqyired source along wuth the distributed installer?22:29
androidred hat supposedly does though itvis22:31
androidit is a paid version22:32
SitriYou mean on the install media?22:33
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androidsitri yes22:48
androidit looks like crux is one of the few which produce a corelated source.iso22:48
androidoracle did it22:49
androidwith sourcemage it doesnt look so22:49
androidnow CRUX is not considered a sourcebased distro is it?22:50
androidthis is attempt to find something programmer can use and redistribute for intentional purpose22:51
androidthis cant be done without rebuildable sourcecode22:52
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